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CryptoKitties: Is Ethereum? Buy a cat!

Why do I need to mine the Ether and why do I need all these crypto-currencies in general? This question is asked by everyone who is not yet in the topic. What do you mean why?! Seals! Crypto-controllers are simply obsessed with a new game about seals, published a few days ago. Similar, and at severe miners there was a stationary analogue Pokemon Go.

Yes, stationary. You can play only on the PC, but the meaning, as in the history of pocket monsters, remains the same – collect them all! Is there a purse Ethereum Metamask? No – urgently backwater, because "Kotiki" themselves will not pass! What do you need to start playing? First go to the game site, and then run Metamask and enter your mail and name. After that, you can start zatarivatsya first cats.

Cats are different – rare and not very, because the prices for them vary. Here, for example, a cat-dracula. It is served at a ridiculous price of 34.5 ETH. Yes, only 16 thousand dollars. There are also cheaper cats, so first you can buy a couple for a small amount, which in terms of the Ether is 10-15 dollars.

What's the difference?

In the Attributes! Some kisonki are often found, and some, on the contrary, very rarely – this is what determines the final price tag for the next pet. Totesbasic occurs in 45% of animals, and there are rare – Maine coons – their population in the game is only 0.2% of all cats. Hence the sky-high price tag on the latter. Still, seals can breed, and the way they quickly "rest" between this fascinating occupation, also affects their final cost.

There are a lot of cats, they are all different, that's why to understand the move, and to keep all prices and parameters in mind is not such a simple occupation. In the Pokemon universe, coaches, in order not to get confused, use a special gadget called Pokedex – it has information about all the Pokémon living in the world. So here – you can always go to and find out about this or that kitty details. The site is all laid out on the shelves, so that even the beginner can figure it out. And in general, cats will end in a year, so everyone will have enough time to get acquainted with the nuances.

The game has seriously stirred up the ETH network, now almost 13 percent of the power of all Einer miners goes to these very seals.

All cats have long been in our chat.

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