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Robomat – unmanned mobile shop on wheels

Unmanned vans do not surprise anyone: dozens of startups and large automotive companies are already in full swing testing their offspring on the roads of the US and Europe. Some unmanned buses ride without passengers on specially prepared tracks, preparing for full-fledged tests, there are among them those that already carry passengers from the house to the nearest store at a low speed. The startup Robomat decided to go to another by following the principle "If the passenger does not go to the store, then the store will come to the passenger himself!"

Developers from Robomat unveiled an unmanned electric van, a small automated kiosk on wheels . The use of such trucks will allow the store chains to save money on opening new fixed points, simply delivering essentials to the right areas, – the creators of the robot store believe. The developers are confident that their project will be able to cope with the delivery of products in the future no worse than other services, such as, for example, Amazon, and in some cases, it will even outstrip its competitors.

"The concept of a store on wheels is much clearer to the buyer "- said the founder of the startup Ali Ahmed.

Indeed, for the robot car on wheels already have a ready infrastructure, you just need to teach him to drive well on the roads. After all, the good old vans with ice cream are still popular. Orient on the road robokiosk will be with the help of lidars, radars and a computer vision system that allows you to see at different distances. At the fifth level of autonomy, the developers are going to withdraw their offspring as early as 2018.

Shopping through such a robotic store can be done easily and pleasantly: the client simply takes the product of interest to him, and the necessary amount will be debited from his bank card, "Tied" to the corresponding application on the smartphone. The price, the date of packing and information about the composition of the client can be read in the windows. For freshness, you can not worry – the cooling system will do everything itself.

There are still a few questions left for the van. For example, how much will it cost to buy or rent? And more: what about the vandals? These questions are not answered by the developers yet.

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