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Google released a new "music" product

Users are always waiting for new products from Google, no matter what they are talking about – the next version of the Android operating system, new Nexus or other services and products. For many, it is in today's reality that Google is the company that makes technology not just more functional, but also more accessible to a wider user audience. What makes her happy with creative people this time?

Google offers a wide audience not only its services and the most popular operating system for mobile devices, Android, but also a number of other software tools, among which there are those that can greatly help people , beginning to get involved in creating music. As reported by Dani Deahl on the pages of the resource The Verge Chrome Music Lab has released a new music creation tool called Song Maker .

For so many modern people, creativity has become play a huge role. Many write pictures, take pictures, create music. Creativity is now available not only to professionals. Thanks to the advancement in the field of computer technology, which allowed the machines originally intended for computing to become excellent means of creating multimedia content, for many users this or that direction of creativity is a favorite hobby, the opportunity to enjoy leisurely and usefully for self-development.

One of the most notable trends modernity is the desire not only to watch and listen to the content created by someone, but also to create it. And this means that software tools are constantly appearing, aimed at their use by a wide audience of users in their daily work.

It should be noted that there are a lot of applications for creativity. But when such a software product is released by Google, one of the leaders of the modern high-tech industry, it becomes especially interesting for a wide audience of users who are well acquainted with other products and services of the search giant.

Song Maker is a browser-based software product that gives the user the opportunity to work with two musical instruments at the user's choice. Then a musical masterpiece created with the help of a new software synthesizer can be saved or sent to someone for joint work on its further improvement. After all, creativity can be interesting not only and not so much in itself, but as an opportunity for communication and a new interesting topic for it. Song Maker is an easy way to "turn" sketches into a melody, and with it users will be able to realize two of their aspirations – to draw and create musical compositions.

It should be noted that similar tools have been developed before. Google Creative Lab in 2016 released Chrome Music Lab. This complex included a number of tools for working with music.

Song Maker is a more complex software tool, although it still remains fairly simple. There are two sections in the synthesizer interface – for the basic melody and rhythm settings. The user in each section will be able to choose between several options, then make his notes using a mouse, keyboard or finger. It all depends on what device is used – a personal computer equipped with a physical keyboard and a mouse connected to it, or a device with a touch interface. After all, devices with touch screens are no less, and perhaps even more popular than PCs.

There is support for MIDI keyboard and the ability to sing motif using a microphone. In addition to the main interface, there are also a number of additional options that allow for extended customization of the user-created composition. The user, for example, can adjust the tempo using a slider. These settings are not exhausted. Although it's about a synthesizer designed primarily for those users who are just starting to create music, Song Maker seems to be a fairly functional tool.

It should be noted that Song Maker from the Chrome Music Lab is one of the many music creation tools that are provided

Another similar software tool is widely known, PIXELSYNTH transforming into sketches the user-drawn sketches. Another vivid example of a relatively simple tool that can help novice composers to translate their creative work into reality is Novation's browser-based version of its Launchpad, which is called Arcade .

In Telegram chat readers will be able to discuss not only the new browser synthesizer Song Maker, but also those opportunities for the creative hobbies that modern digital technologies provide.

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