Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat

Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru

Due to the dramatic climate change, the issue of adapting cities to new weather conditions is becoming more acute. According to meteorologists, the average annual rainfall in recent years has increased several times. And a group of architects from Germany proposes to use the changed weather for good by adapting houses for collecting water.

The development of the new project is led by Carlo Becker, and the project itself is called Sponge City. In nature, as is known, part of the water is absorbed by the soil, and the other part evaporates, cooling the air. In cities, however, glass and concrete are somewhat different: asphalt and cement does not allow water to flow into the sewage system. And concrete absorbs heat and repels liquid. The Sponge City project preserves rainwater, using it to cool the city in the heat. Thus, it turns out to kill two birds with one stone: to save city residents from heat and to simulate the natural cycle of water conservation in nature.

"Water after sediment is absorbed where it falls – on the roofs and facades of houses where plants are grown, or on roadside water bodies. Water is a resource that no longer needs to be taken out of the city. "

Everything is arranged like this: there is a special roof 6-8 centimeters thick on the houses. It, like the playground around the house, is equipped with a drainage system that absorbs moisture like a sponge (hence the name). Then the remaining liquid is cleaned and used for irrigation and air conditioning systems. Similar technology is planned to be used in China in cities with populations of one million people, such as Shanghai, Wuhan and Xiamen, which suffer from floods every year. It is planned that up to 80% of urban structures will absorb up to 70% of rain water by 2020.

Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat

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