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In South Korea, a rechargeable battery for 30 seconds

Normal batteries take a long time to be charged, unsafe, eventually fail, and then adversely affect the environmental situation if they are thrown into garbage – their elements do not decompose for a long time, polluting the environment. Therefore, the developers of the Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KAIST) set a goal to change something and created a new power source that can be charged in 30 seconds and does not have the other shortcomings listed above.

A team of researchers from the Higher Energy School under the leadership of Professor Ching Ku Kang connected fiber-like polymer chains and metal oxide nanocathodes on the surface of graphene, which was taken as the basis of the product. Graphene was chosen because its structure increases the area of ​​the drive, which means that the capacity of the battery increases.

The device can be charged at a current exceeding the standard one hundred times, and it only takes about 20-30 seconds to fully charge it, even when using a low-power USB connector for charging.

According to the developers, their invention is not only quickly recharges, but also works longer. In addition, it is stable and environmentally friendly, and the ease with which you can create a similar battery allows you to hope that soon it will go into mass production.

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