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Smart column Amazon at night scares its owners with a terrible laugh

Smart technology, rushing into our lives, sometimes instead of simplifying life, provokes various, sometimes funny or eerie situations. This is what happened with the clever Amazon Echo column, which for no reason began to produce a rather eerie laugh. What sounds, according to complaints of users of social networks, is doubly terrible, if this happens in the middle of the night.

Naturally, the column starts to laugh not in itself. In all, the built-in voice assistant Alexa is to blame, so if you have usual "not smart" speakers or smart devices from another manufacturer – you should not be afraid. At least for now. But back to Amazon Echo: recently, many owners of this device began to complain about the fact that the column turns on at night and starts to laugh. Someone complains that instead of an alarm clock the gadget began to demonically laugh at night and even in the office during the meeting. Some users suggest that laughter provokes certain words in people's conversation, but it remains unclear what causes the column laughter in the middle of the night when the apartment is quiet.

I'm lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when suddenly Alexa on my column Amazon Echo makes a very loud and eerie laugh … I'm afraid that I will be killed today.

Naturally, the reason for this behavior is some kind of software failure, but the fact is that Amazon Echo is so advanced that it can itself call the police, ambulance or fire department protection, and can not be ruled out, h of other similar software glitch could disrupt urban services, and some of the false call will not receive the necessary assistance. Well, in the end, we would like to present you one of the many videos with a laughing Amazon column. It looks really creepy enough. Especially if you imagine that such laughter will suddenly be heard at night, when you are alone in the apartment.

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