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The schoolboy hacked the protected crypto Ledger

Many owners of crypto-currency assets perfectly manage software wallets, which they create on their computers. But some believe that this is unsafe, so they use hardware wallets, which are a small dongle, which you can connect to a computer if necessary, or completely avoid it when making transactions. As it turned out, not so simple

Facebook launches a game streaming platform with donates and gifts

Mark Zuckerberg's company decided to compete with Twitch and YouTube platforms, giving streamers the opportunity to do their favorite thing without leaving the social network. To do this, Facebook experts have created a new game platform that allows streaming games directly to the news line, "TechCrunch reports. The streaming function not only adds the ability

New Android-virus intercepts calls to the bank

New Android-virus intercepts calls to the bank – reviews and news of software on Themes Soft New Android virus intercepts calls to the bank [19659006] Every day, antivirus companies discover hundreds of new viruses. And among them there can be both quite harmless, and very dangerous computer programs that can leave you without

AI-system AiFi automates any store

Developers from the American start-up decided to compete with Amazon, releasing their own artificial intelligence system, capable of automating any store. Earlier, the "smart" store with a fully automated service in the United States was presented by Amazon, but soon any businessman who owns retail space will be able to compete with the giant of

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