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The Swiss bank "cloned" its chief economist

Swiss bank "cloned" its chief economist | Topics Technology The Swiss bank "cloned" its chief economist A good employee is worth his weight in gold. And, perhaps, many employers would like to "create" ideal employees for themselves. The administration of the Swiss bank UBS, which created the digital clone of its chief economist

AI-copywriter started working in China

AI-copywriter started working in China | Themes Technology The AI ​​copywriter started working in China A lot of works telling about the future draw a picture of the world in which artificial intelligence and robotic technology takes people's jobs. And this, albeit on a small scale, is already taking place. For example, Alibaba Group,

The new Google feature for users without the Internet

If the Internet is not available or it is not always available, now, thanks to the new function implemented by Google, there still remains the opportunity to take advantage of a number of important benefits for which modern users so highly appreciate smart phones. Developing the most popular mobile OS, Android, and recently announced its

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