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New application for Youtube can change background in video

Google started testing a new feature for Youtube that allows you to replace the background on the video as easily as, for example, choose a filter for the photo in Instagram. An application created using an artificial intelligence algorithm can do this "on the fly", avoiding the need to use a green screen and other complex devices. The editing tool is already available for smartphones, but so far only in the beta version and for a small circle of users.

Engadget reports that while the function is being tested in the new video format of "history", reminiscent of the same functions from Snapchat or Instagram. Below you can see an example of how the new AI-application works.

"During development, machine learning was used to solve the task of semantic segmentation using neural networks. We created a network architecture and a training procedure suitable for smartphones. We wanted the application to be light and fast, so we initially set ourselves the task of making it work 20-30 times faster than other modern models of segmenting photos. This allowed us to achieve the result, in which all this "flies" at a speed of up to 30 frames per second ", explains the specialists working on the application.

The result is still difficult to describe as ideal, but the development of the application is far from complete. Now, when choosing dark backgrounds, you can see small lights and "halos" above the girl's head, showing a new function. Surely, to the release of the public version, the algorithm will learn to work more accurately, more carefully cutting off the edges and adjusting the layer of the video and the background. It will be great if the developers add to the utility and other features, for example, allowing you to insert your own images on the background, but it will be known closer to the release.

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