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Fitness fans from the US have developed a "smart" hulauch with acic

You know for sure that it's time to lose weight, if you hoop just. Good, but a bit sad joke, right? Especially when you consider that spring has already come. However, not everything is so bad, because before the onset of the beach season is full of time, so you can still manage to get yourself in shape. For example, with the help of "smart" hoolahup.

The guys have already made the first batch of these hoops and brought them to the Mobile World Congress, demonstrating the devices in action. VHOOP is equipped with a motion sensor that helps to track the intensity of user training in real time by sending results to a companion application installed on the owner's smartphone.

The application will not only help you set an individual program, but also calculate important parameters such as, for example , the number of calories burned during the exercise, the duration of training, the number of revolutions that the user has made over a certain period of time. And for those to whom this is not enough, developers have saved a few pleasant surprises, turning the usual sporting activity into a fun contest, adding statistics, leaderboards and trophies to the application.

Hulahop is very light, but strong – it consists of a polypropylene sheath and an elastomer, weighs just over a kilogram. And most importantly, it is foldable and consists of eight segments, so it is very convenient to carry it to workouts and collect directly on the spot. Pre-orders are already open on Indiegogo, and developers plan to send the first batch of devices in April. You can buy VHOOP for only $ 79 at the spring discount.

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