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Nike and Apple reward users for the morning run

Nike and Apple reward users for the morning run – interesting and informative facts on

The most important obstacle to a healthy lifestyle is often a lack of motivation. Some people find strength in themselves, others need some kind of impulse from outside. And it was the reward system of Nike and Apple that decided to attract users not only to deal with themselves, but also to get gifts, discounts and other significant bonuses for it.

A couple of days ago in the Nike Run Club running application and the Nike Training Club self- launched a new program with a reward for active users. Users who will be engaged in the programs of the above-listed applications during February will be able to receive a reward for sports activity and performance of various challenges. The main gifts will be significant discounts for the purchase of sportswear, sneakers (of course, under the brand Nike and in branded stores), as well as exclusive training programs in the applications themselves. In addition, additional bonuses will be provided in the App Store, and almost everyone can get a special free motivating playlist for Apple Music. By the end of February, the most active users will already receive their first gifts.

It's worth noting that Apple rarely spends a collaboration with other companies, but the case with Nike is somewhat out of the picture, because companies have already been cooperating for a long time, including in production a special version of the watch Apple Watch. And all because the CEO of the Kupertinov team Tim Cook is on the board of directors of the sporting giant Nike.

Nike and Apple reward users for the morning run


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