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Everyone will be warm: the TOP-3 steep heater

Autumn in full swing, winter is close – cold. You can get warm with the traditional Russian way – to wave a glass or something of something hot. But for a long time you will not last – you will not have enough health. So here you have three excellent healthy options for "warming up": handsome oil cooler, convector-transformer and air cleaner-fan heater with great possibilities. Choose.

Electrolux oil heater – firstly, it's beautiful

Electrolux took care that if not to radically change the familiar look of the oil heater, then bring it some originality. Instead of a thousand words – take a look at the photo. In the family Electrolux Wave two models: EOH / M-9157 with seven heating sections and EOH / M-9209 – with nine.

The more sections, the better the heat dissipation, the faster the room warms up. Maximum power, respectively, 1500 and 2000 W, and each model has three levels of intensity of heating – you can choose the optimum.

Oil heater Electrolux Wave [19659004] Heat Power technology, according to the manufacturer, reduces the heating time of the room by a quarter (compared to previous models of oil heaters Electrolux) – thanks to a modern and powerful heating element. Security is thought over: auto shut-off when overheating or overturning, environmentally friendly mineral oil past multi-step cleaning inside (however, this is just not so important – it is in a sealed circuit and you never contact it). Plus, a clear electromechanical control.

Another note is the storage compartment for the cord – useful when the device is not in use. All these advantages, together with the affordable, in our opinion, price – 3500-4500 rubles * – allowed the Electrolux Wave heaters to get on our list of the best.

Regina Rodnyanskaya, M.Video Press Service:

[19659004] With the onset of cold weather, we note an increase in demand for heaters of different types. In September 2017, sales in money and in pieces grew 2.5 times compared to August of this year and by 20% the relative past September increased. The first place in popularity is occupied by oil heaters (radiators), followed by fan heaters. When choosing the type of heater, it is worth paying attention to the heating power, based on the area of ​​the room, as well as on the level of power consumption. The heaters with a power of 1000-2000 W are considered to be economical.

The Ballu Convector is a transformer that will warm

The main "feature" of convectors Ballu Evolution Transformer System – variable, depending on your preferences, control. The point is that in any heater of this series you can install one of the three control modules:

  • Transformer Mechanic: the usual electromechanical rotary heating power control (price – 759 rubles);
  • Transformer Electronic: 3 auto modes and 2 power levels , start delay timer, parental control, LED display (1400 rubles),
  • Transformer Digital Inverter: the management of the smartphone via Wi-Fi and Smart Eye is added to the functions of the previous module – optimization of the heater operation, depending on the presence of people in the room (1890 rubles).

Convector Ballu Evolution Transformer System and three variants of control modules

But besides the possibility of transformation of control, the convectors of Ballu Evolution Transformer System are also interesting. The family has four models, with a capacity of 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 watts. Everyone has a modern heating element Hedgehog, which accelerates the heating of air.

Air inlets of increased area – for passage through the convector of a larger volume of air. Auto shut-off is provided for overheating. Mounting on a wall or on wheels (sold separately). Convector prices: 2000-3000 rubles, depending on the model.

Dyson air-cleaning fan: three in one

The British know how to surprise. Both design and technology. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool – is a multifunctional piece, a whole climate system based on a fan heater. Air Multiplier technology allows you to do without traditional fan blades and create a continuous flow of warm air (heating mode) or air at room temperature (ventilation mode). And that's not all – check out our video about it.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool multi-function fan heater. Quick review

Jet Focus – airflow adjustment: directional – for quick personal heating or cooling; scattered – for a uniform distribution of air throughout the room. Plus, rotation around its axis by 70 ° in each direction, changing the angle of distribution of the air flow, 10 speeds of operation, remote control in the kit.

The coolest thing is the air purification system implemented in Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. That is, you are not just warming up or "ventilating," but get clean air in the room. For this, a high-efficiency HEPA filter (fine dust) is responsible, and a carbon filter (odors) with special tris-impregnation (a chemical compound that provides a delay for formaldehyde).

Pure Hot + Cool does not stand cheap – about 35 000 rubles. But you get a multifunctional device, besides, it looks like a guest from the future.

* All prices in the material are relevant on the day of publication.

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