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The first vertical farm appeared in Dubai

The first vertical farm appeared in Dubai – interesting and informative facts on

In the world is not the first day to develop projects for the greening of cities and the creation of so-called "vertical farms" that will not only improve the ecological situation, but also save a lot of space. And in the United Arab Emirates, with the opening of the first vertical farm, the Badia Farms project began.

The new system does not require the use of harmful pesticides, it is based on hydroponics and is able to grow 18 kinds of the most popular leafy vegetables: radish, rukola, dill, basil and others. The installation itself occupies 790 square kilometers. All plants receive the necessary nutrients from special mixtures, which gives several advantages. First, representatives of the flora consume 90% less water than using the "traditional" approach, and secondly, because of the lack of soil, plants do not require a huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, for the growth of vegetables, even no sunlight is required – in the Badia Farms system its role is played by special light-emitting diodes.

According to the Gulf News, now in the UAE about 80% of consumed vegetables are purchased from other countries, and since the size of the state does not allow to have extensive farmland, scientists and authorities have to resort to some tricks. Badia Farms and similar vertical farms can reduce the cost of buying vegetables, as well as reduce transportation costs and unload production warehouses. In addition, vertical farms will reduce soil contamination with pesticides. Well, according to the most optimistic forecasts of the authors of the Badia Farms project, the use of vertical farms can even enable the UAE to become an exporter of fruits and vegetables.

The first vertical farm appeared in Dubai

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