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We are testing an inexpensive sandwich maker BBK ES027

On the review of our specialist for IT support Sandwich BBK ES027. With the help of it, Igor Terekhov cooked sandwiches and Viennese waffles – in parallel he told about the gadget:

The sandwich is remarkable because it contains 3 removable panels that can be replaced. With the help of them you can cook hot sandwiches, Viennese waffles or "nuts". Heating panels have non-stick coating, and the body itself is made of thermally insulated materials. The power of the BBK ES027 is 760 W.

During the cooking part of the crew and the editorial team tasted the resulting sandwiches and waffles – it turned out delicious! Of the minuses Igor noted that the sandwich heats up during work and it can be burned. In addition, the materials of the case look cheap.

Nevertheless, the price-quality ratio overcomes the shortcomings. For sale, the BBK ES027 is priced from 1,500 rubles.

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