Nexus Earth and SingularityNET will begin development of AI based on the blockade

Nexus Earth and SingularityNET will begin developing AI on the basis of the blockbuster – high-tech and advanced news on

Block-SingularityNET announced the partnership with Nexus Earth Partners. Now, both companies will explore the possibilities of creating and using artificial intelligence with blocking technology. The companies issued a joint statement saying that the main goal of the cooperation is the development of a full-fledged block-AI, which in the future can become the most flexible, secure and safe infrastructure, Marklog writes.

"Together we are going to decentralize artificial intelligence, improve its safety and effectiveness, allowing it to bring more benefits to the whole of society, rather than to individual corporations. This association is a chance to change the world, "said David Hanson, Head of SingularityNES.

Representatives of companies are confident that their joint work will make it possible to reduce the cost of artificial intelligence, making it more accessible to more people – then it will be able to help the inhabitants of the Earth in a variety of situations.

To implement their ideas, companies are already doing something. For example, the artificial intelligence of Sofia, a well-known humanoid girl who is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, is uploaded to the SingularityNET blockbuster platform. At the end of last year, SingularityNET began raising funds for the creation of a resource, whose capacities can be shared by various AI algorithms.

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