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Viruses-miners have learned to eliminate competitors – high-tech and advanced news on

Till now all this fuss with infection of computers and prey with their help криптовалют looked somehow not very seriously. Cybercriminals introduced programs-miners to various sites, programs or installed them on an infected PC, after which they began to work properly for the benefit of someone else's uncle, extracting a coin to another attacker. Competitors among amateurs become enriched at someone else's expense, competition among the "black miners" is growing, so there was a need to "clean" the competition. And it seems that now malicious programs, created for the hidden mining of crypto currency, began to "wet" each other.

The story is very similar to a parody of a criminal thriller, but that's life. Experts on cybersecurity note that malicious miners can now "kill" the processes of running competitive programs in RAM. This allows them to obtain complete and one-on-one control over all computer resources.

Xavier Martens, a cybersecurity specialist from ICS Sans, explained that the modified miner he studied did not differ much from "colleagues in dangerous business." The only exception was the Kill List function, which allows the malicious program to terminate the work of competitors.

The creator of the "killer program" took this step because it's more and more difficult to find a computer that is not infected with the miner, therefore, having implemented a new function in its creation, he provided him with a significant advantage.

Martens is confident that the author of the killer miner did a great job, the results of which can be applied to the development of antivirus software that allows to effectively and immediately "kill" all applications that produce crypto currency on other people's computers without the knowledge of the owners.

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