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Rostelecom buys Sailfish operating system

The Rostelecom press service reports that the largest Russian telecommunications company acquired 75% of the shares in the "Open mobile platform" and "Vautron", the companies responsible for developing the operating system Sailfish OS.

This acquisition is a logical step for the company, which in the near future plans to please customers with "a comprehensive offer with a full range of digital services" and is going to create a corporate smartphone based on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS, a Russian operating system based on Sailfish. [19659003] Sailfish Mobile OS RUS is developed by the "Open mobile platform" and certified for use in smartphones of civil servants and corporate clients. In addition, it is expected that it will be installed on the Russian smartphone INOI R7.

To date, Sailfish Mobile OS RUS is the only operating system listed in the register of domestic software, so government agencies should give it preference in procurement. In addition, the OS is seen as an alternative to iOS and Android by Russian officials.

A few days ago, the Finnish company Jolla, whose control also moved to Rostelecom, said that it was continuing to work on the operating system and introduced its third version.

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