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Midea VSS01A14P Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Test

Tested a fashionable vertical vacuum cleaner, besides wireless. Make – Midea. This is a very large Chinese (and world) manufacturer of household appliances. It is worth VSS01A14P-R – 7500-8000 rubles *. Format 2 in 1 – there is a removable manual "vacuum cleaner". Details and results – in our video, as well as in the text version.

Video test of Midea wireless vacuum cleaner – the main thing in a few minutes

For uncompromising visuals, video was made about cleaning, vacuum cleaner comfort (about inconvenience too), noise and filters. The main thing, including the final assessments. Enjoy.

Details about the vacuum cleaner Midea

Midea VSS01A14P-R – the classic of the genre in the segment of wireless vacuum cleaners. Small size, nice appearance. Removable hand vacuum cleaner (in fact, the main thing – these are the features of the design of models of this format) makes the device universal, extending the harvesting opportunities.

Wireless vacuum cleaner Midea VSS01A14P-R

The garbage from the floor is answered by a turbo-brush – normal, without special "bells and whistles "- bristles on a rotating roller. Such brushes are obligatory for battery models, because they help to cleanliness by pushing garbage inside the vacuum cleaner: the suction power in most such models is still small (less than 100 au).

The suction and dropping system is cyclonic. Dust collector small – 0,3 l. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is positioned as an auxiliary – for quick cleaning, if necessary. Garbage on the floor, in cars, flour or tea, scattered on the kitchen table. The power level is two. Battery life up to 55 minutes. That's all there is to know about him.

Removable manual vacuum cleaner: you can vacuum upholstered furniture, car salon, quickly put things in order in the kitchen

As tested

Vacuum cleaners are simple: we vacuum them. And the "garbage" loads are often extreme. We check how much they are convenient in use, that with hygienic cleaning of the dust bag, we measure noise at work, using a special sensor of fine dust – it is dangerous for humans, loves to settle in the lungs, which can cause a lot of health problems – we check the air filtration. In general, we comprehensively study the device on the test.

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Test results

Cleaning . Given the large amount of debris that had to be "swallowed" during the test Midea VSS01A14P-R – he did well. Under normal conditions of a city apartment, such a vacuum cleaner load is unlikely to shine.

There were, however, some problems with garbage collection from the sofa. And not always the dust collector was full. Sometimes garbage remained in the turbo-brush (it's not about the sofa), not passing on, and spilled out when the vacuum cleaner was turned off.

The filtration (cleaning) of air from garbage is also part of the cleaning. And then something strange happened. A professional laser sensor of fine dust showed that the air from the vacuum cleaner goes worse (see video) than it goes into it. We applied for a comment to the manufacturer. After waiting a few days, they did not get an answer.

The fact that the vacuum cleaner has average filters is not surprising – they have the overwhelming majority of wireless models such. If you put the filters better, you have to increase the power, and this will reduce the battery life, which the manufacturers somehow fear, like fire. In general, allergy sufferers when using wireless vacuum cleaners need to be cautious.

Cyclonic suction technology and (traditionally for battery vacuum cleaners) the average quality of the air filtration system

Working noise is also part of the cleaning. We measured it with a household sound level meter and came to the conclusion that the results correspond to the modern "vacuum" realities – there is no overshoot over this parameter (up to 80 dB). But the tonality of the sound of the engine did not really like it.

Given the incredible severity of the harvesting test (there was very much garbage) and the strangeness with the filters, we set the fourth for the quality of harvesting .

Usability . The English word "usability" means ease of use. I did not really like cleaning the turbo brush – I need to unscrew a special plastic clip using a screwdriver: yesterday, now many competitors have less trouble with it.

Turbobrush of a classical design, but it's not very convenient to clean

A small dustbag is also not very great. For example, if the carpeting at home is a noble dust collector, it will be filled quite quickly. However, its devastation did not cause difficulties for us – everything is quite traditional here, but without any unpleasant surprises.

Otherwise, without any complaints – to weight, maneuverability, no claims management. But taking into account the moments with the brush and dust collector – also the fourth for usability .

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Design . And here it is unanimous – the assessment is excellent. Imagination the appearance of the Midea VSS01A14P-R is not striking, but it does not irritate, which is important. Quiet minimalism of our editorial staff is like, but buyers in the store can pass by – everyone has different tastes.

We did not find any special innovations in the vacuum cleaner, so we do not put an estimate on the item of "innovation" and do not take points for " traditionality. "

Control system on the handle: power button and power selection from two levels


Final score for the test – 4.3 points . This vacuum cleaner is a strong average. Stars from the sky are not enough, but at home, without extreme loads, with easy cleaning will cope. The main disadvantages: it is inconvenient to clean the turbo brush, a small dust collector, you can not call the advanced air filtration system. Pros: light, 2 in 1 format, it's easy to clean the container of dust, nice, noise is normal. We recommend a vacuum cleaner to those who want for a not too high price to have an assistant's house for a small quick cleaning.

* The price is current on the day of publication of the material.

Thank you "Breeeth Center for Ecological Housing!" for the laser analyzer of fine dust in the air ParticleScan Pro Lite.

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