Samsung signed an agreement with the Russian manufacturer of equipment for mining

Sources in the industry report that Samsung Electronics has issued a major deal for the supply of chips with the Russian company Baikal, specializing in the production of equipment for mining, writes idownloadblog .

It is reported that Samsung's chip manufacturing division will soon begin shipping 14-nanometer ASIC chips for new mining equipment that Baikal produces. The first batch of chips has already been tested, and mass production is planned to begin as early as January 2018.

Industry experts noted that Samsung usually prefers to deal with industry giants such as Qualcomm or Apple, for example. And the signing of such contracts with a little-known Russian company that creates equipment for the production of crypto-currencies is completely out of the spirit of Samsung.

Nevertheless, there is a rumor in the rumor: Samsung may well combine with a small but promising manufacturer of equipment for mining, then promote its products in South Korea, which at the moment is one of the five largest crypto-currency markets.

ASIC is a specialized device designed to produce crypto-currency, usually for one or Olka kinds of "coins", which, however, may provide much higher performance in mining cryptocurrency than farm on the cards.

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