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Essential smartphone from the Android creator is sold very poorly

Essential smartphone from Android creator is sold very poorly – electronic and unique novelties, review of new and useful gadgets on

In May last year, we told you that Andy Rubin, the legendary creator of the mobile operating system Android, introduced the world his own smartphone called Essential Phone. This was preceded by various teasers and deliberate leaks of information. In the end, Andy showed us a practically frameless device with a 5.71-inch screen and a modular connection of additional external units. Almost a year has already passed, and it becomes clear to everyone that this gadget is unlikely to wait for a bright future, as sales leave much to be desired.

Marketing Research Director of IDC Francisco Francisco Geronimo published information on sales of the Essential smartphone in his personal Twitter account . Since the beginning of July, 2017, to date, only 88,000 devices have been sold worldwide, which is not a very happy result for Andy Rubin and his company Essential Products. Of course, such sales may not seem so bad, but if you compare them with the results of sales of other market players, including Apple, Samsung and others, it becomes clear that the Essential smartphone is not able to make them a serious competition.

Essential Products declined to comment on the figures provided by the analyst, moreover, the company did not publish any financial results for the outgoing financial year 2017 (the fiscal year ends in March 2018). Initially, the smartphone was worth an impressive 699 dollars, but by October its cost was reduced to $ 499. Most likely, it happened because of the low demand for the gadget. What will happen with Essential Phone next, it's still hard to say, but one thing is clear now: Andy Rubin's project "did not take off."

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The Essential smartphone from the Android creator is sold very poorly


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