Zuckerberg is considering the possibility of integrating crypto currency and blockbuster into Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg published on his page a post in which he said that he was interested in studying crypto-currencies and ways to integrate them into the world’s largest social network Facebook. According to him, decentralized currencies have great potential and can give ordinary people new opportunities that it would be foolish to neglect.

Facebook founder noted that the Internet is becoming too centralized and almost completely controlled by several large companies, while people want the Internet would be more decentralized – this will increase the impact on him by ordinary people.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that even Facebook does not work as it should have worked on its original design, so users have the impression that the social network, on the contrary, increases control over the Internet for its part, allowing corporations and governments to increasingly influence through Facebook on society.

“But that’s not the case, so we’ll continue to work to fix it,” wrote the Facebook CEO on his page.

Zuckerberg is confident that crypto and lock-up, as well as other modern information security technologies, will be able to give ordinary people the opportunities they were previously deprived of – so they can influence important public events and express their views.

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