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Smartphone Katim protects the owner from surveillance

DarkMatter specialists have created a smartphone that can disconnect the power supply of the microphone and the camera during the conduct of important negotiations. Another smartphone Katim encrypts phone calls and messages.

Shield mode is activated on the handset using a special button, which is displayed on the case. The head of DarkMatter, Fisal al-Bannai, explained that no special service could access the smartphone and remotely turn on the camera or microphone, since the button physically disconnects their power.

There is a handset on KatimOS, based on Android. DarkMatter reports that the smartphone is protected by a bootloader, Katim still has fingerprint protection, it is able to ensure data security, thanks to a separate secure keystore. The key management system is also protected from burglary. In Katim there are modes Shield Mode and Locked Mode, in which the operation of recording devices is turned off, as well as control of data transferred via USB.

Now before the closed negotiations it is accepted to ask people to leave their smartphones at the entrance precisely because of possible surveillance of one of the their participants, so we decided to develop a simple and reliable way to protect the owners from espionage.

The smartphone is still made in a single copy, and the developers refuse to talk about further plans for promoting the device. The price, as well as other information communicated to the owner of Katim at the talks, is also not disclosed.

We recently had a protected telegram chat in which you can secretly discuss this and other news.

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