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Overview of the American Wahl 9854L Trimmer

Until recently, trim tabs were not as prevalent in us as they are now. But the fashion for beards has come and this "technique for caring for yourself," as it is customarily called, has become very in demand. There are a lot of brands, but we found something special – Wahl. This is the brand, under which the first in the world hair clipper was produced in the USA in 1919. Wahl and now the main "trimmer" brand in North America. There is even information that it is Wahl who is taking astronauts to the ISS. By the way, the tested model – 9854L – is made in the USA.

The machine itself is really American. But the nozzles, in any case, plastic, as well as the network adapter – made in China. It is common practice – when additional accessories are made separately, where production is cheaper. Get acquainted with Wahl 9854L: see our video and read the text review.

Wahl 9854L trimmer overview

The main thing about the Wahl 9854L trimmer

The case of this rotary clipper is made of stainless steel and plastic. The trimmer has a rubberized handle so that it does not slip out. In the kit the main nozzle with stainless steel knives and T-shaped (wide). They are supplied with plastic combs (including one 6-position), allowing to leave hair of various lengths – from 0.6 to 12 mm.

There is still a narrow metal nozzle for working out details (and also careful removal of hair in the nose, ears) and a double wire mesh razor – it is not for full-length shaving, but to trim different places, if necessary (for example, under the lower lip).

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with accessories and stand for storing the entire set

The trimmer is supplied with oil for lubrication mechanism, brush for cleaning and mini-comb. For the convenience of storing all this wealth there is a special stand. And, of course, the network adapter.

In the typewriter is a lithium-ion battery that allows it to work up to three hours without recharging, and it charges in 60 minutes. Plus there is a fast charging mode: if the battery suddenly sat down (no indication of the degree of charge is provided, but a pity), then for a minute it will charge for two minutes of work – you can finish the job. Wahl 9854L – 7000-8000 rubles *.

As we tested

You will be surprised, but we used Wahl 9854L for their intended purpose – they treated their hair: they handed Igor from our editorial office this car to care for his beard and asked to talk about impressions: like how shear or not, it is convenient to use or not very much, finally, to answer the question would he buy such himself?

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with the main attachment

Results of the test

Igor liked the Wahl 9854L trimmer. Let's do it in order. First, the pluses which he singled out:

– Do not slip in the hand, the button under the finger, it is convenient to hold – successful ergonomics
– The quality of hair cutting – on the whole suits
– Complete set – Excellent, many hair care tips
– Storage – convenient, there is a stand for the machine and all accessories
– Long battery life
– An adequate price for such equipment

Minuses ] is small: sometimes the hair passes through the hair (when the majority is already tonsured to the desired length, but it eats small "islands"), the trimmer can not be taken in the shower (only dry haircut), it is not very convenient to install attachments, small claims to the quality of assembly.

Included in the delivery, among other things, is a mini razor and nozzle for working out details [19659018] Verdict

The Wahl 9854L trimmer boasts a wide range of hair clippers, styling beards and mustaches, detailing. In general, the device copes well with its task – there were no obvious failures during the test. In the process of using, time after time, the owner gets used to the "nature" of the machine, which allows to get the desired result in the future.

Given the long battery life and the convenient storage system of the trimmer, along with the accessories, this model, taking into account also its relatively low cost, it can be recommended for use.

* The cost is current on the date of publication.

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