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The Russian holding "Schwabe" will show its "Smart City" in Europe

From 20 to 23 March in Amsterdam, an exhibition Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, active participants of which were members of the holding company "Schwabe". Concern Rostek brought to Europe a stand with working prototypes of devices and high-tech solutions created by enterprises for the "intellectual transport system" of megacities. Some of the developments are already being

In Moscow, testing the system of delivery of goods drones

In Moscow, they test the system for the delivery of goods by drones – electronic and unique novelties, an overview of new and useful gadgets on Topics Gadgets Delivery of goods by drones Various unmanned aerial vehicles have already been used by Amazon specialists in the framework of Prime Air and Google services

Augmented reality glasses from Bose use sound instead of image

Augmented reality really has every chance of becoming a technology that will eventually become widespread. After all, she was interested not only in profile companies like Google with the Glass project or Microsoft developing Holo Lens, but also manufacturers from, so to speak, related areas. For example, a major audio manufacturer Bose recently introduced its

Smartphone Katim protects the owner from surveillance

DarkMatter specialists have created a smartphone that can disconnect the power supply of the microphone and the camera during the conduct of important negotiations. Another smartphone Katim encrypts phone calls and messages. Shield mode is activated on the handset using a special button, which is displayed on the case. The head of DarkMatter, Fisal al-Bannai,

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