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HiveChat – a new approach to communication from Russian developers

With the advent of instant messengers, communication has become much easier: you can answer the interlocutor at any convenient time, anywhere – whether it's a subway train or a working conference. But even for such applications there is a drawback: the interlocutors hide behind the avatars (and sometimes even put strange pictures), so with live communication all this has nothing to do. But what if you saw the face of the interlocutor on-line during the chat?

Russian developers released the HiveChat application, which even the language can not call the messenger, because it allows you to correspond not with avatars and pictures from the Internet, but with real people: you see in real time every emotion on your message, you can easily "give five" or send an "air kiss." Such an unconventional approach to communication got us hooked so much that we could not not try HiveChat.

If in the usual instant messenger there is always a dialogue in front of you, then in the application, in the lower part of each conversation, live avatars of the interlocutors are additionally displayed. At first it is very unusual: it seems that the correspondence is going on with the help of a smartphone, but it creates a feeling of live communication – as if you are directly in front of the conversation participant.

A hybrid of calls and a messenger?

In plain language, during a text dialogue there is a continuous streaming of the video stream. At first glance this is a kind of video call, but we all know how this type of communication affects the smartphone battery and the amount of traffic consumed.

HiveChat is different.

Due to the small size and bitrate of the "live avatar" requires a lot of resources. That is, the smartphone is not quickly discharged (as when making calls), it is not heated, the connection is stable even with the mobile Internet, and the traffic consumption is minimal. Thanks to hardware processing, the images of the avatar look good even with a slow connection speed.

Group communication

Another feature of the application is live communication in a group. You can create your own group or join an existing one: an office chat, a topic group on interests, a dialogue with classmates and so on. In the first case, it's enough to open the side menu, click "Create group", enter a name and invite the participants. You can do this either with the help of installed instant messengers, or by copying the link to social networks.

In addition to chatting with live avatars, HiveChat also has group video chat. It is enough to "wave" the interlocutor in order to invite him to a whole video session, as many as 8 participants can be in the maximum video chat.

Another useful feature – sending geolocation to the interlocutor. Just click on the appropriate button – and you can send your location, as well as see the location of all the group members. Now there will be no more questions like "where is Seryozha, why is he so long?"

And if you do not want to share your avatar?

Of course, there are different situations, and in some cases you do not want the interlocutors to see you in real time. The problem is solved simply – click on the live avatar and it will be replaced by the static one.

This thing is only for the iPhone?

No, HiveChat is available for Android too, but the version functionality for this platform is slightly reduced. On the iPhone to use the service is a pleasure, do not even want to run regular text messengers once again.

Try this app for at least two reasons: first, a fundamentally new approach to communication; secondly, it is available for free. You can download it from these links: iPhone ; Android .

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