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Startup Sun Exchange from South Africa pays for electricity by bitcoins

Yes, yes, that's right. The essence of the startup is that it offers to invest in the construction of farms that supply solar energy to where it is particularly needed. Investments Sun Exchange collects on Indiegogo, allowing investors to buy individual solar cells, and then, in proportion to their contribution, allows you to get a certain income in Bitcoins .

The idea is that first the startup collects the amount necessary for construction, and then, when everything is ready and the solar power station is already functioning, each depositor having his serial number is paid a certain income.

As a rule, stations are put in solar regions, such as African countries, for example. There are many suns, but with electricity, there are often problems. Investors have the ability to track the fate of purchased items, to watch how they are used. You can buy photocells for South African randies or bitcoins, but the second, of course, is preferable, because bitcoin is much more popular and it can be sold more easily or, for example, transferred to another country. Payments to depositors are made in the currency they were paid for the purchase of photocells.

Sun Exchange assures that depositors actually own the purchased solar cells, so if desired, the owner can even receive them by mail – then they will just send him brand new photocell. While the startup specializes in the installation of solar power plants in Africa, but in the near future is going to start work in other countries.

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