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Smart speakers Echo will help policemen

Smart speakers Echo will help policemen – electronic and unique novelties, an overview of new and useful gadgets on

Smart things penetrate ever more deeply into our lives. They simplify many of its aspects and give a lot of useful information. For example, the British police recently decided to use Amazon's smart Echo speakers to help the population and prevent crime.

The Lancashire Police Department will use the Amazon Echo speakers to send out information messages about missing persons and wanted people, as well as any other useful information that will make it possible to save human life. In addition, the smart column will inform the police about criminal activity and provide operational summaries and data on what is happening around. As Rob Flanagan, representative of the Lancashire County Police Department, said, "If we can reduce the burden on our call centers in this way, and with the help of new technologies, we will give citizens the right information, without forcing them to call the police, this will be a great success . However, if the experiment is successful and UK citizens accept this innovation, we will also have to work on confidentiality issues. The fact is that witnesses of crimes often want to remain anonymous, informing the police about the commission of an offense. Smart electronics with a voice recognition system deprives a person of the opportunity to remain incognito, and the transmitted messages are stored on company servers that can undergo a hacker attack. "

Smart speakers Echo will help police


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