Search engine "Sputnik" received 260 million rubles for development

Search engine "Sputnik" has received 260 million rubles for development – high-tech and advanced news on

Recognized as unprofitable by domestic search engine "Sputnik" in the summer was on the verge of closure. About its further fate, representatives of Rostelecom, which the search engine belongs to, refused to speak, pointing to the end of the year – then, in the opinion of the leadership, its fate should have been decided. And so, it seems, she decided. The search engine was refused, but instead it was allocated another 260 million for its development.

In the technical task it is said about the need to develop a news aggregator on the basis of "Sputnik", add cards to it and prepare it for correct operation with operating systems from the register of domestic software security. In addition, you need to improve the quality of keyword search and "teach" the search engine to analyze the flow of requests. At the moment two new services are being tested – "corporate satellite" and "corporate search". The work should be completed by December 15.

The search engine and the Sputnik browser were launched by Rostelecom in 2014, but the ambitious project of the "national search engine" failed – by mid-2017 Sputnik never became popular. As of December 2017, 330 referrals were made per day from Sputnik, while there were 63.2 million transitions from Yandex, and 50.4 million transitions from Google.

At the beginning of summer " Sputnik "planned to close or reorient, but, apparently, the project decided to give a second chance, expanding its functionality and optimizing the cost of its maintenance.

Search engine "Sputnik" received 260 million rubles for development


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Overview of the American Wahl 9854L Trimmer

Until recently, trim tabs were not as prevalent in us as they are now. But the fashion for beards has come and this "technique for caring for yourself," as it is customarily called, has become very in demand. There are a lot of brands, but we found something special – Wahl. This is the brand, under which the first in the world hair clipper was produced in the USA in 1919. Wahl and now the main "trimmer" brand in North America. There is even information that it is Wahl who is taking astronauts to the ISS. By the way, the tested model – 9854L – is made in the USA.

The machine itself is really American. But the nozzles, in any case, plastic, as well as the network adapter – made in China. It is common practice – when additional accessories are made separately, where production is cheaper. Get acquainted with Wahl 9854L: see our video and read the text review.

Wahl 9854L trimmer overview

The main thing about the Wahl 9854L trimmer

The case of this rotary clipper is made of stainless steel and plastic. The trimmer has a rubberized handle so that it does not slip out. In the kit the main nozzle with stainless steel knives and T-shaped (wide). They are supplied with plastic combs (including one 6-position), allowing to leave hair of various lengths – from 0.6 to 12 mm.

There is still a narrow metal nozzle for working out details (and also careful removal of hair in the nose, ears) and a double wire mesh razor – it is not for full-length shaving, but to trim different places, if necessary (for example, under the lower lip).

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with accessories and stand for storing the entire set

The trimmer is supplied with oil for lubrication mechanism, brush for cleaning and mini-comb. For the convenience of storing all this wealth there is a special stand. And, of course, the network adapter.

In the typewriter is a lithium-ion battery that allows it to work up to three hours without recharging, and it charges in 60 minutes. Plus there is a fast charging mode: if the battery suddenly sat down (no indication of the degree of charge is provided, but a pity), then for a minute it will charge for two minutes of work – you can finish the job. Wahl 9854L – 7000-8000 rubles *.

As we tested

You will be surprised, but we used Wahl 9854L for their intended purpose – they treated their hair: they handed Igor from our editorial office this car to care for his beard and asked to talk about impressions: like how shear or not, it is convenient to use or not very much, finally, to answer the question would he buy such himself?

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with the main attachment

Results of the test

Igor liked the Wahl 9854L trimmer. Let's do it in order. First, the pluses which he singled out:

– Do not slip in the hand, the button under the finger, it is convenient to hold – successful ergonomics
– The quality of hair cutting – on the whole suits
– Complete set – Excellent, many hair care tips
– Storage – convenient, there is a stand for the machine and all accessories
– Long battery life
– An adequate price for such equipment

Minuses ] is small: sometimes the hair passes through the hair (when the majority is already tonsured to the desired length, but it eats small "islands"), the trimmer can not be taken in the shower (only dry haircut), it is not very convenient to install attachments, small claims to the quality of assembly.

Included in the delivery, among other things, is a mini razor and nozzle for working out details [19659018] Verdict

The Wahl 9854L trimmer boasts a wide range of hair clippers, styling beards and mustaches, detailing. In general, the device copes well with its task – there were no obvious failures during the test. In the process of using, time after time, the owner gets used to the "nature" of the machine, which allows to get the desired result in the future.

Given the long battery life and the convenient storage system of the trimmer, along with the accessories, this model, taking into account also its relatively low cost, it can be recommended for use.

* The cost is current on the date of publication.

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Prototype truck Tesla Semi was seen on the road

It so happened that the new Tesla cars begin to "accidentally" appear on the road after some time after the presentation. Before that, someone periodically skated on the brand-new Model S, which had not yet left on the conveyor belt, now it was the turn of the Tesla Semi truck, which was filmed in broad daylight on the usual municipal road.

Thanks to the attentive operator, who was very close to the design- the center of Tesla, past which an electric truck was traveling along the road, we will be able to consider the novelty in more detail, making the most complete picture of what a cargo electric car from Ilona Mask will look like.

The video clearly shows that the rear the cabin has no compartments and placed in a niche of her equipment. Apparently, the battery, as well as its passenger cars, is really located in the bottom of the truck. Apparently, the well-established scheme of installing and disassembling the batteries best allows you to replace it with this arrangement of batteries, and the weight, it seems, distributes this position better.

According to the information published by the developers, the battery capacity of Tesla Semi is about 1 MW-h – a fairly large battery, which because of its weight and dimensions is really difficult to install along the chassis or hang on the car's cab .

Mass production of an electric truck in Tesla is planned to begin in two years. After the presentation, the number of pre-orders for Tesla Semi began to grow slowly but surely – several large orders for trucks came from Wallmart, Sysco and Anheuser-Busch. Companies are actively advocating for the protection of the environment, so they plan to purchase small lots of Tesla trucks to reduce the number of harmful emissions.

10 secrets of science that will make you immortal already in this century

Every day science brings humanity closer to an old dream: immortality. The path to immortality is thorny and difficult, but the ultimate goal justifies any means (although this can be argued). It is very likely that those born in this century will no longer have to die. Looking at the achievements of biologists, neuroscientists, engineers and pharmacists in the context of prolonging life, one wants only one thing: to delay the critical moment as far as possible in order to overcome the threshold of endless renewal. Yes, a person is "suddenly mortal," as one of the main characters of the classic of literature has said, but examples of people living up to a hundred and more give hope that an old woman with a scythe can be deceived. The good news is that if you stand on the road to fighting the inevitable end, you do not have to lose anything. Death is the ultimate end to any struggle, so the fight against death seems self-evident.

Man is a complex set of dynamic factors, consisting of billions of cells, bone and muscle tissue, heart and kidneys, neurons and memories. Recreating a person other than the natural way seems impossible in the foreseeable future. However, with the development of computer technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence, it becomes obvious that we could simulate many of the tools of nature, if not repeat it. A person can be a complex set of individual parameters, the sum of all parts, but on closer examination all these parts obey the usual and universal laws. Does this mean that we will be able to deceive death if we study these laws well? Let's see.

Cultivation of organs

The physical health of a person is based on many factors, which, as a rule, reduce to the absence of infectious, viral, hereditary and acquired diseases and the integrity of the organism.

On the existence of bacteria, people could only guess the beginning of the last century. Think about it: microbiology as a separate science did not exist yet some hundred and fifty years ago, when your great-great-grandmother was alive. It is enough to look at modern medicine in order to understand what a huge leap in improving the quality of life for people gave the appearance of microscopes and microbiology as such. Now we can treat infectious diseases, and very successfully. And despite the worsening of the problem in the form of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, we are sure that we will find a way to cope with the diseases.

But what about the organs? A broken arm can not be cured with pills, and a heart that needs a transplant can not be saved by a stab. Even worse is the case with the bodies lost as a result of amputation or tragic events. You can not just take and transplant your leg, hoping that the body will restore all the nerve connections and learn how to manipulate a new limb. Queues for transplantation of internal organs grow every year. What if you, on your way to immortality, suddenly lose a pair of legs or hands? Life will lose its former meaning.

Fortunately, active work is being done in this direction. Scientists offer a solution in the form of organs grown on another carrier. Pluripotent stem cells, which are present in humans in the infant state, have an amazing power: they can differentiate into any type of tissue, except for the extra-embryonic (placenta and yolk sac). Taking adult cells, turning them into pluripotent and multiplying, scientists could get an unlimited amount of raw materials for creating and recreating a person's native organ. It remains only to find stem cells, but more on this below, and create a "farm" for cultivation.

In 2016, Canadian biophysicist Andrew Pelling and his team from the University of Ottawa successfully cultivated human tissues using … apples. Using the method of decellularization, they removed the cells of the apple and stayed with the cellular "forests", practically drying the apple, saving it from "meat". Then a piece of an ear was cut from an apple and filled with human cells. So the auricle appeared. Pelling argues that his method will quickly and cheaply create scarce implants to restore human organs.

Stem cells

Stem cells are undetected cells that can transform into other cells – the heart, neurons, liver, lungs, skin. They can share and grow. In childhood or youth of a person, these stem cells act as built-in repairers. They heal and restore the normal functions of damaged organs.

As stem cells grow older, stem cells are reduced by 100 or even 10 000 times, in different tissues and organs. In addition, they experience genetic mutations that reduce their quality and effectiveness in repairing the body. Agree, it would be great to stop the degeneration of stem cells and maintain their reserves for unlimited time.

At the beginning of the article, we started talking about the fact that "those born in this century will not have to die." You see, at the moment of birth, the human body is in a state of biological perfection, says doctor Bob Hariri. The organs have not yet been exposed to a heap of harmful stimuli like electromagnetic radiation, chemicals, the biological code is not spoiled. At the time of birth, it would be possible to take the stem cells from the baby with the original DNA that has not yet been spoiled, multiply in large numbers for the future and freeze. Take a note for your child that when the cans of stem cells appear (and they already appear), one could provide it with an endless regeneration for many years. It will be some twenty years, and stem cells will change medicine, which means that the life of a person forever.

Cancellation of old age

Speaking of immortality, interested people talk about a physiologically healthy and quality eternal life. Nobody wants to spend eternity in the body of a frail old man – tired people are often asked to turn them off from the life support device or give euthanasia. A person deserves eternal life in a young and full body. The antipode of youth is old age, that's who our main enemy is.

Like a car, a person's body begins to grow old with time, problems grow – the cells grow old, the body's defenses are exhausted, harmful waste accumulates, muscles weaken, and so on. The only difference is that the human body is much more enduring than a car and much more efficient.

Sensitive cells – aging cells that can no longer be divided by creating new cells – can be removed. Experiments on mice injected with Foxo4-DRI showed that mice live longer by 30%. Scientists are targeting aging cells, because they see in them the root of all senile troubles, from fragility of the body and weakened immunity to the appearance of age-related diseases. At the moment, tools for influencing aging cells and rejuvenating the body are actively being developed. For example, a compound based on resveratrol, which is contained in small amounts in red wine and berries, was able to rejuvenate cells, restoring RNA splicing, which renews the senescent cells. Cell aging also manifests itself in the shortening of telomeres-DNA at the ends of chromosomes. Some RNA splicing factors, which decrease with age, can restore telomeres, and together with the restoration of telomeres, the aging of the cell also stops. Is it worth it then to drink red wine in large quantities? No, of course: there is very little resveratrol in it. But since an effective mix already shows its results (though on animals), and possible connections of a thousand, it promises us a truly healthy immortality. Can someone doubt that in 20-30-40 or even 50 years, scientists will not find an effective cure for old age? Well, fifty years ago people did not fly into space.

Now one thing is clear: different drugs are tested on laboratory mumps, and before clinical trials in humans it is still far away, but the number of ways to save is growing year by year, and interdisciplinary cooperation demonstrates striking effect. And we have not yet departed from biology.

A strict diet

Recently, more and more validated data have been received that the extreme diet and starvation, as well as a lifelong restriction of calories consumed by 30%, can be an amazing remedy for old age. The idea that the organism lives longer, when it starves more and eats less, goes to the roots in the distant past. But in fact, the rejection of 25-50% of daily calories consumed causes anger and denial in people. Why do you need eternal life if you can not enjoy your favorite meatballs with pjureshka and hamburgers?

However, a group of scientists led by gerontologist Walter Longo from the University of Southern California came to the conclusion that you can come to the effects of rejuvenation without subscribing to a lifelong hunger strike. "Diet simulating fasting" for five days a month for three months, repeated as necessary, will be "safe, appropriate and effective to reduce risk factors for aging and the appearance of age-related diseases." It turns out that periodic abstinence from food promises an optimal increase in healthy years of life.

It is important to understand that these conclusions are preliminary and not 100% proven. Like the possibility of immortality as such. But we have already come to the conclusion that in the fight against death, any methods can be good. And the aspirant to immortality will now use all possible ways to reach the critical moment beyond which he will not have to die any more.

Theories about the saving diet are based on the idea that the regenerative effects of the body are caused not so much by the restriction of calories as by the subsequent restoration. In contrast, a long-term and continuous restriction can lead to negative consequences such as anorexia. Periodic fasting – five days a month – reduces body weight, improves glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol, along with other factors that persisted for three months even after returning to a full-fledged diet, studies have shown.

Gene therapy


45-year-old American Elizabeth Parrish, in pursuit of youth, voluntarily decided to test the method of rejuvenation developed by her own research company BioViva with the help of gene therapy. She has undergone two courses of gene therapy since September 2015. One course was designed to prevent loss of muscle mass, and the second – to increase the level of production of telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that adds repeating sequences to the end of the DNA chain in telomere regions that we have already talked about.

Obviously, Elizabeth would not have applied therapy that had not previously been tested in animals. She risked her own health for rejuvenation, risking therapy without the permission of the state regulator.

According to Elizabeth, she not only managed to stop telomere shortening (measured in 2015 and 2016), but also to become younger by 20 years.

In parallel, the FDA approved the use of gene therapy for patients aged 3 to 25 years with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As reported by the journal ScienceTranslationalMedicine, thanks to gene therapy, a group of doctors managed to cure a 58-year-old patient from an incurable form of lymphoblastic leukemia in just 8 days. Although it is too early to talk about any scientific breakthroughs, gene therapy can become a routine procedure for traditional medicine.

However, the lack of proven results and the approval of state agencies does not stop clandestine groups of gene engineers from experimenting with themselves. In the struggle, all means are good.


The method of editing genes based on CRISPR has for several years not gone from the main pages of medical publications. An easy-to-use tool that "cuts and pasts" genes promises a whole bunch of incredible breakthroughs in all areas: cancer treatment, HIV treatment, fighting poverty, treating hereditary diseases, treating neurodegenerative diseases, improving human qualities, creating designer babies … list giant.

Most recently, doctors from Oakland, USA, for the first time tested the technique of editing the genome on a living person. It took such a risky step to go because the patient suffered from an incurable genetic disease, Hunter's syndrome. It is too early to speak about the results, but the scientists are sure of the future success. Another important thing is that the experimental method is tested on seriously ill people, and therefore development is underway.

It will not come as a surprise to me if in 5-10 years the field of medicine is overwhelmed by a whole stream of genome editing tools and their applications. People vying to rush to create designer babies, removing them unwanted genes, hereditary diseases, changing the color of eyes and hair. Anyone wants his child to be born healthy and happy. There is a high chance that the designer babies born in this century will be deprived of many negative factors manifested in old age, which means that their life will be long and healthy.

And more importantly, reaching the stage of 120 and more years of healthy life will mean the opportunity to touch to new life extension tools. The process of renewal of the body and its recovery will become avalanche-like, and it may not be necessary to die any more. It is only necessary to overcome the barrier.

Bionic extremities

It's no secret that the human body is imperfect. It is a masterpiece as a creation of nature, amazing by its complexity and versatility. But the more complex the system, the more opportunities it has for failure. From this point of view, our technical adaptations are much simpler than natural creations.

It's no secret that the human body is weak and frail, frail and devoid of many amazing adaptations, such as wings. When a person wanted to fly, he created the plane. When a person wants to become taller, stronger, faster, he will create a cyborg.

With the development of science and technology, people were asked the question: why burden yourself with a meat bag, restore an organic limb when you can try to create a bionic, much more adapted, multifunctional and, in principle, no worse than the original. Already, bionic prostheses are being produced for children and adults who can control the power of thought.

For example, LUKEArm is a high-tech prosthesis that allows its owner to feel. A special motor provides feedback, simulating the resistance that various physical objects exert – the user can feel that the cushion has less resistance than the brick. Now the device is quite expensive – $ 100,000 – but prices are falling and will continue to fall.

The mind-controlled leg was first used by Zack Vauter in 2012, a software engineer from Seattle who was amputated above his knee. Special prostheses allow athletes to run for short and long distances, and there is an opinion that they receive an advantage over this compared with conventional runners.

As prosthetics develops, prostheses are becoming more technologically and technologically advanced. The combination of technology and organic allows you to create hands that can touch and grasp, but will be stronger than their organic counterparts. What would you choose: an ordinary hand or a normal-looking arm with increased strength?


Different systems constantly operate in the human body, but we do not notice it. The intestinal microflora helps to process food. The heart pumps blood, the lungs supply it with oxygen. Immune systems are struggling with adverse incursions. The cells divide and age, the hair grows, the brain consolidates the information in a dream … And as we said, even though the human body is a highly complex and durable organism, over time, its abilities to recover come to naught and even start to work to harm.

But that if we, using the capabilities of science and technology, let in ourselves another system, large and inconspicuous, which would update the body, support it in a working condition, protect it from invading harmful microbes and update it? That is, in fact, would help all the functions of the body to perform their tasks and even more.

Currently, nanorobots are developed primarily for targeted cancer treatment. Tiny, specially designed bodies inserted into the desired area could release the medicine, killing cancer cells and leaving the unharmed healthy. Сами нанороботы настолько малы, что даже «шеренга» из 50 тысяч экземпляров в толщину будет едва ли больше человеческого волоса.

Также ученые пытаются уменьшить лучшие механизмы современных технологий, чтобы снабдить нанороботов ими: здесь и мельчайшие двигатели, и 3D-принтеры из ДНК, и наноплавники, и наноракеты, и даже беспроводные технологии. Однажды в вашем теле будет работать целая армия из миллионов крошечных помощников. Именно они, незаметно слившись с вашим телом, сделают его бессмертным.

Загрузка сознания

Когда в компьютере сгорает видеокарта, ломается блок питания или накрывается материнская плата, в конечном итоге можно просто вынуть накопитель с памятью и поставить на другую машину. С недавних пор важные данные стали хранить в облаке. Но что делать человеку, если он не машина (пока)? Можно ли спасти человеческое «я», когда умирает тело, перенести разум и душу в другое тело, вместе с сознанием, воспоминаниями и знаниями? Вопрос «взлома» человеческого мозга вполне может стать самым большим и важным в этом и других столетиях. Потому что он напрямую связан с бессмертием — цифровым, если угодно.

Представьте, что вместо долгих лет жизни в одном теле человек мог бы реинкарнировать в другом теле. Сейчас область исследований мозга находится в крайне сложном положении, потому что пытаться его взломать, по мнению этиков, просто кощунственно, а открытые испытания с возможным летальным исходом никто никогда не одобрит.

Впрочем, некоторые считают это неизбежным. Илон Маск в начале года заявил о создании компании Neuralink, которая будет работать в направлении слияния мозга человека с искусственным интеллектом и многократного его усиления. Сам Маск видит в этом пути неизбежную необходимость на фоне растущего информационного общества. Другой предприниматель, Брайан Джонсон, создал компанию Kernel, которая подбирает «шифр» к сигналам человеческого мозга, чтобы можно было манипулировать нейронами, бороться с нейродегенеративными заболеваниями и восстанавливать воспоминания.

Однажды «сохранение» человеческой личности в облаке вполне может стать возможным. Вопрос лишь в том, когда и как до этого дожить.

Глубокий анабиоз

Когда все средства уже перепробованы, а смерть неизбежна, можно пойти на крайние меры. Состояние глубокого анабиоза и в науке, и в фантастике часто рассматривалось как средство отдаления неизбежного. В чем смысл? Медицина постоянно развивается, и уже завтра могут появиться методы лечения неизлечимых болезней, которых не было раньше. Но если завтра человек уже не проснется, вряд ли ему можно будет помочь. Если же погрузить тело в состояние глубокого криосна, заморозить его до лучших времен, можно дать надежду на то, что люди будущего найдут лекарство и «воскресят» спящего.

Холод — один из лучших способов сохранить органические ткани. Некоторые организмы, от микробов до лягушек, могут просыпаться и дальше заниматься своими делами после длительного пребывания в чрезвычайно холодной среде. Эта идея показалась достаточно убедительной создателям Alcor Life Extension Foundation, которая предлагает криогенные услуги. За 770 долларов в год вы сможете подписать договор, по которому ваше тело будет покоиться в гробу с жидким азотом (если вы, конечно, сможете заплатить еще 80 000 долларов за сохранение мозга или 200 000 долларов за все тело после смерти).

Сразу после того, как сердце пациента останавливается, его перевозят в ледяную кровать, а кровообращение и дыхание искусственно возобновляются с помощью аппарата. Затем пациент получает коктейль лекарств внутривенно, включая антикоагулянты и буферы pH. После этого кровь откачивают и заменяют раствором для сохранения органов.

Нет никаких гарантий, что это сработает. Но и смерть ничего не гарантирует. В конце концов, каждый сам может выбрать, как умереть. Но кто-то выберет не умирать никогда.

Apple continues to invest in US component manufacturers

Apple continues to invest in American component manufacturers – electronic and unique novelties, review of new and useful gadgets on

Whatever Apple gadgets are in demand, no matter how they are swept off the shelves by tens of millions of boxes, but the leadership of the famous American company always wants more. Increase sales, net profit, become even more recognizable among potential buyers and, of course, get more independence from foreign manufactures, which today produce most of the components for Apple equipment. It is because of this that the Cupertino players are investing serious money in US companies.

In the spring of 2017, Apple established a special fund of one billion dollars, whose main task was to support the American component manufacturers. The first lucky winner, who received Apple's support, was Corning. It is well known as the manufacturer of durable glass for mobile devices. The creators of the famous Gorilla Glass were allocated for the development of 200 million dollars from this fund itself. The money will go to research activities, which will result in the appearance of completely new materials.

The second American company, which Apple will support, will be Finisar. This manufacturer of chips and other components will receive from businesses from Cupertino $ 390 million. Apple's benefit in this case is quite obvious, in fact Finisar, among other things, creates vertical-emitting lasers (VSCEL), based on which the technology works Face ID in the iPhone X. And since new smartphones will now be supplied with this technology, it is better to take care of building up production of necessary components in advance. Finisar plans to hire more than 500 skilled workers and significantly accelerate production for the money received.

Apple continues to invest in US component manufacturers


application for iOS and Android.

Hardware crypts for cyberpunkers – high-tech and advanced news on

Developers of the purse Opendime recently announced a new project – a hardware crypto-jack Coinkite Coldcard for miners and crypto-investors. Outwardly, it resembles some gadget from the cyberpunk novel of the eighties, but this is not its only merit.

Developers say that to use the wallet you do not need to buy any specialized equipment. In addition, he does not need any applications for the computer – everything works on the principle of a memory card or HDD, so you can simply move files to it.

The wallet is equipped with an OLED display for outputting information and buttons for entering the PIN code. It will also have a connector for the micro-SD card, with which you can quickly back up data stored inside. In addition, the owner will be able to truly autonomously sign transactions, transferring unsigned or signed transactions between devices.

A private user key will be stored on a special cryptosystem, rather than in the main memory of the device, which should provide additional protection against burglary.

Device will be prepared to work with basic purses, and it will cost about $ 50. The gadget will be on sale in the spring of 2018, and is already available for the pre-order .

Discuss the perspectives of this and similar gadgets in our telegrams .

LG PuriCare Air Purifier Overview

Clean air is cool. And dirty – no. It is air pollution, according to the World Health Organization, the cause of a large number of serious health problems among many people around the world. Especially harmful is the fine dust that accumulates in the human lungs. LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 – South Korean novelty, designed to solve the problem of air purity at home or in the office. Armed with a laser dust sensor and a conventional pillow, we checked how it works.

Review of the Purifier purifier LG PuriCare. Video version

In a few minutes we tell the main thing about LG PuriCare: we check the convenience and, of course, analyze the quality of air cleaning: using a laser dust meter and a dust cushion. Find out more.

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The main thing about the air cleaner

The new Korean air purifier is designed to clean it from fine dust of less than 1 micrometer (0.001 mm). It consists of solid microparticles mixed with minute droplets of liquid.

This dust itself (homemade and flew from the street – microparticles of automobile tires and asphalt, for example), plant pollen, wool and skin particles of domestic animals, the products of life of dust mites, bacteria and mold spores and other small contaminants.

Air Purifier LG PuriCare

To our question about which class filter (H13 or H14 – the modern classification is the HEPA format) in the Russian representation to panii responded only that "all filtration technology – in-house development." OK, just check the LG HEPA filter system in the case.

In the Russian version of the air cleaner, which, by the way, will cost 59,000 rubles *, another filter will be added to the main filter catching smells and gaseous pollutants in the air (to us for the test came demo version, directly from South Korea, without such a filter). The cost of a set of filters is 5 999 rubles.

* All prices are current as of the day of publication.

Important characteristics of LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 air purifier:

– Treatment area: up to 58 m²
– Weight: 13.5 kg
– Inverter motor (warranty – 10 years)
– Filters: preliminary, HEPA, "anti-smell"
– Replacing the filter unit: every 1-2 years, depending on operating conditions
– Pollution sensor air: fixation of dust particles PM1 (from 1 μm)
– gaseous pollutant sensor
– air intake and return of the cleaned around the circumference – Filtering 360 °
– Additional fan for quick and even distribution of clean air
– Information on the amount of fine dust in the air on the display
– Smartphone control and remote fault diagnosis
– Remote control included
– Production Country: South Korea

How We Test

It's simple with air cleaners: we check how they clean the air. We do this with a laser analyzer of suspended particles in the air (they are also dangerous fine dust). It is able to "feel" the presence of dust with a size of 0.5 micrometers (0.0005 mm).

From the beginning, we measure the amount of fine dust in the room air in order to understand the initial general level of contamination. We turn on the air cleaner for maximum power. We install the analyzer so that the purified air enters directly into its air intake.

LG PuriCare air purification system consists of pollution sensors and high-efficiency filters

We compare the quality of the air purifier coming from the air with the initial level of contamination. This allows, even without creating special laboratory conditions, to draw conclusions about the efficiency of the air cleaner.

Plus, we study how convenient the air cleaner is in operation, we measure noise. We put the scores on a five-point scale: for the main function (air purification in this case), for usability and design. On the basis of these three estimates, we derive the total for the test.

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Test results

The laser dust analyzer makes measurements in the British system of measures – gives information about the amount of dust particles in 0.01 cubic feet. To translate the data into a metric system, you must first multiply the metric by 100 – get the amount of dust in one cubic foot. The product is multiplied by another 35.3 and we obtain an approximate content of dangerous fine dust in a cubic meter of air.

In our case, 1300 particles in 0.01 cubic feet (the number of dust particles in the air before cleaning it) is multiplied by 100 and by 35.3 , we get 4 589 000 particles of fine dust in a cubic meter of air – these are the indicators we have in the studio where the test was conducted. Air of poor quality and requires cleaning.

Explained about the quality of air:

from 0 to 265 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m ³ – magnificent clean in
from 265 000 to 530 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m³ – high quality, clean
from 530 000 to 1 100 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m³ – good quality
from 1,100,000 to 3,700,000 particles with a size of 0.5 μm in 1 m³ – medium quality, it is desirable to clean
from 3,700,000 to 10,600,000 particles in size from 0,5 microns in 1 m³ – poor quality, cleaning is required
from 10 60 0 000 – very dirty air, urgent cleaning is needed

After passing through the air cleaner, the air became much cleaner. During the test, we fixed even 0 particles with a size of 0.5 microns. But most often the figures were between 20 and 50 particles in 0.01 cubic feet or up to 176 500 in cubic meters.

The difference with the initial pollution reached 65 times, and on the average was about 30 times. The air became much purer. Five points for the main function – air purification.

In the photo below, the amount of fine dust recorded during the test is 0.5 μm (left) and 2.5 μm (right) at 0, 01 cubic feet of air at the outlet of the cleaner. Air purifier LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 worked at maximum power.

The laser analyzer of suspended particles recorded a significant decrease in the concentration of dust in the air

Without the superfluous "frills", the hull panels closing the filter unit are removed and put back on. The filters themselves are also easily removed and installed back. Management did not cause difficulties. Not enough, however, the chassis bottom or handles on the sides – a device based on the floor and at a weight of 13, 5 kg, they would facilitate its movement. Shoot 0.5 points. For convenience of use – 4.5 points.

The design of the Koreans turned out great (agree, the device looks unusual, cool and stylish) – "excellent" score

Chudo's verdict .tech

We do not charge points for the cost, because, first of all, we check the quality and efficiency of the equipment, but we note that 59 000 is expensive. LG PuriCare air purifier is effective, but not available to all.

We recommend it for office or home use (suitable for bedroom, children's room, living room, kitchen) – it perfectly manages air purification, comfortable and modern looking. The overall score for the test is high – 4.8 points out of five possible .

Remember that the maximum efficiency of the air cleaner is achieved by limiting the inflow of "outside air" into the room. Therefore, if you use the device permanently, it's time to turn it off and air in the room.

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Thank you "Breeeth Center for Ecological Housing!" (Www.breeethretail .ru) for providing the laser analyzer of suspended particles in the air Dylos DC1700.

Blue Origin launches new modification of the New Shepard missile

Private space company Blue Origin returned to launching missiles after almost a year's interruption and successfully launched the New Shepard rocket, and then successfully landed a capsule for the crew. The suborbital launch vehicle was launched from a company-owned launch pad in West Texas, reports the port of The Verge, citing company representatives.

For almost the entire year of 2017, the company was not very active and rarely found headlines in the media, at least for compared with previous years. In 2015, Blue Origin became the first private company to carry out the vertical landing of the rocket after its launch. After that, a total of 5 launches were made, and all of them were successful. In the latter, held in October 2016, despite its own expectations, Blue Origin also carried out everything at the highest level and gently planted the spent first stage.

Today the company launched a new modification of the New Shepard missile, which is more similar to that final version A missile that will deliver tourists to space. For example, a new capsule for the future rocket crew now has portholes, while the previous versions used fake painted pictures in the form of windows.

Earlier, Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said that the company is aiming for the first commercial tourist launch by early 2019, but before that, a private space company is going to conduct several pilot manned flights. According to Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin, billionaire, these manned flights will take place next year, which is somewhat later than previously scheduled.

Western media note that it is not yet clear how these launches are going to be held – open or closed. In the end, Blue Origin all this time is not very actively covered all the previous starts, celebrating them only in "Twitter", and after publishing a video.

Jeff Bezos himself reported on the successful launch of the new modification of the missile in "Twitter" himself, who wrote:

"The NewShepard rocket with the new capsule Crew Capsule 2.0 successfully carried out the first flight. The new capsule is equipped with windows. On board was a test doll. The train was great. "

… and who accompanied the video recording:

The New Shepard missile is planned to be used in tourist launches to the border of outer space. The entire flight will take place within 11 minutes, within which those who paid for the ticket can enjoy the views of the Earth and experience all the delights of weightlessness for about 3 minutes. After that, the capsule will descend back on parachutes, and the first stage of the rocket will be gently planted on a special pad and then prepare for a new launch.

Russian scientists have developed eco-fuel from waste

Russian scientists have developed eco-fuel from waste </span></a><br /> <meta itemprop="position" content="3"/></li> </ol> <div class="text"> <div itemscope="" itemtype=""><span itemprop="articleBody"></p> <div itemscope="" itemtype=""> <p align="center"></p> <p> The high content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to scientists, is the main cause of the greenhouse effect, and particles of ash can contain heavy metals, toxins and carcinogenic trace elements. Therefore, the issue of waste disposal is particularly acute. And scientists from the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have significantly succeeded in this. They proposed the use of production waste to create new fuels. </p> <p> The new development allows to receive fuel several dozen times more environmentally friendly than the primary one and solves two problems at once: it reduces the amount of harmful substances emissions into the atmosphere and utilizes industrial waste. </p> <blockquote> <p> "Thermal power plants account for up to 45% of the electricity produced in the world. They are sources of particles of ash and water vapor, as well as oxides of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon, which account for 90-95% of all air emissions. The most dangerous are considered to be emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. Combined with atmospheric moisture, they oxidize and form solutions of sulfuric and nitrous acids, which are the cause of acid rain. And increasing the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere destroys the ozone layer that protects the Earth from ultraviolet cosmic radiation, "said Pavel Strizhak, one of the authors of the development, head of the TPU automation department. </p> </blockquote> <p> Experts from TPU during the experiments developed organo-angular fuel compositions (OVUT ). They are liquid composite substances, about 80% of which are products of coal processing. As components of WCRR, 4 groups of substances are used: solid combustible components from among low-grade coals and coal-washing waste, liquid combustible components, water, and also a plasticizer. Each component alone is not suitable as a fuel for "big" energy. But together they make up a fuel similar to traditional coal in terms of energy characteristics. </p> <blockquote> <p> "The results we have obtained open up prospects for the widespread use of WRMT as a cheap, energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial fuel compared to coals. Using liquid fuel from coal processing products, producers will reduce the volume of mining and the pace of development of new deposits. This will save resources and reduce the harm caused to the environment. "</p> </blockquote> <p> <em> Based on the materials of RIA Novosti </em></p> </div> <p></span></p> <div style="display: none"> <span itemprop="name"> Russian scientists have developed eco-fuel from wastes </span><br /> <span itemprop="author"> Vladimir Kuznetsov </span><br /> <meta itemscope="" itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" itemtype="" itemid=""/><meta itemprop="headline" content="Российские ученые разработали экотопливо из отходов"/><meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2017-11-23 16:07:52"/><meta itemprop="dateModified" content="2017-11-23 16:08:17"/></p></div> </p></div> </div> <div id="app-post"> <div class="wrapper" style="position: relative"> <h4> Appendix <br /> Hi-News. en </h4> <p> High-tech news in the iOS and Android application. </p> <p> <a class="gp" href="" target="_blank"/><br /> <a class="as" href="" target="_blank"/> </div> </p></div> <div class="popular"> <h3 class="related_post_title"> Higher intelligence recommends: </h3> </p></div> <p><!-- You can start editing here. --></p></div> <p><!-- #content --> </div> <p><!-- #primary --></p> </div> <p><!-- #main --></p> </div> <p><!-- #page --></p> <link rel="stylesheet" id="ioimedia_app_banner-css" href="" type="text/css" media="all"/><link rel="stylesheet" id="i10cross-css" href="" type="text/css" media="all"/> </div> <p></body></div> <p><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></pre> </div><!-- .entry-content --> </article><!-- #post-## --> <article id="post-207" class="post-207 post type-post status-publish format-standard has-post-thumbnail hentry category-gadgets tag-developed tag-injections tag-needles tag-quotsyringequot tag-star tag-trek"> <header class="entry-header"> <div class="entry-meta"><span class="screen-reader-text">Posted on</span> <a href="" rel="bookmark"><time class="entry-date published updated" datetime="2017-12-13T10:55:50+00:00">December 13, 2017</time></a></div><!-- .entry-meta --><h3 class="entry-title"><a href="" rel="bookmark">A "syringe" from Star Trek for injections without needles is developed</a></h3> </header><!-- .entry-header --> <div class="post-thumbnail"> <a href=""> <img width="750" height="372" src="" class="attachment-twentyseventeen-featured-image size-twentyseventeen-featured-image wp-post-image" alt="" srcset=" 750w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 767px) 89vw, (max-width: 1000px) 54vw, (max-width: 1071px) 543px, 580px" /> </a> </div><!-- .post-thumbnail --> <div class="entry-content"> <div itemscope="" itemtype=""> <p align="center"></p> <p> A gadget that allows the introduction of drugs into the patient's body without using needles, first appeared in the arsenal of doctors of the science fiction Star Trek saga, and very soon, it seems, will be able to co-exist with the thermometer and aspirin everywhere in the usual medicine kits. The startup Portal Instruments has developed a device that allows painless injections without needles. Now the startup has concluded a contract with the Japanese company Takeda, which will help to put the device on the market, reports New Atlas. </p> <p> Many methods of treatment require frequent injections of drugs into the body. Many patients do not like injections because of painful sensations, fear of needles and how their veins look after dozens of injections, so they often miss another injection at the expense of treatment and their health. </p> <p> Portal Instruments has developed a new technology for injecting into the body, which does not require the presence of needles – drug delivery is carried out by creating the finest trickle of medicament under high pressure. The flow width is very small, so injection is almost imperceptible to the patient – this happens very quickly and does not cause pain. The device will be sold under the name PRIME, and the first drug that will be used in conjunction with the gadget is designed to treat ulcerative colitis. </p> <p> The size of PRIME is hardly more than a conventional electric shaver. The dose with injection is placed in a special tank with a microscopic hole, through which a powerful electromagnetic mechanism pushes the medicine at a tremendous speed, which reaches 720 kilometers per hour. Due to this, a thin stream of medicament, under high pressure, penetrates under the skin. </p> <p align="center"> <img itemprop="contentUrl" title="" src="" width="948" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-280039"/> </p> <p> PRIME will have its own application for the smartphone, in which it will be possible to track the dose of the drug, the frequency of injections, their dosage and other moments. The gadget will be sold by prescription to avoid its use for the introduction of drugs into the body. </p> </div> <p><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></pre> </div><!-- .entry-content --> </article><!-- #post-## --> <nav class="navigation pagination" role="navigation"> <h2 class="screen-reader-text">Posts navigation</h2> <div class="nav-links"><a class="prev page-numbers" href=""><svg class="icon icon-arrow-left" aria-hidden="true" role="img"> <use href="#icon-arrow-left" xlink:href="#icon-arrow-left"></use> </svg><span class="screen-reader-text">Previous page</span></a> <a class='page-numbers' href=''><span class="meta-nav screen-reader-text">Page </span>1</a> <span class='page-numbers current'><span class="meta-nav screen-reader-text">Page </span>2</span> <a class='page-numbers' href=''><span class="meta-nav screen-reader-text">Page </span>3</a> <span class="page-numbers dots">…</span> <a class='page-numbers' href=''><span class="meta-nav screen-reader-text">Page 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0.268-0.339 0.705-0.438t0.884 0.063q0.429 0.179 0.67 0.518t0.223 0.75zM11.143 19.071q-0.054 0.982-0.929 1.25l-2.143 0.696q-4.911 1.571-5.214 1.571-0.625-0.036-0.964-0.643-0.214-0.446-0.304-1.339-0.143-1.357 0.018-2.973t0.536-2.223 1-0.571q0.232 0 3.607 1.375 1.25 0.518 2.054 0.839l1.5 0.607q0.411 0.161 0.634 0.545t0.205 0.866zM25.893 24.375q-0.125 0.964-1.634 2.875t-2.42 2.268q-0.661 0.25-1.125-0.125-0.25-0.179-3.286-5.125l-0.839-1.375q-0.25-0.375-0.205-0.821t0.348-0.821q0.625-0.768 1.482-0.464 0.018 0.018 2.125 0.714 3.625 1.179 4.321 1.42t0.839 0.366q0.5 0.393 0.393 1.089zM13.893 13.089q0.089 1.821-0.964 2.179-1.036 0.304-2.036-1.268l-6.75-10.679q-0.143-0.625 0.339-1.107 0.732-0.768 3.705-1.598t4.009-0.563q0.714 0.179 0.875 0.804 0.054 0.321 0.393 5.455t0.429 6.777zM25.714 15.018q0.054 0.696-0.464 1.054-0.268 0.179-5.875 1.536-1.196 0.268-1.625 0.411l0.018-0.036q-0.411 0.107-0.821-0.071t-0.661-0.571q-0.536-0.839 0-1.554 0.018-0.018 1.339-1.821 2.232-3.054 2.679-3.643t0.607-0.696q0.5-0.339 1.161-0.036 0.857 0.411 2.196 2.384t1.446 2.991v0.054z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vine" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M26.732 14.768v3.536q-1.804 0.411-3.536 0.411-1.161 2.429-2.955 4.839t-3.241 3.848-2.286 1.902q-1.429 0.804-2.893-0.054-0.5-0.304-1.080-0.777t-1.518-1.491-1.83-2.295-1.92-3.286-1.884-4.357-1.634-5.616-1.259-6.964h5.054q0.464 3.893 1.25 7.116t1.866 5.661 2.17 4.205 2.5 3.482q3.018-3.018 5.125-7.25-2.536-1.286-3.982-3.929t-1.446-5.946q0-3.429 1.857-5.616t5.071-2.188q3.179 0 4.875 1.884t1.696 5.313q0 2.839-1.036 5.107-0.125 0.018-0.348 0.054t-0.821 0.036-1.125-0.107-1.107-0.455-0.902-0.92q0.554-1.839 0.554-3.286 0-1.554-0.518-2.357t-1.411-0.804q-0.946 0-1.518 0.884t-0.571 2.509q0 3.321 1.875 5.241t4.768 1.92q1.107 0 2.161-0.25z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vk" viewBox="0 0 35 32"> <path class="path1" d="M34.232 9.286q0.411 1.143-2.679 5.25-0.429 0.571-1.161 1.518-1.393 1.786-1.607 2.339-0.304 0.732 0.25 1.446 0.304 0.375 1.446 1.464h0.018l0.071 0.071q2.518 2.339 3.411 3.946 0.054 0.089 0.116 0.223t0.125 0.473-0.009 0.607-0.446 0.491-1.054 0.223l-4.571 0.071q-0.429 0.089-1-0.089t-0.929-0.393l-0.357-0.214q-0.536-0.375-1.25-1.143t-1.223-1.384-1.089-1.036-1.009-0.277q-0.054 0.018-0.143 0.063t-0.304 0.259-0.384 0.527-0.304 0.929-0.116 1.384q0 0.268-0.063 0.491t-0.134 0.33l-0.071 0.089q-0.321 0.339-0.946 0.393h-2.054q-1.268 0.071-2.607-0.295t-2.348-0.946-1.839-1.179-1.259-1.027l-0.446-0.429q-0.179-0.179-0.491-0.536t-1.277-1.625-1.893-2.696-2.188-3.768-2.33-4.857q-0.107-0.286-0.107-0.482t0.054-0.286l0.071-0.107q0.268-0.339 1.018-0.339l4.893-0.036q0.214 0.036 0.411 0.116t0.286 0.152l0.089 0.054q0.286 0.196 0.429 0.571 0.357 0.893 0.821 1.848t0.732 1.455l0.286 0.518q0.518 1.071 1 1.857t0.866 1.223 0.741 0.688 0.607 0.25 0.482-0.089q0.036-0.018 0.089-0.089t0.214-0.393 0.241-0.839 0.17-1.446 0-2.232q-0.036-0.714-0.161-1.304t-0.25-0.821l-0.107-0.214q-0.446-0.607-1.518-0.768-0.232-0.036 0.089-0.429 0.304-0.339 0.679-0.536 0.946-0.464 4.268-0.429 1.464 0.018 2.411 0.232 0.357 0.089 0.598 0.241t0.366 0.429 0.188 0.571 0.063 0.813-0.018 0.982-0.045 1.259-0.027 1.473q0 0.196-0.018 0.75t-0.009 0.857 0.063 0.723 0.205 0.696 0.402 0.438q0.143 0.036 0.304 0.071t0.464-0.196 0.679-0.616 0.929-1.196 1.214-1.92q1.071-1.857 1.911-4.018 0.071-0.179 0.179-0.313t0.196-0.188l0.071-0.054 0.089-0.045t0.232-0.054 0.357-0.009l5.143-0.036q0.696-0.089 1.143 0.045t0.554 0.295z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-search" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.571 14.857q0-3.304-2.348-5.652t-5.652-2.348-5.652 2.348-2.348 5.652 2.348 5.652 5.652 2.348 5.652-2.348 2.348-5.652zM29.714 29.714q0 0.929-0.679 1.607t-1.607 0.679q-0.964 0-1.607-0.679l-6.125-6.107q-3.196 2.214-7.125 2.214-2.554 0-4.884-0.991t-4.018-2.679-2.679-4.018-0.991-4.884 0.991-4.884 2.679-4.018 4.018-2.679 4.884-0.991 4.884 0.991 4.018 2.679 2.679 4.018 0.991 4.884q0 3.929-2.214 7.125l6.125 6.125q0.661 0.661 0.661 1.607z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-envelope-o" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M29.714 26.857v-13.714q-0.571 0.643-1.232 1.179-4.786 3.679-7.607 6.036-0.911 0.768-1.482 1.196t-1.545 0.866-1.83 0.438h-0.036q-0.857 0-1.83-0.438t-1.545-0.866-1.482-1.196q-2.821-2.357-7.607-6.036-0.661-0.536-1.232-1.179v13.714q0 0.232 0.17 0.402t0.402 0.17h26.286q0.232 0 0.402-0.17t0.17-0.402zM29.714 8.089v-0.438t-0.009-0.232-0.054-0.223-0.098-0.161-0.161-0.134-0.25-0.045h-26.286q-0.232 0-0.402 0.17t-0.17 0.402q0 3 2.625 5.071 3.446 2.714 7.161 5.661 0.107 0.089 0.625 0.527t0.821 0.67 0.795 0.563 0.902 0.491 0.768 0.161h0.036q0.357 0 0.768-0.161t0.902-0.491 0.795-0.563 0.821-0.67 0.625-0.527q3.714-2.946 7.161-5.661 0.964-0.768 1.795-2.063t0.83-2.348zM32 7.429v19.429q0 1.179-0.839 2.018t-2.018 0.839h-26.286q-1.179 0-2.018-0.839t-0.839-2.018v-19.429q0-1.179 0.839-2.018t2.018-0.839h26.286q1.179 0 2.018 0.839t0.839 2.018z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-close" viewBox="0 0 25 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.179 23.607q0 0.714-0.5 1.214l-2.429 2.429q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-5.25-5.25-5.25 5.25q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-2.429-2.429q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l5.25-5.25-5.25-5.25q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l2.429-2.429q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l5.25 5.25 5.25-5.25q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l2.429 2.429q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214t-0.5 1.214l-5.25 5.25 5.25 5.25q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-angle-down" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M19.196 13.143q0 0.232-0.179 0.411l-8.321 8.321q-0.179 0.179-0.411 0.179t-0.411-0.179l-8.321-8.321q-0.179-0.179-0.179-0.411t0.179-0.411l0.893-0.893q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l7.018 7.018 7.018-7.018q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l0.893 0.893q0.179 0.179 0.179 0.411z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-folder-open" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M33.554 17q0 0.554-0.554 1.179l-6 7.071q-0.768 0.911-2.152 1.545t-2.563 0.634h-19.429q-0.607 0-1.080-0.232t-0.473-0.768q0-0.554 0.554-1.179l6-7.071q0.768-0.911 2.152-1.545t2.563-0.634h19.429q0.607 0 1.080 0.232t0.473 0.768zM27.429 10.857v2.857h-14.857q-1.679 0-3.518 0.848t-2.929 2.134l-6.107 7.179q0-0.071-0.009-0.223t-0.009-0.223v-17.143q0-1.643 1.179-2.821t2.821-1.179h5.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821v0.571h9.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitter" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M28.929 7.286q-1.196 1.75-2.893 2.982 0.018 0.25 0.018 0.75 0 2.321-0.679 4.634t-2.063 4.437-3.295 3.759-4.607 2.607-5.768 0.973q-4.839 0-8.857-2.589 0.625 0.071 1.393 0.071 4.018 0 7.161-2.464-1.875-0.036-3.357-1.152t-2.036-2.848q0.589 0.089 1.089 0.089 0.768 0 1.518-0.196-2-0.411-3.313-1.991t-1.313-3.67v-0.071q1.214 0.679 2.607 0.732-1.179-0.786-1.875-2.054t-0.696-2.75q0-1.571 0.786-2.911 2.161 2.661 5.259 4.259t6.634 1.777q-0.143-0.679-0.143-1.321 0-2.393 1.688-4.080t4.080-1.688q2.5 0 4.214 1.821 1.946-0.375 3.661-1.393-0.661 2.054-2.536 3.179 1.661-0.179 3.321-0.893z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-facebook" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.125 0.214v4.714h-2.804q-1.536 0-2.071 0.643t-0.536 1.929v3.375h5.232l-0.696 5.286h-4.536v13.554h-5.464v-13.554h-4.554v-5.286h4.554v-3.893q0-3.321 1.857-5.152t4.946-1.83q2.625 0 4.071 0.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-github" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 2.286q3.732 0 6.884 1.839t4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884q0 4.482-2.616 8.063t-6.759 4.955q-0.482 0.089-0.714-0.125t-0.232-0.536q0-0.054 0.009-1.366t0.009-2.402q0-1.732-0.929-2.536 1.018-0.107 1.83-0.321t1.679-0.696 1.446-1.188 0.946-1.875 0.366-2.688q0-2.125-1.411-3.679 0.661-1.625-0.143-3.643-0.5-0.161-1.446 0.196t-1.643 0.786l-0.679 0.429q-1.661-0.464-3.429-0.464t-3.429 0.464q-0.286-0.196-0.759-0.482t-1.491-0.688-1.518-0.241q-0.804 2.018-0.143 3.643-1.411 1.554-1.411 3.679 0 1.518 0.366 2.679t0.938 1.875 1.438 1.196 1.679 0.696 1.83 0.321q-0.696 0.643-0.875 1.839-0.375 0.179-0.804 0.268t-1.018 0.089-1.17-0.384-0.991-1.116q-0.339-0.571-0.866-0.929t-0.884-0.429l-0.357-0.054q-0.375 0-0.518 0.080t-0.089 0.205 0.161 0.25 0.232 0.214l0.125 0.089q0.393 0.179 0.777 0.679t0.563 0.911l0.179 0.411q0.232 0.679 0.786 1.098t1.196 0.536 1.241 0.125 0.991-0.063l0.411-0.071q0 0.679 0.009 1.58t0.009 0.973q0 0.321-0.232 0.536t-0.714 0.125q-4.143-1.375-6.759-4.955t-2.616-8.063q0-3.732 1.839-6.884t4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839zM5.196 21.982q0.054-0.125-0.125-0.214-0.179-0.054-0.232 0.036-0.054 0.125 0.125 0.214 0.161 0.107 0.232-0.036zM5.75 22.589q0.125-0.089-0.036-0.286-0.179-0.161-0.286-0.054-0.125 0.089 0.036 0.286 0.179 0.179 0.286 0.054zM6.286 23.393q0.161-0.125 0-0.339-0.143-0.232-0.304-0.107-0.161 0.089 0 0.321t0.304 0.125zM7.036 24.143q0.143-0.143-0.071-0.339-0.214-0.214-0.357-0.054-0.161 0.143 0.071 0.339 0.214 0.214 0.357 0.054zM8.054 24.589q0.054-0.196-0.232-0.286-0.268-0.071-0.339 0.125t0.232 0.268q0.268 0.107 0.339-0.107zM9.179 24.679q0-0.232-0.304-0.196-0.286 0-0.286 0.196 0 0.232 0.304 0.196 0.286 0 0.286-0.196zM10.214 24.5q-0.036-0.196-0.321-0.161-0.286 0.054-0.25 0.268t0.321 0.143 0.25-0.25z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-bars" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.429 24v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 14.857v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 5.714v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-google-plus" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M25.661 16.304q0 3.714-1.554 6.616t-4.429 4.536-6.589 1.634q-2.661 0-5.089-1.036t-4.179-2.786-2.786-4.179-1.036-5.089 1.036-5.089 2.786-4.179 4.179-2.786 5.089-1.036q5.107 0 8.768 3.429l-3.554 3.411q-2.089-2.018-5.214-2.018-2.196 0-4.063 1.107t-2.955 3.009-1.089 4.152 1.089 4.152 2.955 3.009 4.063 1.107q1.482 0 2.723-0.411t2.045-1.027 1.402-1.402 0.875-1.482 0.384-1.321h-7.429v-4.5h12.357q0.214 1.125 0.214 2.179zM41.143 14.125v3.75h-3.732v3.732h-3.75v-3.732h-3.732v-3.75h3.732v-3.732h3.75v3.732h3.732z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-linkedin" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M6.232 11.161v17.696h-5.893v-17.696h5.893zM6.607 5.696q0.018 1.304-0.902 2.179t-2.42 0.875h-0.036q-1.464 0-2.357-0.875t-0.893-2.179q0-1.321 0.92-2.188t2.402-0.866 2.375 0.866 0.911 2.188zM27.429 18.714v10.143h-5.875v-9.464q0-1.875-0.723-2.938t-2.259-1.063q-1.125 0-1.884 0.616t-1.134 1.527q-0.196 0.536-0.196 1.446v9.875h-5.875q0.036-7.125 0.036-11.554t-0.018-5.286l-0.018-0.857h5.875v2.571h-0.036q0.357-0.571 0.732-1t1.009-0.929 1.554-0.777 2.045-0.277q3.054 0 4.911 2.027t1.857 5.938z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-quote-right" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429zM29.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-mail-reply" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 20q0 2.964-2.268 8.054-0.054 0.125-0.188 0.429t-0.241 0.536-0.232 0.393q-0.214 0.304-0.5 0.304-0.268 0-0.42-0.179t-0.152-0.446q0-0.161 0.045-0.473t0.045-0.42q0.089-1.214 0.089-2.196 0-1.804-0.313-3.232t-0.866-2.473-1.429-1.804-1.884-1.241-2.375-0.759-2.75-0.384-3.134-0.107h-4v4.571q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339-0.804-0.339l-9.143-9.143q-0.339-0.339-0.339-0.804t0.339-0.804l9.143-9.143q0.339-0.339 0.804-0.339t0.804 0.339 0.339 0.804v4.571h4q12.732 0 15.625 7.196 0.946 2.393 0.946 5.946z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-youtube" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.339 22.214v3.768q0 1.196-0.696 1.196-0.411 0-0.804-0.393v-5.375q0.393-0.393 0.804-0.393 0.696 0 0.696 1.196zM23.375 22.232v0.821h-1.607v-0.821q0-1.214 0.804-1.214t0.804 1.214zM6.125 18.339h1.911v-1.679h-5.571v1.679h1.875v10.161h1.786v-10.161zM11.268 28.5h1.589v-8.821h-1.589v6.75q-0.536 0.75-1.018 0.75-0.321 0-0.375-0.375-0.018-0.054-0.018-0.625v-6.5h-1.589v6.982q0 0.875 0.143 1.304 0.214 0.661 1.036 0.661 0.857 0 1.821-1.089v0.964zM18.929 25.857v-3.518q0-1.304-0.161-1.768-0.304-1-1.268-1-0.893 0-1.661 0.964v-3.875h-1.589v11.839h1.589v-0.857q0.804 0.982 1.661 0.982 0.964 0 1.268-0.982 0.161-0.482 0.161-1.786zM24.964 25.679v-0.232h-1.625q0 0.911-0.036 1.089-0.125 0.643-0.714 0.643-0.821 0-0.821-1.232v-1.554h3.196v-1.839q0-1.411-0.482-2.071-0.696-0.911-1.893-0.911-1.214 0-1.911 0.911-0.5 0.661-0.5 2.071v3.089q0 1.411 0.518 2.071 0.696 0.911 1.929 0.911 1.286 0 1.929-0.946 0.321-0.482 0.375-0.964 0.036-0.161 0.036-1.036zM14.107 9.375v-3.75q0-1.232-0.768-1.232t-0.768 1.232v3.75q0 1.25 0.768 1.25t0.768-1.25zM26.946 22.786q0 4.179-0.464 6.25-0.25 1.054-1.036 1.768t-1.821 0.821q-3.286 0.375-9.911 0.375t-9.911-0.375q-1.036-0.107-1.83-0.821t-1.027-1.768q-0.464-2-0.464-6.25 0-4.179 0.464-6.25 0.25-1.054 1.036-1.768t1.839-0.839q3.268-0.357 9.893-0.357t9.911 0.357q1.036 0.125 1.83 0.839t1.027 1.768q0.464 2 0.464 6.25zM9.125 0h1.821l-2.161 7.125v4.839h-1.786v-4.839q-0.25-1.321-1.089-3.786-0.661-1.839-1.161-3.339h1.893l1.268 4.696zM15.732 5.946v3.125q0 1.446-0.5 2.107-0.661 0.911-1.893 0.911-1.196 0-1.875-0.911-0.5-0.679-0.5-2.107v-3.125q0-1.429 0.5-2.089 0.679-0.911 1.875-0.911 1.232 0 1.893 0.911 0.5 0.661 0.5 2.089zM21.714 3.054v8.911h-1.625v-0.982q-0.946 1.107-1.839 1.107-0.821 0-1.054-0.661-0.143-0.429-0.143-1.339v-7.036h1.625v6.554q0 0.589 0.018 0.625 0.054 0.393 0.375 0.393 0.482 0 1.018-0.768v-6.804h1.625z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dropbox" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M7.179 12.625l8.821 5.446-6.107 5.089-8.75-5.696zM24.786 22.536v1.929l-8.75 5.232v0.018l-0.018-0.018-0.018 0.018v-0.018l-8.732-5.232v-1.929l2.625 1.714 6.107-5.071v-0.036l0.018 0.018 0.018-0.018v0.036l6.125 5.071zM9.893 2.107l6.107 5.089-8.821 5.429-6.036-4.821zM24.821 12.625l6.036 4.839-8.732 5.696-6.125-5.089zM22.125 2.107l8.732 5.696-6.036 4.821-8.821-5.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-instagram" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 16q0-1.893-1.339-3.232t-3.232-1.339-3.232 1.339-1.339 3.232 1.339 3.232 3.232 1.339 3.232-1.339 1.339-3.232zM20.75 16q0 2.929-2.054 4.982t-4.982 2.054-4.982-2.054-2.054-4.982 2.054-4.982 4.982-2.054 4.982 2.054 2.054 4.982zM22.679 8.679q0 0.679-0.482 1.161t-1.161 0.482-1.161-0.482-0.482-1.161 0.482-1.161 1.161-0.482 1.161 0.482 0.482 1.161zM13.714 4.75q-0.125 0-1.366-0.009t-1.884 0-1.723 0.054-1.839 0.179-1.277 0.33q-0.893 0.357-1.571 1.036t-1.036 1.571q-0.196 0.518-0.33 1.277t-0.179 1.839-0.054 1.723 0 1.884 0.009 1.366-0.009 1.366 0 1.884 0.054 1.723 0.179 1.839 0.33 1.277q0.357 0.893 1.036 1.571t1.571 1.036q0.518 0.196 1.277 0.33t1.839 0.179 1.723 0.054 1.884 0 1.366-0.009 1.366 0.009 1.884 0 1.723-0.054 1.839-0.179 1.277-0.33q0.893-0.357 1.571-1.036t1.036-1.571q0.196-0.518 0.33-1.277t0.179-1.839 0.054-1.723 0-1.884-0.009-1.366 0.009-1.366 0-1.884-0.054-1.723-0.179-1.839-0.33-1.277q-0.357-0.893-1.036-1.571t-1.571-1.036q-0.518-0.196-1.277-0.33t-1.839-0.179-1.723-0.054-1.884 0-1.366 0.009zM27.429 16q0 4.089-0.089 5.661-0.179 3.714-2.214 5.75t-5.75 2.214q-1.571 0.089-5.661 0.089t-5.661-0.089q-3.714-0.179-5.75-2.214t-2.214-5.75q-0.089-1.571-0.089-5.661t0.089-5.661q0.179-3.714 2.214-5.75t5.75-2.214q1.571-0.089 5.661-0.089t5.661 0.089q3.714 0.179 5.75 2.214t2.214 5.75q0.089 1.571 0.089 5.661z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-flickr" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M22.286 2.286q2.125 0 3.634 1.509t1.509 3.634v17.143q0 2.125-1.509 3.634t-3.634 1.509h-17.143q-2.125 0-3.634-1.509t-1.509-3.634v-17.143q0-2.125 1.509-3.634t3.634-1.509h17.143zM12.464 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679zM22.536 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-tumblr" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16.857 23.732l1.429 4.232q-0.411 0.625-1.982 1.179t-3.161 0.571q-1.857 0.036-3.402-0.464t-2.545-1.321-1.696-1.893-0.991-2.143-0.295-2.107v-9.714h-3v-3.839q1.286-0.464 2.304-1.241t1.625-1.607 1.036-1.821 0.607-1.768 0.268-1.58q0.018-0.089 0.080-0.152t0.134-0.063h4.357v7.571h5.946v4.5h-5.964v9.25q0 0.536 0.116 1t0.402 0.938 0.884 0.741 1.455 0.25q1.393-0.036 2.393-0.518z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dribbble" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 26.786q-0.75-4.304-2.5-8.893h-0.036l-0.036 0.018q-0.286 0.107-0.768 0.295t-1.804 0.875-2.446 1.464-2.339 2.045-1.839 2.643l-0.268-0.196q3.286 2.679 7.464 2.679 2.357 0 4.571-0.929zM14.982 15.946q-0.375-0.875-0.946-1.982-5.554 1.661-12.018 1.661-0.018 0.125-0.018 0.375 0 2.214 0.786 4.223t2.214 3.598q0.893-1.589 2.205-2.973t2.545-2.223 2.33-1.446 1.777-0.857l0.661-0.232q0.071-0.018 0.232-0.063t0.232-0.080zM13.071 12.161q-2.143-3.804-4.357-6.75-2.464 1.161-4.179 3.321t-2.286 4.857q5.393 0 10.821-1.429zM25.286 17.857q-3.75-1.071-7.304-0.518 1.554 4.268 2.286 8.375 1.982-1.339 3.304-3.384t1.714-4.473zM10.911 4.625q-0.018 0-0.036 0.018 0.018-0.018 0.036-0.018zM21.446 7.214q-3.304-2.929-7.732-2.929-1.357 0-2.768 0.339 2.339 3.036 4.393 6.821 1.232-0.464 2.321-1.080t1.723-1.098 1.17-1.018 0.67-0.723zM25.429 15.875q-0.054-4.143-2.661-7.321l-0.018 0.018q-0.161 0.214-0.339 0.438t-0.777 0.795-1.268 1.080-1.786 1.161-2.348 1.152q0.446 0.946 0.786 1.696 0.036 0.107 0.116 0.313t0.134 0.295q0.643-0.089 1.33-0.125t1.313-0.036 1.232 0.027 1.143 0.071 1.009 0.098 0.857 0.116 0.652 0.107 0.446 0.080zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-skype" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.946 18.982q0-0.893-0.348-1.634t-0.866-1.223-1.304-0.875-1.473-0.607-1.563-0.411l-1.857-0.429q-0.536-0.125-0.786-0.188t-0.625-0.205-0.536-0.286-0.295-0.375-0.134-0.536q0-1.375 2.571-1.375 0.768 0 1.375 0.214t0.964 0.509 0.679 0.598 0.714 0.518 0.857 0.214q0.839 0 1.348-0.571t0.509-1.375q0-0.982-1-1.777t-2.536-1.205-3.25-0.411q-1.214 0-2.357 0.277t-2.134 0.839-1.589 1.554-0.598 2.295q0 1.089 0.339 1.902t1 1.348 1.429 0.866 1.839 0.58l2.607 0.643q1.607 0.393 2 0.643 0.571 0.357 0.571 1.071 0 0.696-0.714 1.152t-1.875 0.455q-0.911 0-1.634-0.286t-1.161-0.688-0.813-0.804-0.821-0.688-0.964-0.286q-0.893 0-1.348 0.536t-0.455 1.339q0 1.643 2.179 2.813t5.196 1.17q1.304 0 2.5-0.33t2.188-0.955 1.58-1.67 0.589-2.348zM27.429 22.857q0 2.839-2.009 4.848t-4.848 2.009q-2.321 0-4.179-1.429-1.375 0.286-2.679 0.286-2.554 0-4.884-0.991t-4.018-2.679-2.679-4.018-0.991-4.884q0-1.304 0.286-2.679-1.429-1.857-1.429-4.179 0-2.839 2.009-4.848t4.848-2.009q2.321 0 4.179 1.429 1.375-0.286 2.679-0.286 2.554 0 4.884 0.991t4.018 2.679 2.679 4.018 0.991 4.884q0 1.304-0.286 2.679 1.429 1.857 1.429 4.179z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-foursquare" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.857 7.75l0.661-3.464q0.089-0.411-0.161-0.714t-0.625-0.304h-12.714q-0.411 0-0.688 0.304t-0.277 0.661v19.661q0 0.125 0.107 0.018l5.196-6.286q0.411-0.464 0.679-0.598t0.857-0.134h4.268q0.393 0 0.661-0.259t0.321-0.527q0.429-2.321 0.661-3.411 0.071-0.375-0.205-0.714t-0.652-0.339h-5.25q-0.518 0-0.857-0.339t-0.339-0.857v-0.75q0-0.518 0.339-0.848t0.857-0.33h6.179q0.321 0 0.625-0.241t0.357-0.527zM21.911 3.786q-0.268 1.304-0.955 4.759t-1.241 6.25-0.625 3.098q-0.107 0.393-0.161 0.58t-0.25 0.58-0.438 0.589-0.688 0.375-1.036 0.179h-4.839q-0.232 0-0.393 0.179-0.143 0.161-7.607 8.821-0.393 0.446-1.045 0.509t-0.866-0.098q-0.982-0.393-0.982-1.75v-25.179q0-0.982 0.679-1.83t2.143-0.848h15.857q1.696 0 2.268 0.946t0.179 2.839zM21.911 3.786l-2.821 14.107q0.071-0.304 0.625-3.098t1.241-6.25 0.955-4.759z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-wordpress" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M2.268 16q0-2.911 1.196-5.589l6.554 17.946q-3.5-1.696-5.625-5.018t-2.125-7.339zM25.268 15.304q0 0.339-0.045 0.688t-0.179 0.884-0.205 0.786-0.313 1.054-0.313 1.036l-1.357 4.571-4.964-14.75q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-1.339-0.018-3.607-0.179-0.214-0.018-0.366 0.089t-0.205 0.268-0.027 0.33 0.161 0.295 0.348 0.143l1.429 0.143 2.143 5.857-3 9-5-14.857q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-0.125 0-0.411-0.009t-0.464-0.009q1.875-2.857 4.902-4.527t6.563-1.67q2.625 0 5.009 0.946t4.259 2.661h-0.179q-0.982 0-1.643 0.723t-0.661 1.705q0 0.214 0.036 0.429t0.071 0.384 0.143 0.411 0.161 0.375 0.214 0.402 0.223 0.375 0.259 0.429 0.25 0.411q1.125 1.911 1.125 3.786zM16.232 17.196l4.232 11.554q0.018 0.107 0.089 0.196-2.25 0.786-4.554 0.786-2 0-3.875-0.571zM28.036 9.411q1.696 3.107 1.696 6.589 0 3.732-1.857 6.884t-4.982 4.973l4.196-12.107q1.054-3.018 1.054-4.929 0-0.75-0.107-1.411zM16 0q3.25 0 6.214 1.268t5.107 3.411 3.411 5.107 1.268 6.214-1.268 6.214-3.411 5.107-5.107 3.411-6.214 1.268-6.214-1.268-5.107-3.411-3.411-5.107-1.268-6.214 1.268-6.214 3.411-5.107 5.107-3.411 6.214-1.268zM16 31.268q3.089 0 5.92-1.214t4.875-3.259 3.259-4.875 1.214-5.92-1.214-5.92-3.259-4.875-4.875-3.259-5.92-1.214-5.92 1.214-4.875 3.259-3.259 4.875-1.214 5.92 1.214 5.92 3.259 4.875 4.875 3.259 5.92 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-stumbleupon" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.964 12.714v-2.107q0-0.75-0.536-1.286t-1.286-0.536-1.286 0.536-0.536 1.286v10.929q0 3.125-2.25 5.339t-5.411 2.214q-3.179 0-5.42-2.241t-2.241-5.42v-4.75h5.857v4.679q0 0.768 0.536 1.295t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.295v-11.071q0-3.054 2.259-5.214t5.384-2.161q3.143 0 5.393 2.179t2.25 5.25v2.429l-3.482 1.036zM28.429 16.679h5.857v4.75q0 3.179-2.241 5.42t-5.42 2.241q-3.161 0-5.411-2.223t-2.25-5.366v-4.786l2.339 1.089 3.482-1.036v4.821q0 0.75 0.536 1.277t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.277v-4.911z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-digg" viewBox="0 0 37 32"> <path class="path1" d="M5.857 5.036h3.643v17.554h-9.5v-12.446h5.857v-5.107zM5.857 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM10.964 10.143v12.446h3.661v-12.446h-3.661zM10.964 5.036v3.643h3.661v-3.643h-3.661zM16.089 10.143h9.518v16.821h-9.518v-2.911h5.857v-1.464h-5.857v-12.446zM21.946 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM27.071 10.143h9.5v16.821h-9.5v-2.911h5.839v-1.464h-5.839v-12.446zM32.911 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-spotify" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.125 21.607q0-0.571-0.536-0.911-3.446-2.054-7.982-2.054-2.375 0-5.125 0.607-0.75 0.161-0.75 0.929 0 0.357 0.241 0.616t0.634 0.259q0.089 0 0.661-0.143 2.357-0.482 4.339-0.482 4.036 0 7.089 1.839 0.339 0.196 0.589 0.196 0.339 0 0.589-0.241t0.25-0.616zM21.839 17.768q0-0.714-0.625-1.089-4.232-2.518-9.786-2.518-2.732 0-5.411 0.75-0.857 0.232-0.857 1.143 0 0.446 0.313 0.759t0.759 0.313q0.125 0 0.661-0.143 2.179-0.589 4.482-0.589 4.982 0 8.714 2.214 0.429 0.232 0.679 0.232 0.446 0 0.759-0.313t0.313-0.759zM23.768 13.339q0-0.839-0.714-1.25-2.25-1.304-5.232-1.973t-6.125-0.67q-3.643 0-6.5 0.839-0.411 0.125-0.688 0.455t-0.277 0.866q0 0.554 0.366 0.929t0.92 0.375q0.196 0 0.714-0.143 2.375-0.661 5.482-0.661 2.839 0 5.527 0.607t4.527 1.696q0.375 0.214 0.714 0.214 0.518 0 0.902-0.366t0.384-0.92zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-soundcloud" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M14 24.5l0.286-4.304-0.286-9.339q-0.018-0.179-0.134-0.304t-0.295-0.125q-0.161 0-0.286 0.125t-0.125 0.304l-0.25 9.339 0.25 4.304q0.018 0.179 0.134 0.295t0.277 0.116q0.393 0 0.429-0.411zM19.286 23.982l0.196-3.768-0.214-10.464q0-0.286-0.232-0.429-0.143-0.089-0.286-0.089t-0.286 0.089q-0.232 0.143-0.232 0.429l-0.018 0.107-0.179 10.339q0 0.018 0.196 4.214v0.018q0 0.179 0.107 0.304 0.161 0.196 0.411 0.196 0.196 0 0.357-0.161 0.161-0.125 0.161-0.357zM0.625 17.911l0.357 2.286-0.357 2.25q-0.036 0.161-0.161 0.161t-0.161-0.161l-0.304-2.25 0.304-2.286q0.036-0.161 0.161-0.161t0.161 0.161zM2.161 16.5l0.464 3.696-0.464 3.625q-0.036 0.161-0.179 0.161-0.161 0-0.161-0.179l-0.411-3.607 0.411-3.696q0-0.161 0.161-0.161 0.143 0 0.179 0.161zM3.804 15.821l0.446 4.375-0.446 4.232q0 0.196-0.196 0.196-0.179 0-0.214-0.196l-0.375-4.232 0.375-4.375q0.036-0.214 0.214-0.214 0.196 0 0.196 0.214zM5.482 15.696l0.411 4.5-0.411 4.357q-0.036 0.232-0.25 0.232-0.232 0-0.232-0.232l-0.375-4.357 0.375-4.5q0-0.232 0.232-0.232 0.214 0 0.25 0.232zM7.161 16.018l0.375 4.179-0.375 4.393q-0.036 0.286-0.286 0.286-0.107 0-0.188-0.080t-0.080-0.205l-0.357-4.393 0.357-4.179q0-0.107 0.080-0.188t0.188-0.080q0.25 0 0.286 0.268zM8.839 13.411l0.375 6.786-0.375 4.393q0 0.125-0.089 0.223t-0.214 0.098q-0.286 0-0.321-0.321l-0.321-4.393 0.321-6.786q0.036-0.321 0.321-0.321 0.125 0 0.214 0.098t0.089 0.223zM10.518 11.875l0.339 8.357-0.339 4.357q0 0.143-0.098 0.241t-0.241 0.098q-0.321 0-0.357-0.339l-0.286-4.357 0.286-8.357q0.036-0.339 0.357-0.339 0.143 0 0.241 0.098t0.098 0.241zM12.268 11.161l0.321 9.036-0.321 4.321q-0.036 0.375-0.393 0.375-0.339 0-0.375-0.375l-0.286-4.321 0.286-9.036q0-0.161 0.116-0.277t0.259-0.116q0.161 0 0.268 0.116t0.125 0.277zM19.268 24.411v0 0zM15.732 11.089l0.268 9.107-0.268 4.268q0 0.179-0.134 0.313t-0.313 0.134-0.304-0.125-0.143-0.321l-0.25-4.268 0.25-9.107q0-0.196 0.134-0.321t0.313-0.125 0.313 0.125 0.134 0.321zM17.5 11.429l0.25 8.786-0.25 4.214q0 0.196-0.143 0.339t-0.339 0.143-0.339-0.143-0.161-0.339l-0.214-4.214 0.214-8.786q0.018-0.214 0.161-0.357t0.339-0.143 0.33 0.143 0.152 0.357zM21.286 20.214l-0.25 4.125q0 0.232-0.161 0.393t-0.393 0.161-0.393-0.161-0.179-0.393l-0.107-2.036-0.107-2.089 0.214-11.357v-0.054q0.036-0.268 0.214-0.429 0.161-0.125 0.357-0.125 0.143 0 0.268 0.089 0.25 0.143 0.286 0.464zM41.143 19.875q0 2.089-1.482 3.563t-3.571 1.473h-14.036q-0.232-0.036-0.393-0.196t-0.161-0.393v-16.054q0-0.411 0.5-0.589 1.518-0.607 3.232-0.607 3.482 0 6.036 2.348t2.857 5.777q0.946-0.393 1.964-0.393 2.089 0 3.571 1.482t1.482 3.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-codepen" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M3.857 20.875l10.768 7.179v-6.411l-5.964-3.982zM2.75 18.304l3.446-2.304-3.446-2.304v4.607zM17.375 28.054l10.768-7.179-4.804-3.214-5.964 3.982v6.411zM16 19.25l4.857-3.25-4.857-3.25-4.857 3.25zM8.661 14.339l5.964-3.982v-6.411l-10.768 7.179zM25.804 16l3.446 2.304v-4.607zM23.339 14.339l4.804-3.214-10.768-7.179v6.411zM32 11.125v9.75q0 0.732-0.607 1.143l-14.625 9.75q-0.375 0.232-0.768 0.232t-0.768-0.232l-14.625-9.75q-0.607-0.411-0.607-1.143v-9.75q0-0.732 0.607-1.143l14.625-9.75q0.375-0.232 0.768-0.232t0.768 0.232l14.625 9.75q0.607 0.411 0.607 1.143z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitch" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 21.321l4.518-4.536v-14.196h-21.321v18.732h5.821v3.875l3.875-3.875h7.107zM30.214 0v18.089l-7.75 7.75h-5.821l-3.875 3.875h-3.875v-3.875h-7.107v-20.679l1.946-5.161h26.482z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-meanpath" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.411 15.036v2.036q0 0.429-0.241 0.679t-0.67 0.25h-3.607q-0.429 0-0.679-0.25t-0.25-0.679v-2.036q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h3.607q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679zM14.661 19.143v-4.464q0-0.946-0.58-1.527t-1.527-0.58h-2.375q-1.214 0-1.714 0.929-0.5-0.929-1.714-0.929h-2.321q-0.946 0-1.527 0.58t-0.58 1.527v4.464q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.982q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.241-0.679t0.688-0.25h1.679q0.429 0 0.679 0.25t0.25 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.964q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h1.732q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.393 0.393h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.393zM25.179 17.429v-2.75q0-0.946-0.589-1.527t-1.536-0.58h-4.714q-0.946 0-1.536 0.58t-0.589 1.527v7.321q0 0.375 0.393 0.375h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.375v-3.214q0.554 0.75 1.679 0.75h3.411q0.946 0 1.536-0.58t0.589-1.527zM27.429 6.429v19.143q0 1.714-1.214 2.929t-2.929 1.214h-19.143q-1.714 0-2.929-1.214t-1.214-2.929v-19.143q0-1.714 1.214-2.929t2.929-1.214h19.143q1.714 0 2.929 1.214t1.214 2.929z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pinterest-p" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0 10.661q0-1.929 0.67-3.634t1.848-2.973 2.714-2.196 3.304-1.393 3.607-0.464q2.821 0 5.25 1.188t3.946 3.455 1.518 5.125q0 1.714-0.339 3.357t-1.071 3.161-1.786 2.67-2.589 1.839-3.375 0.688q-1.214 0-2.411-0.571t-1.714-1.571q-0.179 0.696-0.5 2.009t-0.42 1.696-0.366 1.268-0.464 1.268-0.571 1.116-0.821 1.384-1.107 1.545l-0.25 0.089-0.161-0.179q-0.268-2.804-0.268-3.357 0-1.643 0.384-3.688t1.188-5.134 0.929-3.625q-0.571-1.161-0.571-3.018 0-1.482 0.929-2.786t2.357-1.304q1.089 0 1.696 0.723t0.607 1.83q0 1.179-0.786 3.411t-0.786 3.339q0 1.125 0.804 1.866t1.946 0.741q0.982 0 1.821-0.446t1.402-1.214 1-1.696 0.679-1.973 0.357-1.982 0.116-1.777q0-3.089-1.955-4.813t-5.098-1.723q-3.571 0-5.964 2.313t-2.393 5.866q0 0.786 0.223 1.518t0.482 1.161 0.482 0.813 0.223 0.545q0 0.5-0.268 1.304t-0.661 0.804q-0.036 0-0.304-0.054-0.911-0.268-1.616-1t-1.089-1.688-0.58-1.929-0.196-1.902z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-get-pocket" viewBox="0 0 31 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.946 2.286q1.161 0 1.964 0.813t0.804 1.973v9.268q0 3.143-1.214 6t-3.259 4.911-4.893 3.259-5.973 1.205q-3.143 0-5.991-1.205t-4.902-3.259-3.268-4.911-1.214-6v-9.268q0-1.143 0.821-1.964t1.964-0.821h25.161zM15.375 21.286q0.839 0 1.464-0.589l7.214-6.929q0.661-0.625 0.661-1.518 0-0.875-0.616-1.491t-1.491-0.616q-0.839 0-1.464 0.589l-5.768 5.536-5.768-5.536q-0.625-0.589-1.446-0.589-0.875 0-1.491 0.616t-0.616 1.491q0 0.911 0.643 1.518l7.232 6.929q0.589 0.589 1.446 0.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vimeo" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M30.518 9.25q-0.179 4.214-5.929 11.625-5.946 7.696-10.036 7.696-2.536 0-4.286-4.696-0.786-2.857-2.357-8.607-1.286-4.679-2.804-4.679-0.321 0-2.268 1.357l-1.375-1.75q0.429-0.375 1.929-1.723t2.321-2.063q2.786-2.464 4.304-2.607 1.696-0.161 2.732 0.991t1.446 3.634q0.786 5.125 1.179 6.661 0.982 4.446 2.143 4.446 0.911 0 2.75-2.875 1.804-2.875 1.946-4.393 0.232-2.482-1.946-2.482-1.018 0-2.161 0.464 2.143-7.018 8.196-6.821 4.482 0.143 4.214 5.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-reddit-alien" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 15.107q0 1.036-0.527 1.884t-1.42 1.295q0.214 0.821 0.214 1.714 0 2.768-1.902 5.125t-5.188 3.723-7.143 1.366-7.134-1.366-5.179-3.723-1.902-5.125q0-0.839 0.196-1.679-0.911-0.446-1.464-1.313t-0.554-1.902q0-1.464 1.036-2.509t2.518-1.045q1.518 0 2.589 1.125 3.893-2.714 9.196-2.893l2.071-9.304q0.054-0.232 0.268-0.375t0.464-0.089l6.589 1.446q0.321-0.661 0.964-1.063t1.411-0.402q1.107 0 1.893 0.777t0.786 1.884-0.786 1.893-1.893 0.786-1.884-0.777-0.777-1.884l-5.964-1.321-1.857 8.429q5.357 0.161 9.268 2.857 1.036-1.089 2.554-1.089 1.482 0 2.518 1.045t1.036 2.509zM7.464 18.661q0 1.107 0.777 1.893t1.884 0.786 1.893-0.786 0.786-1.893-0.786-1.884-1.893-0.777q-1.089 0-1.875 0.786t-0.786 1.875zM21.929 25q0.196-0.196 0.196-0.464t-0.196-0.464q-0.179-0.179-0.446-0.179t-0.464 0.179q-0.732 0.75-2.161 1.107t-2.857 0.357-2.857-0.357-2.161-1.107q-0.196-0.179-0.464-0.179t-0.446 0.179q-0.196 0.179-0.196 0.455t0.196 0.473q0.768 0.768 2.116 1.214t2.188 0.527 1.625 0.080 1.625-0.080 2.188-0.527 2.116-1.214zM21.875 21.339q1.107 0 1.884-0.786t0.777-1.893q0-1.089-0.786-1.875t-1.875-0.786q-1.107 0-1.893 0.777t-0.786 1.884 0.786 1.893 1.893 0.786z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-hashtag" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.696 18.286l1.143-4.571h-4.536l-1.143 4.571h4.536zM31.411 9.286l-1 4q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.143 4.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.179 0.25 0.107 0.5l-1 4q-0.089 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4q-0.286 0-0.464-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-4.536l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4.018q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.125-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.143-4.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.179-0.25-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.089-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h4.536l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-chain" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M26 21.714q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.714-3.714q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.75 0-1.286 0.571 0.054 0.054 0.339 0.33t0.384 0.384 0.268 0.339 0.232 0.455 0.063 0.491q0 0.714-0.5 1.214t-1.214 0.5q-0.268 0-0.491-0.063t-0.455-0.232-0.339-0.268-0.384-0.384-0.33-0.339q-0.589 0.554-0.589 1.304 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.679 3.696q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.714 0 1.214-0.464l2.625-2.607q0.5-0.5 0.5-1.196zM13.446 9.125q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.679-3.696q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.696 0-1.214 0.482l-2.625 2.607q-0.5 0.5-0.5 1.196 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.714 3.714q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.75 0 1.286-0.554-0.054-0.054-0.339-0.33t-0.384-0.384-0.268-0.339-0.232-0.455-0.063-0.491q0-0.714 0.5-1.214t1.214-0.5q0.268 0 0.491 0.063t0.455 0.232 0.339 0.268 0.384 0.384 0.33 0.339q0.589-0.554 0.589-1.304zM29.429 21.714q0 2.143-1.518 3.625l-2.625 2.607q-1.482 1.482-3.625 1.482-2.161 0-3.643-1.518l-3.679-3.696q-1.482-1.482-1.482-3.625 0-2.196 1.571-3.732l-1.571-1.571q-1.536 1.571-3.714 1.571-2.143 0-3.643-1.5l-3.714-3.714q-1.5-1.5-1.5-3.643t1.518-3.625l2.625-2.607q1.482-1.482 3.625-1.482 2.161 0 3.643 1.518l3.679 3.696q1.482 1.482 1.482 3.625 0 2.196-1.571 3.732l1.571 1.571q1.536-1.571 3.714-1.571 2.143 0 3.643 1.5l3.714 3.714q1.5 1.5 1.5 3.643z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-thumb-tack" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M8.571 15.429v-8q0-0.25-0.161-0.411t-0.411-0.161-0.411 0.161-0.161 0.411v8q0 0.25 0.161 0.411t0.411 0.161 0.411-0.161 0.161-0.411zM20.571 21.714q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-7.661l-0.911 8.625q-0.036 0.214-0.188 0.366t-0.366 0.152h-0.018q-0.482 0-0.571-0.482l-1.357-8.661h-7.214q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804q0-2.196 1.402-3.955t3.17-1.759v-9.143q-0.929 0-1.607-0.679t-0.679-1.607 0.679-1.607 1.607-0.679h11.429q0.929 0 1.607 0.679t0.679 1.607-0.679 1.607-1.607 0.679v9.143q1.768 0 3.17 1.759t1.402 3.955z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-left" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M42.311 14.044c-0.178-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711-0.356h-33.778l10.311-10.489c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711 0-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-1.6-1.422c-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.889-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-14.578 14.933c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l14.756 14.933c0 0.178 0.356 0.356 0.533 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l1.6-1.6c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-10.311-10.489h33.778c0.178 0 0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356 0.356-0.178 0.533-0.356 0.533-0.711v-2.133c0-0.356-0.178-0.711-0.356-0.889z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-right" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0.356 17.956c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356h33.778l-10.311 10.489c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711 0 0.356 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l1.6 1.6c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l14.756-14.933c0.178-0.356 0.356-0.711 0.356-0.889s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-14.756-14.933c0-0.178-0.356-0.356-0.533-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-1.6 1.6c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l10.311 10.489h-33.778c-0.178 0-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356-0.356 0.178-0.533 0.356-0.533 0.711v2.311c0 0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-play" viewBox="0 0 22 28"> <path d="M21.625 14.484l-20.75 11.531c-0.484 0.266-0.875 0.031-0.875-0.516v-23c0-0.547 0.391-0.781 0.875-0.516l20.75 11.531c0.484 0.266 0.484 0.703 0 0.969z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pause" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path d="M24 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1zM10 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1z"></path> </symbol> </defs> </svg> </body> </html>