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Russian programmers have created an alternative to blockade

Startup MetaHash has developed and launched the TraceChain technology based on the decentralized distributed registry. Its creators note that the bandwidth of the network based on TraceChain is much higher than that of the blockbuster, "Cryptonomist reports with reference to ComNews.

" This is a more advanced version of the block that uses the artificial intelligence of TraceChain AI for fast signal transmission over the network and architecture , allowing to validate more than 50 thousand records per second with the verification of transactions by all nodes of the network, "explains Olga Chekina, PR-manager of MetaHash.

In modern block systems, the transaction takes an average of several minutes, in TraceChain, tion "fly" in seconds. The developers report that they conducted tests, during which the capacity of the distributed network already amounted to 60-80 thousand transactions – this is quite comparable to the capacity of Visa or MasterCard.

TraceChain does not require expensive supercomputers and any special technological solutions for work, therefore the use of technology can provide not only fast and inexpensive transactions, but also will help save a lot on electricity. To launch the network it is enough to rent an inexpensive server for $ 40 per month.

The startup development was conducted for about five years, deliberately not attracting any investments, therefore everything that the company has at the moment is created by own means and efforts. Now the guys are preparing for the ICO, after which the developers will be paid honoraria, and the project will be completely non-commercial.

TraceChain technology can be used in the development of games, instant messengers and other applications, it is useful in decentralized exchanges, file storages and many yet. Public testing of the network is planned to be launched in April, so that everyone can assess its capabilities. The wallet for working with the network will be presented simultaneously with its launch.

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