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Chinese developers taught AI to speak in a human voice

Specialists of the Chinese laboratory Baidu Research, owned by the largest search giant Celestial, created the algorithm of the AI ​​Deep Voice, capable of converting text to speech. Similar projects that existed before, faced the problem of the speed of synthesis of sound, so to generate a voice, Deep Vice's predecessors required from several minutes to a couple of hours to correctly and naturally reproduce the text in a human voice. The new development of Chinese scientists is based on neural networks and is able to convert text into voice in real time.

Deep Voice can simulate timbre, voice intonation and accent, making them very believable and almost indistinguishable from the real ones, while the voice can be male or female . The developers are sure that their technology can be used as digital assistants, used to record voices in ideograms or even use them for simultaneous translation of films by subtitles.

"This is a real breakthrough from a technical point of view, because we were able to solve the most complicated problem by synthesizing live speech with all its features," says Leo Zoo, one of the authors of the project.

The authors of the algorithm explained that the Deep Voice project is inspired similar developments, that's just all of its components work under the control of a neural network, while using fairly simple functions in the work, which makes their algorithm very adaptive – you can adjust the voice "for yourself", giving the system new accents and other features mi.

"Deep training led to a revolution in various fields, such as computer vision and speech recognition, and now is the time and voice synthesis. We are glad that we were able to achieve such results, and we will work further to make the text-voice system even more realistic, "the motherboard quotes the developers.

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