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Ubisoft will study the blockade and apply it in games

The famous French video game publisher Ubisoft announced that it began researching the blockbuster and the possibilities
of its application in its video games and services. Now the technology is being actively studied by the specialists of the Strategic Innovation Laboratory of the publishing house in order to present the options for their use in the near future.

Lidvin Sauer, head of Ubisoft's department of trends in the innovation laboratory, explained in a conversation with IGN's game resource that the publishing house was interested in the opportunity Use block to work with property rights for digital goods purchased by players.

"For example, a player will finally have the opportunity to purchase real digital collectables that will be his one hundred percent and no one else will be able to copy or reproduce them," explains Sauer.

In addition, the blockade allows us to protect property rights, and this problem in the video game business is particularly acute. Surely technology can be applied in such a way that it helps to protect the intellectual rights of the creators of games and other related products.

One of the possible ways to use blocking technology in the gaming industry is to work with downloadable add-ons, but the developers do not intend to stop there.

"We'll move on, because we feel that with the help of the blockbuster one can create something much more interesting and global," says Sauer.

Ubisoft's desire to use blockade in its gaming projects and services is commendable. Surely, something will be more interesting and more extensive than Cryptotics.

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