Intel offers a way to decrypt DNA with the help of mining

Intel Corporation reports that it recently received a patent for the technology of using the powers of mining equipment for processing genetic data. The authors of the idea Ned Smith and Rajesh Purnakhandran in the explanatory note describe the genome sequencing platform that will determine the order of the nitrogen bases in DNA or RNA.

Nitrogen bases are compounds that are part of nucleic acids containing genetic information. The sequence of these molecules determines what characteristics a living being has, whether it is a human being, an animal or a plant.

In the annexes to the patent it is said that the genome sequencing platform will work by determining the sequences of nitrogenous bases in the nucleic acid, algorithm Proof of Work for the extraction of blocks. After determining the genome, information about it will also be recorded in the chain of blocks.

The resources that are spent on the extraction of new blocks usually do not perform any other useful work, whereas Intel patent offers the miners to work in multitasking mode, simultaneously extracting blocks and sequencing genetic data.

The application was filed in June 2016. Now, on December 14, almost a year and a half later, the Office of Patents and Trademarks in the United States approved a patent.

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Ilon Mask: our AI for drones is the best in the world

Talking about the work of Jim Keller, head of the hardware development department, Ilon Mask confessed that Tesla makes hardware and software for use in drones. Speaking of the development potential, Mask, without false modesty, noted that they will be the best in the world.

Now for its unmanned systems, Tesla uses NVIDIA solutions, including advanced hardware development, but in the press there have been periodic rumors that soon the partnership may end, since Tesla will create hardware for the UAVs themselves. It seems that Tesla will soon abandon third-party equipment.

Musk noted that stand-alone technologies running on Tesla equipment will not appear until two years later – that's when they will be available to all comers. A year later, artificial intelligence systems created by Tesla for autopilots will cope with driving far better than humans.

Telling about his own developments, Mask noted that AI in the direct sense of the word will appear in the next five to ten years, than again attracted the attention of skeptics – professionals in the field of AI have a completely different opinion, so they do not accept the forecasts of the head of Tesla seriously.

Search engine "Sputnik" received 260 million rubles for development

Search engine "Sputnik" has received 260 million rubles for development – high-tech and advanced news on

Recognized as unprofitable by domestic search engine "Sputnik" in the summer was on the verge of closure. About its further fate, representatives of Rostelecom, which the search engine belongs to, refused to speak, pointing to the end of the year – then, in the opinion of the leadership, its fate should have been decided. And so, it seems, she decided. The search engine was refused, but instead it was allocated another 260 million for its development.

In the technical task it is said about the need to develop a news aggregator on the basis of "Sputnik", add cards to it and prepare it for correct operation with operating systems from the register of domestic software security. In addition, you need to improve the quality of keyword search and "teach" the search engine to analyze the flow of requests. At the moment two new services are being tested – "corporate satellite" and "corporate search". The work should be completed by December 15.

The search engine and the Sputnik browser were launched by Rostelecom in 2014, but the ambitious project of the "national search engine" failed – by mid-2017 Sputnik never became popular. As of December 2017, 330 referrals were made per day from Sputnik, while there were 63.2 million transitions from Yandex, and 50.4 million transitions from Google.

At the beginning of summer " Sputnik "planned to close or reorient, but, apparently, the project decided to give a second chance, expanding its functionality and optimizing the cost of its maintenance.

Search engine "Sputnik" received 260 million rubles for development


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Hardware crypts for cyberpunkers – high-tech and advanced news on

Developers of the purse Opendime recently announced a new project – a hardware crypto-jack Coinkite Coldcard for miners and crypto-investors. Outwardly, it resembles some gadget from the cyberpunk novel of the eighties, but this is not its only merit.

Developers say that to use the wallet you do not need to buy any specialized equipment. In addition, he does not need any applications for the computer – everything works on the principle of a memory card or HDD, so you can simply move files to it.

The wallet is equipped with an OLED display for outputting information and buttons for entering the PIN code. It will also have a connector for the micro-SD card, with which you can quickly back up data stored inside. In addition, the owner will be able to truly autonomously sign transactions, transferring unsigned or signed transactions between devices.

A private user key will be stored on a special cryptosystem, rather than in the main memory of the device, which should provide additional protection against burglary.

Device will be prepared to work with basic purses, and it will cost about $ 50. The gadget will be on sale in the spring of 2018, and is already available for the pre-order .

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Bitcoin will be able to survive the apocalypse – interesting and informative facts on

Supporters of the crypto currency are sure that Bitcoin is no worse than gold – it is also reliable and in the future will be able to compete with precious metal in convenience. Nobody will carry a purse full of gold bars, and a hacksaw for metal, at the right moment to cut a piece of gold and pay them for coffee. Using Bitcoin, this can be done without problems. But what if the world completely disappears the Internet? This problem is also not a problem for crypto currency, CoalDesk Research Director Nolan Bauerle says. If this happens, bitcoin will cope with the technologies of the "old school".

"It's all right! Bitcoin-transactions without problems are broadcast on shortwave radio, and even through satellites in space. Do not worry, Bitcoin will survive the apocalypse, "Baurele assured in an interview with CNBC.

The test project for the transfer of bitcoin-transactions without the Internet was launched in Finland as early as 2014 – then payments were made on the radio. From space, information on transactions can be transmitted by a satellite operating with the Blockstream Satellite service.

The idea of ​​using crypto currency without the Internet is far from new, therefore it has been discussed for quite some time not only by the Bitcoin owners, but also by analysts, bankers and economists.

But there are more serious problems – data storage. Baurelet advises not to use the cloud for storage.

"First, if the Internet goes down during the apocalypse, access to the cloud with data will be blocked. Secondly, there is always a risk of hacking, so it's better to store everything on a hard disk, "- convinced Baurele.

Only so, in his opinion, it will be possible to survive difficult times without losses.

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How do Qualcomm and BlackBerry want to provide cars together?

Qualcomm and BlackBerry told about their new partnership, which will concern the automotive industry. To date, digital technology is increasingly used in cars. And it is therefore not surprising that technology companies that have something that can be used in transport are focusing their efforts on improving their technologies, including joint ones.

Qualcomm Technologies and BlackBerry announced their new strategic cooperation in working together on development and production of the newest automobile platforms for a new generation of vehicles. Under this agreement, both companies will work on optimizing a number of Qualcomm hardware platforms in conjunction with the BlackBerry QNX software for various applications. In more detail, a new report was considered by Mihai Matei on the pages of the resource in the context of additional details considered by the resources and .

Two technological giants also agreed to optimize the BlackBerry OTA software and Secure Credential Management Services (SCM) for use with some Qualcomm Snapdragon modems to ensure high performance of the car platforms in a way that saves time and reduces costs. 19659003] QNX shows I have a Unix-like operating system, first introduced in the early 1980s, Quantum Software System. This operating system was eventually acquired by BlackBerry RIM in 2010. Later it was used by the Canadian vendor of mobile devices to create the BlackBerry Tablet OS operating system for the PlayBook tablet. It was the QNX plaformom that was the basis of the mobile BlackBerry 10 software, which was used in the phones of the Canadian vendor. And it is for her to perhaps find a new application in the automotive industry in conjunction with Qualcomm's modems and wireless technologies.

Although the platform in question is no longer used by the Canadian company in mobile devices, QNX continues to find use in the automotive industry, and also in other spheres. The most recent version of this operating system today is the QNX SDP 7.0 (Software Development Platform), released in January 2017, featuring support for C ++ 14 and ARM, and 32-bit and 64-bit platforms for Intel.

Part The new agreement between Qualcomm and BlackBerry is also the fact that two companies known to every high-tech connoisseur will work to optimize the technologies being developed by Qualcomm for their application with QNX software. The end result of the joint work of technology companies can be the use of this combination for various applications in the automotive industry.

As unmanned vehicles begin to develop, industry leaders have a lot of work to do in various areas to create safe and productive technologies for next-generation transport. It should be noted that this well-known chip maker is not the first time to start work on the future of unmanned vehicles in partnership with another technological giant. Indeed, earlier this year a similar partnership between Qualcomm and LG Electronics was also announced and it is likely that in the future there will be reports of many similar initiatives under consideration.

The agreement between the companies is not exclusive. QNX for BlackBerry remains the backbone of its software and the Internet's strategy of things. The importance of this software only increased when the company's priorities shifted from hardware to software. The platform allows developers to create applications for cars.

It should be noted that Qualcomm and BlackBerry have been partners for more than a decade. Primarily, the cooperation of these well-known technology companies was expressed in the use of BlackBerry by chipsets from Qualcomm in their mobile devices. When in June this year, BlackBerry introduced its QNX Hypervisor 2.0, Qualcomm decided to use the system in some of its developments, including the car platform Snapdragon 820A. Thus, we are talking about further expansion of cooperation between companies.

To date, the automotive sector is one of the most significant for technology companies. For the BlackBerry, its interest in the automotive industry is an important part of the transformation strategy of the company and the efforts of the company's CEO John Chen to switch from creating consumer-oriented products to sales "business-to-business".

Virtual world on the blockbuster can push the crypticotics

The game industry in the face of the CryptoKitties project continues to use up to 13 percent of all network resources Ethereum and the cost of a normal transaction increased to $ 0.45, while a little more than a week ago the same operation costed a share of a cent. It seems that everything will never be the same as before, given that soon on the blockade of Ether will launch another game – Decentraland. But, if the game about seals was limited to collecting different prices for cards with cats, then everything is a little more complicated. Decentraland is a real virtual world that will start on December 15 and at the initial stage will offer participants to buy LAND in it, the same virtual pieces of land.

As a basis for Decentraland, developers took the idea of ​​the game Second Life, which appeared on PC already in 2003. Decentraland is a whole virtual world consisting of 10×10 meters, each of which is a unique LAND token, which contains information about the owner, the coordinates of the site itself and the hash of the content file. The second token will serve for internal calculations between players, and will be called MANA.

The first LAND auction will be called "terraforming" and will start on December 15th. To take part in it, you need to put the Metamask extension or the Mist browser. The competition will last exactly a week – during this time, participants will be able to purchase LAND and invest MANA in different areas.

The initial location of the game Decentraland is called Genesis City and consists of three rings, united by a single center. In the inner ring there will be events and exhibitions. In the second ring will be available for sale plots of land that can be bought for construction. It is interesting that the number of storeys of buildings is not limited. The outer ring will be given to different regions, among which there is already the "City of Hackers", "World of Pokemon", "Little India", "Forest" and much more. The list takes three pages.

For construction, the owners will be able to contact designers and experts in the field of 3D modeling from the freelance platform Ethlance, with which the developers entered into a contract. The first 20 designers will be able to receive a reward of 1000 MANA or their equivalent of $ 50. After terraforming, the Iron Age will come, in which there will be multiplayer, chat and a lot of interesting things. The prototype of the virtual world can be seen via a link in a regular browser.

Those who are going to play can certainly have fun, but network congestion caused by the introduction of new gaming platforms is unlikely to please other users who town planning simulators on the blockbuster prefer more serious occupations.

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AI starts to search for serial killers

To date, one of the most complex and frightening crimes is serial killings. And in the twentieth century, their number has increased very much, and some serial maniacs have not been found so far. But soon the police will be helped by artificial intelligence, which has already managed to solve one riddle.

The CARMEL algorithm will be used to search for serial killers, who managed to decipher the mysterious manuscript 105-page manuscript of the 18th century. As the publication Next Web writes, AI will work on a long-known scheme: in order to catch a criminal – you need to think like a criminal. The algorithm must understand the course of the reasoning of the person and "break his thoughts" in order to calculate the person by the "handwriting" of his crime.

Now the algorithm is being taught on the materials of already disclosed cases, the archive of which has been kept since the 1960s. One of the main things that AI learns is the story of the Zodiac killer. He killed people in the north of California and around San Francisco. In addition to the nickname, nothing is known about the murderer until now. He himself chose such a pseudonym, which he indicated in the notes sent to the editorial board of local newspapers. In addition, 4 cryptograms were also found in the envelopes, in which the killer encrypted information about himself. The police managed to decipher only one of them. Now CARMEL is sorting out the biographies and correspondence of hundreds of thousands of people, comparing them with 340-character Zodiac cryptograms.

In addition, one of the researchers Thomas Hangrove created a similar algorithm called the Murder Accountability Project (MAP). According to Thomas,

"Annually 5000 criminals avoid punishment. Therefore, our algorithm is working on creating a "map of unsolved murders", identifying areas where crimes are most often committed, the perpetrators of which were never found. The algorithm scans all data accessed by the FBI, and then identifies cases in which the specific details that are similar to similar crimes committed by (probably) the same person coincide. After that, all the data is put on a map, looking at which it becomes clear in which areas of the city are the most dangerous to appear. "

Skafandr with the button "Home" himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS

Skafandr with the button "Home" himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS – high-tech and advanced news on

Work in outer space is a rather dangerous occupation, connected with a great risk for life. Even though cosmonauts regularly undergo training, when learning to work in spacesuits, the probability of a freelance situation always remains high. To reduce the risk of an astronaut, Draper developed and patented a prototype suit with an "autopilot" capable of independently returning to the ISS.

The suit will be able to navigate in space using sensors and will use a star map for navigation. Small jet engines, which are equipped with a design, will allow the spacesuit to return to a predetermined point. The astronaut will be able to independently operate the spacesuit, but there is also a remote control system – other crew members can use the controller for it.

The prototype is not yet ready, but it already has a number of advantages, because the NASA astronaut's arsenal, though equipped with engines capable of saving a person's life in a situation where the cable has been cut off, is still completely useless if the cosmonaut is unconscious. In the future, Draper developers are planning to finalize the helmet and turn the visor into a full-function display on which the necessary information will be displayed.

Skafandr with the Home button himself will return the cosmonaut to the ISS


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Startup Sun Exchange from South Africa pays for electricity by bitcoins

Yes, yes, that's right. The essence of the startup is that it offers to invest in the construction of farms that supply solar energy to where it is particularly needed. Investments Sun Exchange collects on Indiegogo, allowing investors to buy individual solar cells, and then, in proportion to their contribution, allows you to get a certain income in Bitcoins .

The idea is that first the startup collects the amount necessary for construction, and then, when everything is ready and the solar power station is already functioning, each depositor having his serial number is paid a certain income.

As a rule, stations are put in solar regions, such as African countries, for example. There are many suns, but with electricity, there are often problems. Investors have the ability to track the fate of purchased items, to watch how they are used. You can buy photocells for South African randies or bitcoins, but the second, of course, is preferable, because bitcoin is much more popular and it can be sold more easily or, for example, transferred to another country. Payments to depositors are made in the currency they were paid for the purchase of photocells.

Sun Exchange assures that depositors actually own the purchased solar cells, so if desired, the owner can even receive them by mail – then they will just send him brand new photocell. While the startup specializes in the installation of solar power plants in Africa, but in the near future is going to start work in other countries.

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