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Samsung patented a flying tablet following the user

The man, unfortunately, has only two hands, and when he is busy with something, for example, preparing dinner or ironing shirts, it is extremely difficult for him to simultaneously hold a smartphone or tablet in his hand. Well, it seems that South Korean engineers have figured out how to solve this problem. Samsung has patented the flying drone tablet, which one day can very well become a reality and become a part of our everyday life.

According to documents published by the patent office, the device will be a tablet computer with a touch screen that moves in space with the help of four propellers. The gadget can be controlled remotely by remote control, it will be recharged by a special docking station, and on board it will have a gyroscope, motion sensor, accelerometer, sensor for obstacle recognition, GPS module, and a special positioning system in space based on signals Wi-Fi.

The screen of the tablet will be positioned in such a way as to provide the user with an ideal viewing angle. This is done by flexible fasteners between the propellers and the tablet. At any time, the device can change its position in space, but at the same time remain hanging in the air in front of the user, providing a right angle between the line of sight and the screen. The display itself is also capable of rising above the structure thanks to a special mechanism. Among other things, the tablet will respond to voice commands and a number of gestures that appear to be customizable in a special menu.

Even if a person turns away from the display or decides to go to another room, the device will try to move in such a way as to be on the user's mind, at some distance in front of his face. This is very convenient in cases where you have, for example, dirty hands (you cook food), but you would like to see a step-by-step recipe of the dish before your eyes. Of course, for the time being this is just a patent, which, perhaps, will never be realized. But the idea, you will agree, is extremely curious. Given the rapid development of modern technology, it is possible that someday Samsung will still venture to release such a device on sale.

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