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Physicist Bit: Quantum computers will finish Bitcoin

Many experts are sure that with the advent of full-fledged quantum computers, the era of crypto currency and blockade will come to its logical end – the cryptographic systems on which crypto-currencies are based will be instantly hacked, and the crypto-currencies themselves will depreciate, because the first thing the owner of a quantum computer will do, namaynit remaining Bitcoins, Ethers and other popular “coins”. This is exactly what Alex Beat, a Canadian physicist who predicted the bleak crypto-currency future in the quantum era, believes.

A physicist is skeptical about the security of the detachment and does not harbor illusions about the Bitcoins – they regard them only as an indicator of the readiness of a full-fledged quantum computer.

“When it is created, we will certainly know about it – the market of crypto currency will collapse, and the remaining coins will go to the owner of a quantum computer. Until this happens, you can be sure that there is no quantum computer, “says Beat.

Alex Bit is sure that his creation is a matter of a very near future. Yes, the most modern supercomputer works at a capacity of 51 kilobits, but a few years ago there was not even that – then computers did not give out even ten, and now, when IBM, Microsoft, Google and others have joined the development, the supercomputing capacity increase will go by leaps and bounds .

Experts have calculated that to crack Bitcoin will require a supercomputer with a capacity of 10 thousand qubits. So it’s not so long to wait. Maybe ten years, or even less. However, not everyone shares the opinion of the Canadian physicist. Crypto-currency experts are sure that by that time developers will be able to prepare and adapt the block to new realities, modifying the code and protecting their technologies from hacking.

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