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Overview of the Polaris 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Fashion on vertical wireless vacuum cleaners makes a new round – now manufacturers fill stores with models with motor and dust collector from above, not from below. They can easily remove hard-to-reach places (even the upper corners of the premises) and still maintain the popular "2 in 1" format. This is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB got to us.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Test

Natasha Kashentseva worked on her fame – vacuuming at the office. And more than once. She likes to be clean. We, too. Now she knows Polaris PVCS 0722HB as her five fingers. And we have video evidence (by the way, subscribe to our special channel about home appliances).


For the wide distribution of vacuum cleaners in the "motor top" format, you definitely need to say thanks to Dyson. For a long time, the British remained almost the only ones who produced such vertical vacuum cleaners. Now the ripened and the rest.

Here is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB is:

– Cyclonic dust collection system
– 2 in 1 format (suction pipe disconnected from the main module)
– Dust collector volume – 0, 6 L
– HEPA H13 filter
– 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery
– Power level – one
– Operating time – up to 30 minutes
– Battery charge time – up to 3 hours
– Weight: 2 kg
– Turbocheck with illumination
– Additional attachments included
– Country of origin: China
– Cost – 6 000-8 000 ruble * th

Hoover Polaris PVCS 0722HB. Cost – 6 000-8 000 rubles

Results of the test

Natasha vacuumed as she could – different garbage from different surfaces. And what else to do with a vacuum cleaner? The main thing for any user to clean the vacuum cleaner was easy, maneuverable and not difficult to operate.

With the cleaning of the floor, it eventually turned out average: a vacuum cleaner, like, sucked garbage, but Natasha did not like that part of it (flour, buckwheat, scraps of paper) he threw a turbo brush. I had to "vacuum" it around the floor several times, collecting them scattered. explains:

With this vacuum cleaner you need to clearly understand – what garbage do you collect: when to include the turbo brush, and when – not. We recommend to collect dust, hair, and pet hair with included, and loose garbage such as flour, cereals, sugar – off.

The weight of the questions did not arise – the vacuum cleaner pulls 2 kg, which, according to Natasha Kashentseva, , even for a girl. Liked her and the fact that the main attachment is very maneuverable, which allows you to clean it as convenient and where necessary. Vacuuming can be used to arrange high angles in the room (you never know, cobwebs).

And if you remove the metal suction pipe – you have a portable wrestler for the cleanliness of any surfaces: from the kitchen table to the car seats. All these are the advantages of the "top engine" design.

I did not like just that the "engine from above" deprives the Polaris PVCS 0722HB of the convenience of vertical parking – if you interrupt cleaning, you need to put it somewhere or carry it and hang it on a special holder that is screwed to wall.

The volume of the dust bag – 0.6 l – not bad for vertical vacuum cleaners, among which there are models where it holds only 0.3 or 0.4 liters.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB is equipped with turbo-brush and can work as a portable vacuum cleaner

The verdict of

Polaris PVCS 0722HB – a good option for howl price. He has minuses, but plus enough. It is not suitable for general cleaning, but will help with cleaning fast. Especially when fit and understand – in which case it is necessary to include a turbo brush, and in which it is better to vacuum without it. Manoeuvrable, light and cute externally, it allows you to clean not only the floor, but also other surfaces – the 2 in 1 format. In addition, the design of the "motor top" is optimal for harvesting in hard-to-reach places.

* The cost is relevant for day of publication.

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