Skafandr with the button "Home" himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS

Skafandr with the button "Home" himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS – high-tech and advanced news on

Work in outer space is a rather dangerous occupation, connected with a great risk for life. Even though cosmonauts regularly undergo training, when learning to work in spacesuits, the probability of a freelance situation always remains high. To reduce the risk of an astronaut, Draper developed and patented a prototype suit with an "autopilot" capable of independently returning to the ISS.

The suit will be able to navigate in space using sensors and will use a star map for navigation. Small jet engines, which are equipped with a design, will allow the spacesuit to return to a predetermined point. The astronaut will be able to independently operate the spacesuit, but there is also a remote control system – other crew members can use the controller for it.

The prototype is not yet ready, but it already has a number of advantages, because the NASA astronaut's arsenal, though equipped with engines capable of saving a person's life in a situation where the cable has been cut off, is still completely useless if the cosmonaut is unconscious. In the future, Draper developers are planning to finalize the helmet and turn the visor into a full-function display on which the necessary information will be displayed.

Skafandr with the Home button himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS


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Top 5 humidifiers for the winter

In winter, in our homes and offices very dry air. Everyone knows that this is bad. For adults and children. And we have a long winter and to survive it without discomfort – we need a moisturizer. But which one? We collected in this collection cool – effective and modern – available in Russia models.

Those who have a moisturizer will probably find more advanced solutions in this collection. And if you are only going to buy it – we have selected for you models of different cost and with different functionality. By the way, our expert Daniil Golovin conducted a poll in his account in Facebook. It turned out that "the problem of dry winters" spoils many lives.

Brune 125: cool and simple

This is a traditional type humidifier. The bottom line is that a special moisturizing and air-purifying filter is moistened with water, through which the fan blows dry air from the room, which, when moistened and cleansed of large dust, comes back. The humidifier is very easy to use – turn it on and it works. No long study of instructions. There is an indication of the fullness of the tank with water. The only one is an evaporative filter.

Brune 125 humidifier. The cost is 12-13 000 rubles *

Someone will say that Brune 125 is not a masterpiece of design. On the other hand, this humidifier produced in Germany, in our opinion, corresponds to the classical German approach: practicality, minimalism, efficiency.

As for the latter, here are the details: high humidification capacity (up to 950 ml per hour), large water tank (11 liters), a convenient opening for topping up water during operation. The area of ​​the room for which it is designed is up to 40 m². explains:

During the heating season, the relative humidity in apartments and offices does not usually exceed 15-20% – as in the Sahara desert and even less. While a comfortable value for a person is 40-60%. From dry air, not only people, but also pets and plants suffer, it is harmful to parquet, wooden furniture, musical instruments.

Electrolux YOGAhealthline: 20 functions, control from smartphone

Electrolux YOGAhealthline immediately attracts attention by appearance – very effectively looks, especially when the special lighting Relax Therapy, designed to help relax after a day's work. Two colors are available: black (model EHU-3810D) and white (EHU-3815D). According to the type of humidification, this ultrasonic humidifier – getting on a vibrating with a very high frequency membrane, water is broken into the smallest particles and a kind of water mist (essentially an aerosol) comes out into the room.

Humidifier of the air Electrolux YOGAhealthline. Cost – 10-11 000 rubles

Among the many optimized modes of air humidification, Electrolux YOGAhealthline provides, for example, a mode for exercising, as well as for yoga or meditation. There is also for the children's room, for allergy sufferers, for the night and for automatically maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

The Smart Eye sensor makes the humidifier smart – it changes the intensity of the work, depending on whether there are people in the room or not. Plus remote control from anywhere in the world (Wi-Fi, mobile application). And it can also be an alarm clock. Productivity – up to 550 ml per hour. Water tank – 6 liters. Designed for premises of up to 50 m².

Artem Kabanov, pediatrician:

Due to low humidity, the mucous membranes of the airways dry up, which leads to their irritation. Our natural defense mechanism does not cope with its work and allows infections and viruses (including influenza) to be introduced into the body. Particularly affected are children whose immunity is weaker. The skin is peeling and cracking, dry eyes lead to itching and the children begin to rub them, which can also contribute to infection and unpleasant consequences. In general, the normal level of humidity is very important. But do not overdo it: too high humidity is also bad.

Dyson Humidifier: humidification, disinfection, ventilation

Another very cool looking humidifier is Dyson AM10. In it, ultrasonic humidification works in conjunction with the unique airless air distribution technology Air Multiplier. Air enters the humidifier through the lower perforated part of the body.

Inside there is a motor, a fan impeller and a temperature and humidity control system. Then the air passes through the accelerating circuit, and the resulting water mist is discharged through another: they are connected and moisture particles spread through the room.

The Humidifier of air Dyson AM10. The cost is about 35,000 rubles

The water in the humidifier is decontaminated twice: on the way to the ultrasonic membrane and directly in the chamber, where it turns into a water mist. The company informs that the patented technology Ultraviolet Cleanse eliminates 99.9% of the most common bacteria, including E. coli.

Dyson AM 10 can work in both humidifier and fan mode (actual in the summer). It is convenient to operate it from the remote control. Productivity – up to 300 ml per hour. Water tank – 3 liters. The area to be treated is up to 16 m². explains:

White coating, often caused by the use of ultrasonic humidifiers, is calcium salts (so-called hardness salts) that are found in tap water and bottled water. To minimize its appearance on furniture use softened water – special filters are in many moisturizers or are introduced into the water supply system of the apartment, but they must be periodically changed. Excellent results are provided by distilled water, but these are additional costs.

Panasonic F-VK655: moisturizes, cleans and knows you are near

Often, only one air humidification is not enough – to create a comfortable and safe home microclimate (especially when in family, small children) it is also necessary to clean the air. Panasonic F-VK655 is a device that combines these possibilities.

Humidification here takes place in a traditional way – water is fed to a special cartridge filter through which already purified air is flown. The maximum productivity is up to 500 ml of water per hour.

The climate complex Panasonic F-VK655. The cost is about 45,000 rubles

Air purification is a whole system of filters: preliminary for large dust, high-efficiency filter of fine dust (HEPA), as well as a filter against odors and various gaseous air pollution. In addition, the complex itself monitors air quality – the presence of suspended particles of PM 2.5 (from 2.5 μm) and strong odors, a level of humidity.

Motion and light sensors optimize the operation of the Panasonic F-VK655 in automatic mode. The Japanese patented Nanoe technology allows to minimize the number of different bacteria in the air.

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LG SIGNATURE: complete air quality control

LG LSA50A is a climate system from the family of premium LG LG SIGNATURE technology, which includes a washing machine with two reels, a smart refrigerator and OLED TVs with different diagonals . It purifies and moistens the air.

The filtration system developed by the company, consisting of a pre-filter of large dust, a plasma (electrostatic) filter of fine dust (suspended particles PM 1.0 – from 1 μm), and a filter against odors, is responsible for cleaning and decontamination.

The climate complex LG SIGNATURE. Cost – 85 000 rubles

Plus complex monitors air quality and humidity level and optimizes its work in accordance with this data. Humidification takes place in a traditional way – a special filter is wetted by means of an integrated water diffuser and purified air passes through it, is further purified, moistened and enters the room.

It is interesting that water can be poured directly into the humidifier – no need to run with the tank to the tap. And in general, it is often not necessary to approach the device – remote control from the smartphone via the LG Smart ThinQ mobile application is realized, there is a remote control.

A humidifier is an indispensable thing in the winter. But our life facilitates, makes other home appliances more convenient. We talk about a wide range of devices for the home not only on the website, but also on on a special YouTube channel . Sign up – we are interested: expert, but not boring.

* All prices in this material are current on the date of publication.

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Ilon Mask admitted that Tesla develops its own AI-processors

Ilon Mask admitted that Tesla develops its own AI processors – high-tech and advanced news on

No matter how Ilon Mask is wary of the future of artificial intelligence, he knows full well that he can not do without him. Including his own company Tesla, whose cars rely heavily on autopilot. And the latter, in turn, will not be able to adequately react to the surrounding changes without being provided with advanced AI and a powerful iron for its operation. As part of the NIPS conference, Mask publicly acknowledged that his company's engineers are currently creating their own AI processors, which will very soon form the basis for new Tesla models.

"I want you to understand me correctly: Tesla is very serious refers to the issue of artificial intelligence. And not only in terms of software development, but also in the field of creating hardware. At the moment, Jim is working on specialized AI equipment, which we think will be the best in the world at the time of its release, "Mask shared with the audience at the conference.

Jim, who was mentioned in his speech by Ilon Mask, this is Jim Keller, the famous processor engineer, who has worked in companies such as AMD and Apple before joining Tesla in 2016. A little later, Keller himself joined the performance of Mask on stage and began to discuss with the audience current issues related to the development of artificial intelligence. Together with them, Andrei Karpaty, Tesla's leading expert in the development of artificial intelligence, and AI specialist Shivon Zilis from Bloomberg Beta spoke.

Mask is well-known for his optimism about autonomous cars, but at the same time he holds extremely pessimistic views on the future of the artificial intellect, as we have repeatedly told you. During the speech, he voiced his firm belief that in the next ten years, about half of all cars that have come off the assembly line will operate under autopilot control based on artificial intelligence. He also believes that a full-fledged artificial intelligence will be developed after about 7-8 years.

Ilon Mask admitted that Tesla develops its own AI processors

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The first semisynthetic bacterium with artificial DNA was created

The whole biological life on planet Earth is based on four nucleic (nitrogenous) bases of DNA: A, T, C and G (adenine, cytosine, thymine and guanine). But what happens if a person manages to create new artificial nucleic bases and sew them into the DNA of the body? Researchers from the Research Institute Scripps managed to crank just such a trick. The scientists created two completely new nucleic bases and created the first semisynthetic bacterium on the basis of this "unnatural" DNA.

For several years, researchers from Scripps have been working to create a stable living organism with artificial DNA base pairs. The artificial nitrogen bases created by them were given uncomplicated names "X" and "Y", so artificial DNA can now include six building elements: A, T, C, G, X and Y. Scientists have integrated new elements into the DNA of E. coli bacteria (Escherichia coli), thereby creating for the first time a strain of semisynthetic organisms. In the course of the experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion that the semisynthetic bacteria stabilized by them are not only able to grow and divide, but also transmit the synthetic nucleobases "X" and "Y" to new generations in a completely natural way.

The next stage of the research was to get the bacteria to generate completely new molecules using the nucleic bases they had found. All organisms produce proteins from amino acid strands, using the basic four letters of the "alphabet of DNA." The life that we know is based on 20 standard amino acids. But adding only two new letters to the "alphabet", the scientists obtained an organism capable of generating up to 152 entirely new amino acids. All this means only one thing: semisynthetic bacteria are able to create new molecules that could hypothetically become the basis for, for example, new drugs, etc.

To illustrate this peculiarity of semisynthetic organisms visually, scientists forced bacteria to produce a special fluorescent protein, glowing in the dark (you can see it in the photo a little higher). This protein was the first artificial molecule ever created by a semisynthetic organism. It is very difficult to assess the potential of this scientific breakthrough. For today, scientists are still experimenting with changing the expression of existing genes with the help of special mechanisms of gene editing. Now, researchers will be able to get their hands on a much more impressive mechanism for creating completely new forms of life and new molecules. The results of the study can be found in the journal Nature .

For the third quarter of 2017, more than a million VR headsets were sold

However some people criticize the technology of virtual reality for its obvious shortcomings, it confidently continues to gain popularity. Yes, VR is not yet deprived of serious technical flaws such as low resolution displays, wired connection to the source of the signal, as well as the "motion sickness" effect, which causes nausea in some users. Nevertheless, the statistics of sales of virtual reality sets tells us that this technology has a big and bright future.

The analytical company Canalys published its report on sales of VR-headsets from the largest manufacturers for the third quarter of 2017. And these data inspire confidence that virtual reality is gaining momentum, and more people are choosing to purchase a strange device that moves them into a video game or 360-degree video. The main manufacturers of VR-helmets in just three months managed to realize a little more than 1 million of these devices. You may think that this is a small number, but we recall that last year the sales situation was very depressing.

The top three leaders are the Japanese company Sony. She managed to sell 490 000 helmets PlayStation VR. Given that last week during the "Black Friday" the cost of the Sony headset was reduced almost twice, you can mentally add to this number a couple of hundreds of thousands of devices. While this data has not yet been made public. In total, Sony with its headset managed to snatch 49% of the market, which is a very, very good indicator. The second place with 21% and 210 000 sold sets occupies the company Oculus. And on the third, as you might have guessed, with 14% woven HTC with 160 000 sold sets Vive.

In general, the top three leaders currently occupy 86% of the market. The remaining 14% are distributed among such players as Google, Samsung, Lenovo and others. Their headsets, unfortunately manufacturers, are not able to compete with the broadest range of games and applications that can boast of Sony, Oculus and HTC. Sony shot its PlayStation VR so well that instantly snatched 80% of the Japanese market. And they do not intend to stop at what they have achieved: they regularly release the helmet bundles, putting games like Gran Turismo Sport or Skyrim VR in it.

Today analysts are sure that virtual reality will be unprecedented in the coming years. After all, these devices can be used not only in the gaming industry, but also in industry, healthcare, education and other industries. Considering that Microsoft recently created an open platform for Windows Mixed Reality, VR headsets from different manufacturers will be pouring into the market in the very near future. It did not take long to wait for this.

Startup Sun Exchange from South Africa pays for electricity by bitcoins

Yes, yes, that's right. The essence of the startup is that it offers to invest in the construction of farms that supply solar energy to where it is particularly needed. Investments Sun Exchange collects on Indiegogo, allowing investors to buy individual solar cells, and then, in proportion to their contribution, allows you to get a certain income in Bitcoins .

The idea is that first the startup collects the amount necessary for construction, and then, when everything is ready and the solar power station is already functioning, each depositor having his serial number is paid a certain income.

As a rule, stations are put in solar regions, such as African countries, for example. There are many suns, but with electricity, there are often problems. Investors have the ability to track the fate of purchased items, to watch how they are used. You can buy photocells for South African randies or bitcoins, but the second, of course, is preferable, because bitcoin is much more popular and it can be sold more easily or, for example, transferred to another country. Payments to depositors are made in the currency they were paid for the purchase of photocells.

Sun Exchange assures that depositors actually own the purchased solar cells, so if desired, the owner can even receive them by mail – then they will just send him brand new photocell. While the startup specializes in the installation of solar power plants in Africa, but in the near future is going to start work in other countries.

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Overview of the Polaris 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Fashion on vertical wireless vacuum cleaners makes a new round – now manufacturers fill stores with models with motor and dust collector from above, not from below. They can easily remove hard-to-reach places (even the upper corners of the premises) and still maintain the popular "2 in 1" format. This is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB got to us.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Test

Natasha Kashentseva worked on her fame – vacuuming at the office. And more than once. She likes to be clean. We, too. Now she knows Polaris PVCS 0722HB as her five fingers. And we have video evidence (by the way, subscribe to our special channel about home appliances).


For the wide distribution of vacuum cleaners in the "motor top" format, you definitely need to say thanks to Dyson. For a long time, the British remained almost the only ones who produced such vertical vacuum cleaners. Now the ripened and the rest.

Here is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB is:

– Cyclonic dust collection system
– 2 in 1 format (suction pipe disconnected from the main module)
– Dust collector volume – 0, 6 L
– HEPA H13 filter
– 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery
– Power level – one
– Operating time – up to 30 minutes
– Battery charge time – up to 3 hours
– Weight: 2 kg
– Turbocheck with illumination
– Additional attachments included
– Country of origin: China
– Cost – 6 000-8 000 ruble * th

Hoover Polaris PVCS 0722HB. Cost – 6 000-8 000 rubles

Results of the test

Natasha vacuumed as she could – different garbage from different surfaces. And what else to do with a vacuum cleaner? The main thing for any user to clean the vacuum cleaner was easy, maneuverable and not difficult to operate.

With the cleaning of the floor, it eventually turned out average: a vacuum cleaner, like, sucked garbage, but Natasha did not like that part of it (flour, buckwheat, scraps of paper) he threw a turbo brush. I had to "vacuum" it around the floor several times, collecting them scattered. explains:

With this vacuum cleaner you need to clearly understand – what garbage do you collect: when to include the turbo brush, and when – not. We recommend to collect dust, hair, and pet hair with included, and loose garbage such as flour, cereals, sugar – off.

The weight of the questions did not arise – the vacuum cleaner pulls 2 kg, which, according to Natasha Kashentseva, , even for a girl. Liked her and the fact that the main attachment is very maneuverable, which allows you to clean it as convenient and where necessary. Vacuuming can be used to arrange high angles in the room (you never know, cobwebs).

And if you remove the metal suction pipe – you have a portable wrestler for the cleanliness of any surfaces: from the kitchen table to the car seats. All these are the advantages of the "top engine" design.

I did not like just that the "engine from above" deprives the Polaris PVCS 0722HB of the convenience of vertical parking – if you interrupt cleaning, you need to put it somewhere or carry it and hang it on a special holder that is screwed to wall.

The volume of the dust bag – 0.6 l – not bad for vertical vacuum cleaners, among which there are models where it holds only 0.3 or 0.4 liters.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB is equipped with turbo-brush and can work as a portable vacuum cleaner

The verdict of

Polaris PVCS 0722HB – a good option for howl price. He has minuses, but plus enough. It is not suitable for general cleaning, but will help with cleaning fast. Especially when fit and understand – in which case it is necessary to include a turbo brush, and in which it is better to vacuum without it. Manoeuvrable, light and cute externally, it allows you to clean not only the floor, but also other surfaces – the 2 in 1 format. In addition, the design of the "motor top" is optimal for harvesting in hard-to-reach places.

* The cost is relevant for day of publication.

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Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat

Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat – high-tech and advanced news on

Due to the dramatic climate change, the issue of adapting cities to new weather conditions is becoming more acute. According to meteorologists, the average annual rainfall in recent years has increased several times. And a group of architects from Germany proposes to use the changed weather for good by adapting houses for collecting water.

The development of the new project is led by Carlo Becker, and the project itself is called Sponge City. In nature, as is known, part of the water is absorbed by the soil, and the other part evaporates, cooling the air. In cities, however, glass and concrete are somewhat different: asphalt and cement does not allow water to flow into the sewage system. And concrete absorbs heat and repels liquid. The Sponge City project preserves rainwater, using it to cool the city in the heat. Thus, it turns out to kill two birds with one stone: to save city residents from heat and to simulate the natural cycle of water conservation in nature.

"Water after sediment is absorbed where it falls – on the roofs and facades of houses where plants are grown, or on roadside water bodies. Water is a resource that no longer needs to be taken out of the city. "

Everything is arranged like this: there is a special roof 6-8 centimeters thick on the houses. It, like the playground around the house, is equipped with a drainage system that absorbs moisture like a sponge (hence the name). Then the remaining liquid is cleaned and used for irrigation and air conditioning systems. Similar technology is planned to be used in China in cities with populations of one million people, such as Shanghai, Wuhan and Xiamen, which suffer from floods every year. It is planned that up to 80% of urban structures will absorb up to 70% of rain water by 2020.

Sponge City: a city of the future that will protect from floods and heat


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Scientists added two new letters to the genetic code

As you know, in order to encode a huge amount of information in the genetic code, only 4 nucleic acids are used: adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine. In the genetic code, they are denoted by corresponding letters – A, G, T and C. Thus, we can say that the "genetic alphabet" consists of 4 letters, and until recently it was thought that it can not be changed, but the group of scientists from the Scripps Institute for the first time managed to complete it with two new letters and at the same time leave it fully functioning.

In all living organisms, the above-described nucleic acids are joined together not by any means but by the principle of complementarity. That is, they seem to "look" at each other, and opposite A should always be T, and opposite G – C, and nothing else. But it's still half the battle. These letters should "add up to words", which are called triplets – special combinations, thanks to which all the main points like reading information, encoding proteins, and so on occur. A few years ago, Science magazine published an article describing the experience in which transport RNAs brought to DNA a new amino acid that was recognized and embedded in the code. However, this acid was only one, did not have a pair and did not perform a new function.

In a new study, researchers from Synthorx used two new nitrogenous bases (designated X and Y). They are opposite each other in the double-stranded DNA molecule, just like the standard 4 bases, but unlike them, "new letters" are connected not by hydrogen bonds, but by hydrophobic ones. Moreover, having built two new bases in bacterial DNA, the latter were able to reproduce them, but these bacteria initially divided more slowly than usual and sometimes replaced the new DNA with "traditional" DNA. Now bacteria have been eliminated, which reproduce new DNA without problems. It remains only to come up with these letters for new triplets.

"If you count how many triple combinations you can get with four letters on your hands, we get 64 combinations, adding only two letters, we expand the number of possible genetic words to 216, and as a result, it will be possible to encode more 172 amino acids, which opens up a vast space for bioengineering. "

What we need a smart house to build: a selection of inexpensive accessories

Making your house "smarter" is perhaps the dream of almost every second boom, and there are reasons for that. It is very convenient when you can change the temperature in the apartment from the same iPhone, view information on the air quality and humidity in the house on the smartphone, and also receive notifications from the motion sensors. One of the best centralized solutions for this was introduced by Apple and named it HomeKit, but there are other solutions.

A full-fledged smart home system can cost several hundred thousand rubles – it will include electric blinds, an intelligent door lock, a coffee maker that will turn on itself as soon as you open your eyes – in general, the option is not cheap. The difference between HomeKit is that this technology allows you to acquire both expensive accessories and quite budgetary sensors that can satisfy most users' needs.

Unfortunately, there are not many such devices in Russia, and if they are, stores often do "Cheating" to the price of almost double. In addition, many gadgets with support for HomeKit do not have notifications, and if you want to order them from another country, there is a risk that the treasured device is "wrapped" in the customs back (lucky if you do not make a fine pay). We searched and found that there are many devices with notifications, and most of them work with HomeKit.

Let's start, perhaps, with a simple one. Here is a motion sensor from the company Elgato can be installed near the front door to always know who is entering your apartment. As soon as the sensor detects suspicious activity, it immediately sends a push notification to the iPhone, and it will not be able to de-energize it because it works on batteries. It's worth about 50 dollars.

A little more expensive you can take Eve Room Sensor from the same company. This device is located anywhere in the house or apartment and serves to measure the air quality, temperature and humidity in the house. There is even a function of identifying harmful substances, so this is a kind of home climate station. Separate attention deserves integration with Siri, from which you can learn all the information from the sensor.

Another popular sensor manufacturer is Tado. For example, you can install such a temperature controller in the house which maintains the set value due to the batteries and air conditioner. The list of supported air conditioners is very large, and it is sufficient to install special temperature regulators on batteries.

You can control lighting with the help of special intelligent lamps, which many manufacturers produce (but not all have notifications), including Elgato . Several lighting modes, full control from the iPhone – you can forget about the switches. It is convenient, for example, if you choose on vacation and want to create the appearance of a person in the apartment.

But to completely turn the fortress out of an apartment will help such a system of sensors – it can be installed both on the front door and on the windows. With its help, the maximum control of the zones, which can be used by intruders to enter the house, is carried out.

Xiaomi offers another option for arranging a "smart" home (especially important for Android device owners, since they do not support HomeKit). There is an opinion that such devices are better to order in China, but in fact with the Chinese versions there can be many problems – for example, the manufacturer likes to block devices with new firmware. In the USA, international versions of the Xiaomi gadgets are implemented, that is, they are adapted for foreign markets.

In this case, devices are managed not using the built-in iOS "Home" application, but using a third-party Mi Home program available for all platforms. So, for example, you can get smart scales which not only weigh you, but also report health indicators like the percentage of fat deposits, and conveniently aggregate the data in a mobile application.

Xiaomi also offers its smart lamps (like Elgato), only releases them under the subbrand YEELIGHT. This interesting device will cost less than $ 50, but it can be controlled directly from the Android-smartphone (or iPhone), besides there are many lighting modes. Plus a stylish accessory that will complement the interior of any house.

A robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi will help you to get out of the apartment . It can be programmed for cleaning at any convenient time, view the route of movement of the vacuum cleaner and even teach it the arrangement of furniture in the apartment. HEPA filters and other useful lotions are included.

These and many other devices for a smart home can be ordered at, although most stores do not deliver goods to Russia, and the price for many positions is very attractive. To help in this case, comes the service "Bandera", which provides you with an American address and itself is engaged in careful sending of the parcel to Russia.

An important advantage of "Bandera" – if, for example, to order several gadgets from different stores at once, you can ask the service employees to combine everything in a warehouse in one package so that the delivery cost less. And for the maximum convenience, the service "Assistance in the purchase" is provided, when the experts themselves buy out the goods, fill in the declarations and accompany during the whole purchase.

Register in "Parcel"

Delivery, as a rule, takes no more than two weeks, after which you can already make your home "smarter" with the help of new sensors. And since notifications for new devices appear every day, soon available for sending devices to Russia will become much more.