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The heater is a device, without which in our climate there is no way. That the heating will turn on with a delay, then the frosts will hit the children's and will become cool in the apartment. In general, almost in every family he is, often not one. And around the heater – a swarm of myths and legends. Listen to them – just right to throw out this harmful and dangerous device as soon as possible – it's better to shiver from the cold. No, it's no better: we remembered the most persistent "heating" misconceptions and explain how things are in reality.

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The truth about burnt oxygen

Heaters (especially with a heating spiral) burn oxygen – this is perhaps the most popular horror story, which in the top for many years. And users did not invent it themselves – marketers are to blame. This they continue and continue to cultivate with the tenacity of the North Korean missile system. Below is a recent example – a screenshot from Facebook, from the page of one of the manufacturers.

Manufacturers still convince us that some heaters burn oxygen

Marketers are coming from the opposite, they say, the heater of our brand, unlike hypothetical others, oxygen does not burn. So, there are those that burn – potential customers think, without going into details. And they are mistaken – more than one heater does not do anything with oxygen, does not influence, does not work, its maintenance in the air and certainly does not burn.

Yes, oxygen is consumed in the process of burning a flame. But it is in the process of burning, and in the heater, if it is sound, nothing ever burns. So do not worry about the fate of oxygen – it's all right.

The legend about the combustion of oxygen heaters, most likely, appeared because in cheap models, in particular heat fans, heating elements (spirals, etc.) are heated to high temperatures – "red-hot", and household dust that falls on them, begins to burn – there is a slight smell of burnt paper. Oxygen, of course, with this burning consumed, but in such quantities that it is impossible to detect. In devices with heaters whose temperature is lower than the temperature at which the dust begins to burn (almost all modern ones), this does not happen.

The truth about dried air

All heaters dry air – this statement is hardly less popular than confidence in the unhappy fate of oxygen, which is unlucky to be on the same planet as the heaters. But here everything is a bit more complicated. It arose because of the confusion in terms. Saying "the heater dries the air", it means that its relative humidity decreases. And indeed it is. However, the absolute humidity of air remains unchanged. The expert explains.

Dmitry Mamontov, scientific editor of the Polytechnic Museum:

The absolute humidity (the water content in grams per cubic meter of air) does not change when the air is heated. The relative humidity measured in percent (the ratio of the real water content to the maximum possible at this temperature) is lowered. The person is mainly sensitive to relative humidity, since it is precisely it that is important for our temperature regulation, in particular, the evaporation of sweat is highly dependent on the relative humidity.

And what in the end? Heaters, as well as air conditioners in heating mode, "dry" the air, reducing the relative humidity, but not absolute – moisture in the air does not become less. But when the temperature is below the dew point, some of the moisture condenses, so air conditioners in cooling mode tend to dry (without the quotes) air, reducing the absolute content of moisture in it.

The dew point is the temperature at which the vapor in the air reaches state of saturation and condenses into moisture (dew).

In general, two concepts should be divided – the relative and absolute humidity of the air. The statement "heaters dry air" makes sense only when understanding the difference between them.

The heater at work reduces the relative humidity of the air, while the absolute remains unchanged

The truth about the "rays of life"

Recall how infrared (IR ) heaters. Infrared radiation, like the sun, does not warm the air, but surrounding objects: floor, furniture, walls, even, within reasonable limits, people with animals. And already from them the air warms up.

To make you buy IR heaters better and better, marketers have come up with a concept such as "the rays of life". Like, there are IR heaters with a wavelength of 9.6 microns, which is supposedly cool and correct, because it coincides with the frequency of the person's own thermal radiation. Hence, such external radiation is intensively absorbed by the body, it penetrates deeper than radiation with a different wavelength. The effect, sort of like, more effective.

Infrared heater does not have any miraculous properties, does not emit "magic rays of life"

But this is, to put it mildly, an exaggeration. Physics does not know the laws that would prove that the energy emitted by one source, somehow penetrates deeply into objects, if the wavelength of their radiation is the same as those of these objects or organisms. And that in this case a person somehow warms up faster, better perceiving "the same as his" thermal radiation.

Energy, as is known, can be transmitted (spontaneously) only from a warmer body to a less heated body – this is the second beginning thermodynamics. The maximum absorption of infrared radiation by the human body occurs in the range 0.7 – 1.4 μm (water, from which 60-70% of our organism consists, just the best is radiation with a wavelength of 1.4 μm). And all that marketers call the "rays of life" (9.6 microns), heats only the upper layers of the skin.

Dmitry Mamontov, scientific editor of the Polytechnic Museum:

The wavelength is directly related to the temperature of the radiator (this is based on the work of the thermal imager ). The maximum wavelength of 9.6 microns corresponds to the temperature of the human body. It's not much use from a heater with such a temperature.

The truth about the efficiency of heaters

Often in advertisements you can find the phrase that "the efficiency of this heater is close to 100". This is not a lie – indeed, the overwhelming majority of heaters used in everyday life work with very high efficiency – how much energy is consumed, and so many will turn into heat.

Energy losses during operation of most modern heaters are minimal

Yes, when a heater with a closed heating circuit operates, electromagnetic radiation occurs. It consumes part of the energy consumed from the grid, but these losses are so small that they can be neglected. In general, the point is that it is very difficult to find a working heater, the efficiency of which will be significantly below 100%. The high efficiency of most heaters is a given, and not the achievement of individual producers.

The Truth About Power and Square Meters

Many modern heaters have a choice of power level. It would seem that there is something wrong here. I wanted – I chose the maximum: the heating will be more intensive, the room will warm up more quickly. Or use less power. However, in many models of heaters the power with which they work is constant.

By turning the thermostat knob, only the ratio of the time of operation of the device and its "rest" is regulated – the heater works as discretely (turns on and off), such as a microwave oven or refrigerator (non-inverted). This should be understood and monitored for the correlation of the power supply capabilities with the maximum power of the heating device.

The power of the heater, as a rule, is always the same, and many factors need to be taken into account when calculating the area served

There are, however, heaters with several heating circuits, and they are switched on separately. That is, not only the thermostat and the timer, namely the separately operating heating elements – in this case it is really possible to talk about the adjustment of the power of the device.

In the characteristics of any heater, information on the maximum area of ​​the room must be found, for which it is designed. For example, 15 or 20 m². This, of course, also greetings from marketers. Characteristics invented, so that customers do not suffer with watts and kilowatts.

The reference point is 100 W per 1 m ². But, alas, with such averaged approach, the type of heating element is not taken into account, the features of the room (heat loss in it), as well as the temperature outside the window – all these factors affect the work of the heater and the heating efficiency of the room in different degrees.

The plot in the program "Miracle of technology"

See also the release of the "Miracle of Technology" program, in which we test various heaters and debunk myths about them.

We thank the scientific editor of the Moscow Polytechnical Museum, Dmitry Mamontov, for considerable assistance in preparing of the material.

Midea VSS01A14P Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Test

Tested a fashionable vertical vacuum cleaner, besides wireless. Make – Midea. This is a very large Chinese (and world) manufacturer of household appliances. It is worth VSS01A14P-R – 7500-8000 rubles *. Format 2 in 1 – there is a removable manual "vacuum cleaner". Details and results – in our video, as well as in the text version.

Video test of Midea wireless vacuum cleaner – the main thing in a few minutes

For uncompromising visuals, video was made about cleaning, vacuum cleaner comfort (about inconvenience too), noise and filters. The main thing, including the final assessments. Enjoy.

Details about the vacuum cleaner Midea

Midea VSS01A14P-R – the classic of the genre in the segment of wireless vacuum cleaners. Small size, nice appearance. Removable hand vacuum cleaner (in fact, the main thing – these are the features of the design of models of this format) makes the device universal, extending the harvesting opportunities.

Wireless vacuum cleaner Midea VSS01A14P-R

The garbage from the floor is answered by a turbo-brush – normal, without special "bells and whistles "- bristles on a rotating roller. Such brushes are obligatory for battery models, because they help to cleanliness by pushing garbage inside the vacuum cleaner: the suction power in most such models is still small (less than 100 au).

The suction and dropping system is cyclonic. Dust collector small – 0,3 l. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is positioned as an auxiliary – for quick cleaning, if necessary. Garbage on the floor, in cars, flour or tea, scattered on the kitchen table. The power level is two. Battery life up to 55 minutes. That's all there is to know about him.

Removable manual vacuum cleaner: you can vacuum upholstered furniture, car salon, quickly put things in order in the kitchen

As tested

Vacuum cleaners are simple: we vacuum them. And the "garbage" loads are often extreme. We check how much they are convenient in use, that with hygienic cleaning of the dust bag, we measure noise at work, using a special sensor of fine dust – it is dangerous for humans, loves to settle in the lungs, which can cause a lot of health problems – we check the air filtration. In general, we comprehensively study the device on the test.

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Test results

Cleaning . Given the large amount of debris that had to be "swallowed" during the test Midea VSS01A14P-R – he did well. Under normal conditions of a city apartment, such a vacuum cleaner load is unlikely to shine.

There were, however, some problems with garbage collection from the sofa. And not always the dust collector was full. Sometimes garbage remained in the turbo-brush (it's not about the sofa), not passing on, and spilled out when the vacuum cleaner was turned off.

The filtration (cleaning) of air from garbage is also part of the cleaning. And then something strange happened. A professional laser sensor of fine dust showed that the air from the vacuum cleaner goes worse (see video) than it goes into it. We applied for a comment to the manufacturer. After waiting a few days, they did not get an answer.

The fact that the vacuum cleaner has average filters is not surprising – they have the overwhelming majority of wireless models such. If you put the filters better, you have to increase the power, and this will reduce the battery life, which the manufacturers somehow fear, like fire. In general, allergy sufferers when using wireless vacuum cleaners need to be cautious.

Cyclonic suction technology and (traditionally for battery vacuum cleaners) the average quality of the air filtration system

Working noise is also part of the cleaning. We measured it with a household sound level meter and came to the conclusion that the results correspond to the modern "vacuum" realities – there is no overshoot over this parameter (up to 80 dB). But the tonality of the sound of the engine did not really like it.

Given the incredible severity of the harvesting test (there was very much garbage) and the strangeness with the filters, we set the fourth for the quality of harvesting .

Usability . The English word "usability" means ease of use. I did not really like cleaning the turbo brush – I need to unscrew a special plastic clip using a screwdriver: yesterday, now many competitors have less trouble with it.

Turbobrush of a classical design, but it's not very convenient to clean

A small dustbag is also not very great. For example, if the carpeting at home is a noble dust collector, it will be filled quite quickly. However, its devastation did not cause difficulties for us – everything is quite traditional here, but without any unpleasant surprises.

Otherwise, without any complaints – to weight, maneuverability, no claims management. But taking into account the moments with the brush and dust collector – also the fourth for usability .

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Design . And here it is unanimous – the assessment is excellent. Imagination the appearance of the Midea VSS01A14P-R is not striking, but it does not irritate, which is important. Quiet minimalism of our editorial staff is like, but buyers in the store can pass by – everyone has different tastes.

We did not find any special innovations in the vacuum cleaner, so we do not put an estimate on the item of "innovation" and do not take points for " traditionality. "

Control system on the handle: power button and power selection from two levels


Final score for the test – 4.3 points . This vacuum cleaner is a strong average. Stars from the sky are not enough, but at home, without extreme loads, with easy cleaning will cope. The main disadvantages: it is inconvenient to clean the turbo brush, a small dust collector, you can not call the advanced air filtration system. Pros: light, 2 in 1 format, it's easy to clean the container of dust, nice, noise is normal. We recommend a vacuum cleaner to those who want for a not too high price to have an assistant's house for a small quick cleaning.

* The price is current on the day of publication of the material.

Thank you "Breeeth Center for Ecological Housing!" for the laser analyzer of fine dust in the air ParticleScan Pro Lite.

Overview of the American Wahl 9854L Trimmer

Until recently, trim tabs were not as prevalent in us as they are now. But the fashion for beards has come and this "technique for caring for yourself," as it is customarily called, has become very in demand. There are a lot of brands, but we found something special – Wahl. This is the brand, under which the first in the world hair clipper was produced in the USA in 1919. Wahl and now the main "trimmer" brand in North America. There is even information that it is Wahl who is taking astronauts to the ISS. By the way, the tested model – 9854L – is made in the USA.

The machine itself is really American. But the nozzles, in any case, plastic, as well as the network adapter – made in China. It is common practice – when additional accessories are made separately, where production is cheaper. Get acquainted with Wahl 9854L: see our video and read the text review.

Wahl 9854L trimmer overview

The main thing about the Wahl 9854L trimmer

The case of this rotary clipper is made of stainless steel and plastic. The trimmer has a rubberized handle so that it does not slip out. In the kit the main nozzle with stainless steel knives and T-shaped (wide). They are supplied with plastic combs (including one 6-position), allowing to leave hair of various lengths – from 0.6 to 12 mm.

There is still a narrow metal nozzle for working out details (and also careful removal of hair in the nose, ears) and a double wire mesh razor – it is not for full-length shaving, but to trim different places, if necessary (for example, under the lower lip).

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with accessories and stand for storing the entire set

The trimmer is supplied with oil for lubrication mechanism, brush for cleaning and mini-comb. For the convenience of storing all this wealth there is a special stand. And, of course, the network adapter.

In the typewriter is a lithium-ion battery that allows it to work up to three hours without recharging, and it charges in 60 minutes. Plus there is a fast charging mode: if the battery suddenly sat down (no indication of the degree of charge is provided, but a pity), then for a minute it will charge for two minutes of work – you can finish the job. Wahl 9854L – 7000-8000 rubles *.

As we tested

You will be surprised, but we used Wahl 9854L for their intended purpose – they treated their hair: they handed Igor from our editorial office this car to care for his beard and asked to talk about impressions: like how shear or not, it is convenient to use or not very much, finally, to answer the question would he buy such himself?

Trimmer Wahl 9854L with the main attachment

Results of the test

Igor liked the Wahl 9854L trimmer. Let's do it in order. First, the pluses which he singled out:

– Do not slip in the hand, the button under the finger, it is convenient to hold – successful ergonomics
– The quality of hair cutting – on the whole suits
– Complete set – Excellent, many hair care tips
– Storage – convenient, there is a stand for the machine and all accessories
– Long battery life
– An adequate price for such equipment

Minuses ] is small: sometimes the hair passes through the hair (when the majority is already tonsured to the desired length, but it eats small "islands"), the trimmer can not be taken in the shower (only dry haircut), it is not very convenient to install attachments, small claims to the quality of assembly.

Included in the delivery, among other things, is a mini razor and nozzle for working out details [19659018] Verdict

The Wahl 9854L trimmer boasts a wide range of hair clippers, styling beards and mustaches, detailing. In general, the device copes well with its task – there were no obvious failures during the test. In the process of using, time after time, the owner gets used to the "nature" of the machine, which allows to get the desired result in the future.

Given the long battery life and the convenient storage system of the trimmer, along with the accessories, this model, taking into account also its relatively low cost, it can be recommended for use.

* The cost is current on the date of publication.

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LG PuriCare Air Purifier Overview

Clean air is cool. And dirty – no. It is air pollution, according to the World Health Organization, the cause of a large number of serious health problems among many people around the world. Especially harmful is the fine dust that accumulates in the human lungs. LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 – South Korean novelty, designed to solve the problem of air purity at home or in the office. Armed with a laser dust sensor and a conventional pillow, we checked how it works.

Review of the Purifier purifier LG PuriCare. Video version

In a few minutes we tell the main thing about LG PuriCare: we check the convenience and, of course, analyze the quality of air cleaning: using a laser dust meter and a dust cushion. Find out more.

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The main thing about the air cleaner

The new Korean air purifier is designed to clean it from fine dust of less than 1 micrometer (0.001 mm). It consists of solid microparticles mixed with minute droplets of liquid.

This dust itself (homemade and flew from the street – microparticles of automobile tires and asphalt, for example), plant pollen, wool and skin particles of domestic animals, the products of life of dust mites, bacteria and mold spores and other small contaminants.

Air Purifier LG PuriCare

To our question about which class filter (H13 or H14 – the modern classification is the HEPA format) in the Russian representation to panii responded only that "all filtration technology – in-house development." OK, just check the LG HEPA filter system in the case.

In the Russian version of the air cleaner, which, by the way, will cost 59,000 rubles *, another filter will be added to the main filter catching smells and gaseous pollutants in the air (to us for the test came demo version, directly from South Korea, without such a filter). The cost of a set of filters is 5 999 rubles.

* All prices are current as of the day of publication.

Important characteristics of LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 air purifier:

– Treatment area: up to 58 m²
– Weight: 13.5 kg
– Inverter motor (warranty – 10 years)
– Filters: preliminary, HEPA, "anti-smell"
– Replacing the filter unit: every 1-2 years, depending on operating conditions
– Pollution sensor air: fixation of dust particles PM1 (from 1 μm)
– gaseous pollutant sensor
– air intake and return of the cleaned around the circumference – Filtering 360 °
– Additional fan for quick and even distribution of clean air
– Information on the amount of fine dust in the air on the display
– Smartphone control and remote fault diagnosis
– Remote control included
– Production Country: South Korea

How We Test

It's simple with air cleaners: we check how they clean the air. We do this with a laser analyzer of suspended particles in the air (they are also dangerous fine dust). It is able to "feel" the presence of dust with a size of 0.5 micrometers (0.0005 mm).

From the beginning, we measure the amount of fine dust in the room air in order to understand the initial general level of contamination. We turn on the air cleaner for maximum power. We install the analyzer so that the purified air enters directly into its air intake.

LG PuriCare air purification system consists of pollution sensors and high-efficiency filters

We compare the quality of the air purifier coming from the air with the initial level of contamination. This allows, even without creating special laboratory conditions, to draw conclusions about the efficiency of the air cleaner.

Plus, we study how convenient the air cleaner is in operation, we measure noise. We put the scores on a five-point scale: for the main function (air purification in this case), for usability and design. On the basis of these three estimates, we derive the total for the test.

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Test results

The laser dust analyzer makes measurements in the British system of measures – gives information about the amount of dust particles in 0.01 cubic feet. To translate the data into a metric system, you must first multiply the metric by 100 – get the amount of dust in one cubic foot. The product is multiplied by another 35.3 and we obtain an approximate content of dangerous fine dust in a cubic meter of air.

In our case, 1300 particles in 0.01 cubic feet (the number of dust particles in the air before cleaning it) is multiplied by 100 and by 35.3 , we get 4 589 000 particles of fine dust in a cubic meter of air – these are the indicators we have in the studio where the test was conducted. Air of poor quality and requires cleaning.

Explained about the quality of air:

from 0 to 265 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m ³ – magnificent clean in
from 265 000 to 530 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m³ – high quality, clean
from 530 000 to 1 100 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m³ – good quality
from 1,100,000 to 3,700,000 particles with a size of 0.5 μm in 1 m³ – medium quality, it is desirable to clean
from 3,700,000 to 10,600,000 particles in size from 0,5 microns in 1 m³ – poor quality, cleaning is required
from 10 60 0 000 – very dirty air, urgent cleaning is needed

After passing through the air cleaner, the air became much cleaner. During the test, we fixed even 0 particles with a size of 0.5 microns. But most often the figures were between 20 and 50 particles in 0.01 cubic feet or up to 176 500 in cubic meters.

The difference with the initial pollution reached 65 times, and on the average was about 30 times. The air became much purer. Five points for the main function – air purification.

In the photo below, the amount of fine dust recorded during the test is 0.5 μm (left) and 2.5 μm (right) at 0, 01 cubic feet of air at the outlet of the cleaner. Air purifier LG PuriCare AS60GDPV0 worked at maximum power.

The laser analyzer of suspended particles recorded a significant decrease in the concentration of dust in the air

Without the superfluous "frills", the hull panels closing the filter unit are removed and put back on. The filters themselves are also easily removed and installed back. Management did not cause difficulties. Not enough, however, the chassis bottom or handles on the sides – a device based on the floor and at a weight of 13, 5 kg, they would facilitate its movement. Shoot 0.5 points. For convenience of use – 4.5 points.

The design of the Koreans turned out great (agree, the device looks unusual, cool and stylish) – "excellent" score

Chudo's verdict .tech

We do not charge points for the cost, because, first of all, we check the quality and efficiency of the equipment, but we note that 59 000 is expensive. LG PuriCare air purifier is effective, but not available to all.

We recommend it for office or home use (suitable for bedroom, children's room, living room, kitchen) – it perfectly manages air purification, comfortable and modern looking. The overall score for the test is high – 4.8 points out of five possible .

Remember that the maximum efficiency of the air cleaner is achieved by limiting the inflow of "outside air" into the room. Therefore, if you use the device permanently, it's time to turn it off and air in the room.

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Thank you "Breeeth Center for Ecological Housing!" (Www.breeethretail .ru) for providing the laser analyzer of suspended particles in the air Dylos DC1700.

Top-5 refrigerators available in Russia

We have found the most advanced refrigerators for you, which can now be bought in Russia. And they took into account not only the technological component, but also, for example, the opportunity to get maximum for relatively little money. Therefore, the refrigerators in this collection are so different. But still they are together, because each in its own cool.

LG refrigerator – almost like "Instagram"

There is one smaller one in the refrigerator LG GC-Q247CABV in the refrigerator compartment door, and behind it the space for products that are used most often. In this case, the additional door itself, if it is gently knocked on it, becomes transparent (glass – electrochromic). To better see what's in the refrigerator without opening it.

Such a solution, according to LG, saves considerable electricity: the doors do not open for nothing, the cold does not evaporate, the inverter compressor does not work as damned, but saves energy. Here is an instagram with food. Rather, InstaView Door-in-Door – so called technology.

Other amenities. Special compartment for small products (for example, for sausage or cheese slicing). A large shelf for storing wine and other drinks. Freshness zone with humidity adjustment for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables.

LG GC-Q247CABV. The cost is about 130 000 rubles *

The five-stage air purification system Hygiene Fresh serves the quality storage of products: it fights dust, fungus spores, acidic alkaline odor and bacteria. Naturally, no manual defrosting – Total No Frost with multi-threaded cooling with it will figure it out. And remote control from the smartphone will activate any function of the refrigerator from anywhere.

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Refrigerator Liebherr – soon wiser

In one video from the IFA 2017 we talked about the idea of ​​Liebherr to enable the user to decide whether he wants a smart refrigerator or his usual one. This is the story. It also says that the refrigerator can recognize products by their type (without barcodes, etc.) – this technology was developed by Liebherr together with Microsoft.

The Germans promise that in 2018 they will start in our country sales module SmartDeviceBox. To use it, and, therefore, to make the refrigerator smarter, you can, in particular, with the refrigerators of the family BluPerformance, which are available in our country. By the way, they are cool without smart stuffing.

Liebherr CBNPbs 4858 BluPerformance – very impressive externally, thanks to black blackened steel BlackSteel with a special grinding texture. He was even awarded the Red Dot Award – this is a prestigious award in the field of industrial design. Still here, the 7-inch color touchscreen display is all trendy. No manual defrosting, carbon filter against odors, dual circuit cooling

There is a freshness zone for different products – BioFresh. In the freezer, you can place large-sized products (the VarioSpace system), and modern LED lighting built into the back of the refrigerator provides an excellent overview of the contents.

Liebherr CBNPbs 4858. The price is about 113 000 rubles

The refrigerator Samsung – the machine with the soda

Yes, Samsung RF24 will give a soda: it has a special detachable module for its preparation. You can even adjust the degree of carbonation. Put the glass under the dispenser and pour the pop. You can, of course, pour water without gas, and also get ice.

According to the format, this is a model of the French door – on the top is a refrigerator compartment with two doors, and from below are drawers of the freezer. Defrosting is completely automatic. The cooling circuit is two, this is the norm for a modern refrigerator: odors from the refrigerating compartment do not enter the freezer, and the products in it are not supercooled because of too cold air.

Samsung RF24HSESBSR / WT. The cost is about 160 000 rubles

In the refrigerator compartment folding shelves – it is convenient to store products of non-standard sizes: high cakes, large pots, cans.

Under the refrigerator compartment, a sliding container FlexZone with separate temperature control: – for storing fish, you want – some delicacies, meat or wine. The Koreans also thought about the convenience of storing products in this box, providing it with a movable separator that allows modeling the interior space as it is convenient.

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The Whirlpool refrigerator is an ascetic from the outside, advanced inside

In fact, Whirlpool FS Grand Side by Side is a 623 refrigerator-freezer l. If desired, you can separately purchase and use a refrigeration compartment (SW8 AM1Q X) or a vertical freezer (UW8 F1C XB N). Design – minimalism in the flesh. Nothing extra. Instead of a thousand words – take a look at them in the photo. Like? To us – yes.

Whirlpool FS Grand Side by Side. Cost: 48,000 rubles (SW8 AM1Q X) and 54,000 rubles (1945).

Technology 6 th SENSE FreshControl – a system of temperature and humidity sensors – creates in the refrigerator optimal conditions for long-term storage of products, based not only on information about the conditions in the offices, but also outside the refrigerator.

A special box Active0 ° is provided – it can maintain a temperature optimal for storing chilled meat, fresh seafood, but if you want – disable this option and store any products in it.

Fu The ShockFreeze superfreeze function together with the FreezeControl technology (excluding the appearance of ice on the products) will ensure, according to the manufacturer, the best possible freezing of the stored. Both compartments of the combination do not require manual defrosting, they have electronic control. Install any of the modules Whirlpool FS Grand Side by Side can be flush against the wall.

BEKO refrigerator – cool and inexpensive

The main advantage of BEKO RCNK400E20ZGR is that for a relatively small amount of money you get a modern refrigerator, in which there are many pleasant and useful "bells and whistles." Firstly, in front it is a mirror-red (there is still a mirror-black), which is cool – tired of this eternal white color, we have already six months of winter.

BEKO RCNK400E20ZGR. The cost is about 36,000 rubles

No Frost in both compartments – no manual defrosting. Smells from the refrigerator compartment do not enter the freezer, and the products in it are not supercooled – thanks to the two-circuit cooling. Modern electronic control allowed to implement the modes "Super Freeze", "Vacation" (the freezer works fully and the refrigerator compartment in an economical mode), precise temperature control in the compartments.

Plus freshness zone, chrome bottle shelf and advanced protection against bacteria: air filter, special antibacterial door seal, ionizer. Excellent with a price lower than 40,000 rubles.

* All prices in this publication are current as of publication date.

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Review of steep grills for a delicious steak

In summer, when it's warm, we usually cook kebabs on the street: outside the city, at the dacha. And when there is a cold outside, a warm juicy steak with a glass of wine – after work or during a friendly dinner at the weekend – that's it. for delicious evenings: we collected in this collection six electrogrills for a different purse, with which it is not a problem to cook a good steak even at home.

Interesting about meat

Beef carcass is big and cuts from different parts of it go to steaks . There are "premium steaks", they are always only from the dorsal part: the famous "riba", "striploin", "genderloin" and some derivatives from them on the bone. Usually they are the most expensive.

The alternative from the scapular part is the "top blade", from the rump – "steak pikanya" (or "ramp-steak"), and from the plow – "flank". There are also "sirloin" from the lumbar part and others.

These steaks may be irregular in shape – it is difficult to cut the same pieces – and even include tendons. Fibers of meat often go along, and not across, as in the classical "Ribai", for example. They are cheaper, but also very tasty, if properly prepared (to do this – just need a good grill).

The degrees of steak roasting are six, but three are widely distributed :

– the meat inside is red, sometimes slightly pinkish, and the outside is grayish brown, grasped: Rare
– with blood, juicy on cut, rosy red and warm in the middle, and clutching the outside: Medium
– fully roasted meat, gray-brown throughout the thickness of the piece: Well Done

there was no grill, it is important to give the steak a "rest" after cooking: the heat pushes the juices into the center of the piece and that the meat is juicy and tender, limit. It can be loosely covered with foil for five minutes or simply left at room temperature.

Alexander Skrynnik, the founder of the meat shop "Baranienbaum":

A good grill is cool. But for juicy steak, too, are important: the fattening of the animal (corn or corn), the breed (meat – Black Angus, Hereford), aging (you can not use the steamed meat, it must be softer – it becomes softer).

After cooking, if you cover the steak during the "rest", – the roasting will increase a little. Do not forget about the correct cutting: cut the meat always across the fibers, at a slight angle to the dishes, the table. And necessarily a sharp knife (there are special – for steaks).

I note that in Russia they already know how to grow "steak" breeds of bulls. But really good meat is not cheap: for premium steaks – from 2000 rubles per kilogram, and for alternative – from 1000 rubles. Cheaper meat is not always right.

Important about grills

Household electric grills come in two types: two-sided (with two heated surfaces) and one-sided (one surface is heated). For the preparation of beef steaks we recommend, from experience, grills of the first type – in them a piece of meat is clamped between two hot plates – it does not need to be turned over, it is faster and better prepared. At least one of the plates is usually corrugated, due to which the steak is obtained "with a pattern."

The one-sided grill (on the left) has only one heating surface, and the two-sided has two (right). For beef steaks, the second option is more suitable

1. SCARLETT SC-EG350M01: Basic Features

This is a grill for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. A basic model that will ensure the quality of meat preparation and not only. But it has to be adapted to it a little.

There is only a heating regulator on the body – this is always the maximum for steaks (the light indicator will tell you it's time to put the meat on the grill). But the time of preparation must be calculated independently, at the cost of trial and error. Layfak: we dealt with this grill and we know, for example, that "ribi" medium cooking is about 4 minutes (time depends on the thickness of the piece). See our video: cooked on it not only steak, but also burgers.

The grill has two corrugated heating plates with non-stick coating. They are not removable, but to care for the grill is not difficult – just wipe the plates with a damp cloth immediately after use (when the grill cools down). There is also a removable tray, where all the "excess" fat is drained from the products. Excellent maximum power – 2200 watts.

On the grill it is convenient to roast cutlets for burgers, and bregras altogether: the top plate (cover) – with a variable angle of inclination. So you can clamp and cook products of different sizes. Steaks are cool, but do not forget about fish, shrimp, grilled vegetables.

SCARLETT SC-EG350M01 grill. Cost – 4 600 rubles *

* All prices in the material are valid on the date of publication

2. Bosch TFB4402V: removable plates

The grill is red – bright and cute. It is convenient that the plates with non-stick coating are removable – they are easier to wash. They are installed with a slight slope: the oil (if used) and the fat from the products flow down a special chute to a removable tray.

Capacities – up to 1800 W – are sufficient for making steaks from beef or other products (preferably the grill capacity is not lower 1500 watts). There is an adjustment of the heating level, and a light indication will indicate that the grill is ready for use. The angle of inclination and height of the top plate can be adjusted to prepare products of different sizes.

The grill is fully opened – it becomes one-sided, a kind of home barbecue area. If the grill overheats – it will automatically turn off.

Bosch grill TFB4402V. The cost is about 6,000 rubles

3. Steba FG 95: controlled temperature and time

This grill provides a mechanical timer – after a specified time, an audible signal sounds (but the heating does not stop). Additional convenience – the time and temperature of cooking various products on the control panel. Rotary temperature controller – next to the timer. Power – up to 1800 W.

Three removable working plates are included: two corrugated and one flat. Everything – with non-stick coating. There are three positions of the plates: the contact grill – they are in contact; for barbecue – the grill is opened by 180 °; for the preparation of toast – the top plate remains above the products. A removable grease tray is provided, there is a groove for storing one of the working plates.

Grill Steba FG 95. The cost is about 10 000 rubles

The model was a success – the grill is cute, compact, with simple controls and topical tips for users. You can orientate on them, it's good that they are, but still, the optimal time for preparing a particular dish is usually established experimentally – it's worth understanding.

4. Kambrook AGR400: disconnected when the dish is ready

Cute externally grill, which also has a timer, but already with the heating off. This is cool, but, for example, in the case of a steak – not really necessary. Even the switched off grill remains hot for a while and the meat continues to prepare – remove it from the grill as soon as the cooking time has elapsed. However, for many other products – a convenient solution.

The grill has two removable working plates with non-stick coating – flat and rippled. Pallet for collecting fat. Control – two rotary controls: operating time and temperature (four heating modes).

Working positions three: closed (for steak cooking), fully open (180 °, barbecue mode) and open with one working surface. A good power level – up to 2000 W ensures fast heating and even cooking.

Grill Kambrook AGR400. The cost is about 13,000 rubles

Daniil Golovin, project expert

Even if the manufacturer allows washing removable grill plates in a dishwasher – I recommend doing it manually. Gently, with a soft sponge and non-abrasive detergent. Time and energy do not spend much (especially if you do not allow the drying of the leftover products on the plates), and the coating will last longer. The fact is that some detergents for dishwashers can scratch the non-stick coating, which will speed up its wear.

5. Tefal OptiGrill GC712D34 – automatic control of the degree of steak roasting

Perhaps, this grill is most suitable for beginners. All that is required is to put meat on it and choose the auto mode for steaks. Then just follow the light indicator on the handle. It will turn yellow – roasting Rare, orange – Medium, red – Well Done.

It's all about the thickness of the piece – it is fixed by the grill and the electronics calculates the cooking time. Achieving each degree of roasting is also accompanied by a sound signal.

It's great that there are still auto modes for cooking pork, sausages and mutton, poultry, fish, burgers, panini and sandwiches. Plus the ability to manually adjust the temperature and cooking time. Work surfaces are removable, as is the oil pan. Power – up to 2,000 Watts. Grill, in addition, looks great – modern, even a bit futuristic.

Grill Tefal OptiGrill GC712D34. The cost is about 20,000 rubles

6. De'Longhi CGH1030D – steaks, waffles, smartphone

Metal case, bright display, rotary regulators on the control panel – the grill looks high-tech and modern. By the way, each regulator controls its heating surface – here they have a separate temperature adjustment.

The grill has several removable working surfaces that allow wide use of the device for culinary purposes: double-sided grill and panini-press, waffle cooking mode, fully open grill (barbecue), an open pan, at the same time a grill and a pan, top heat (for hot sandwiches, pizza warming up).

Grill De'Longhi CGH1030D. The cost is about 25 000 rubles

Naturally, there is a removable tray, which drains the fat. Also note a special mobile application. Manage the grill remotely with its help while it is impossible (and there is no need, cooking steak – it's also a pleasure). But there are a lot of recipes and culinary advice, including recommendations for optimal settings of the grill.


A good grill has many pluses. It helps to significantly diversify the menu, makes it possible to enjoy not only tasty, but healthy dishes – cooking takes place without oil or with its minimum amount, the fat flows down into the pan. In our opinion, this is a very useful kitchen equipment. In addition, a great gift for a housewarming party, a New Year's Eve or another holiday.

Remember that during cooking, the grill can smoke a little – it's better to use it under the kitchen hood. If the grill is not removable panels – wipe them immediately after the end of cooking (as cool). In this case, caring for the grill will be as easy as possible.

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Overview of the Philips Avent Essential Baby Steamer

Home appliances are different. There is even a nursery. It's not about Barbie's toy kitchen, but about devices that help young parents take care of young children. Steamer-blender Philips Avent Essential SCF862 / 02 – just from these. It became interesting to us that she knows what dishes and products can be cooked in, comfortable or safe? We tested the baby gadget and got answers to these questions.

Overview Philips Avent Essential – video version

For those who want to see the entire Philips SCF862 / 02 test review with their own eyes in a few minutes – we made a video in which everything is shown and told. See and decide whether you need such a device or not, agree or not with our opinion about it.

The main thing about the steamer-blender

Philips SCF862 / 02 – the device is simple. It is created for making a mushy, puree-like mass – the most suitable for feeding very young children, at the age of 5-6 months. In the steam mode, products (vegetables, meat, fruit, berries) are heat treated, and the Blender function achieves the desired consistency by grinding and mixing.

Important characteristics of the Philips Avent Essential steamer:

– Power: up to 330 W (ice for cocktails is not worth staking)
– Two operating modes: steamer and blender
– Volume of plastic jug: 1 l (400 ml for grinding and mixing)
– Removable chopper knife
– Capacity of the food basket: 720 ml
– Water tank (steamer): 180 ml
– Length
– The plastic body does not contain bisphenol A
– Cost: about 8,500 rubles *

As we tested

The Philips blender Philips SCF862 / 02 was created to prepare food for small children, but do it – prepare – adults. We prepared three whole "children's" dishes.

A "vegetable tale" was created from cauliflower (80 g), potatoes (90 g) and carrots (60 g) – these recipes with ridiculous names were taken from the manual on operation device – hello marketers! They made mashed potatoes of their chicken breast (250 g), as well as "First muesli" from 100 g of peach, 100 g of pear and 50 g of strawberry and a small amount of oatmeal.

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The cooking process was simple and corresponded to the tasks under which Philips SCF862 / 02 was "sharpened" – first we cooked everything for a couple, and then shredded and mixed in "blender" mode.

We tried all the ready dishes , checked how much the steamer-blender is comfortable and safe to use, even the noise level was fixed (they did not intend to, but did it, because when the Blender mode was turned on they almost went deaf). In general, adults became acquainted with this "children's" device.

Anton Anushenko, pediatrician, gastroenterologist, "Children's Health NMI" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation :

Cooking for young children is necessary with the use of gentle culinary methods processing of products – in order to preserve the most useful substances. Steaming and grinding in a blender are the most current methods. From 5-6 months, food with a high degree of mechanical processing (well ground) is suitable. But its consistency should gradually change – from liquid to puree and, then, after one and a half years of life, to a dense one. These steps are important for the formation of chewing skills.

Fresh vegetables should be cleaned immediately before cooking – so that vitamins and other useful substances are kept as long as possible. I note that the dishes for complementary foods should normally appear to the adult person to be under-salted – it is not worthwhile to salt them "like yourself."

Test results

With all culinary tasks, the Philips SCF862 / 02 steamer blender coped. Vegetable puree has turned out, chicken meat is also cooked (you can add a little liquid when grinding – otherwise the mass turns out to be rough), with fruit and "The first muesli", too, there were no problems. Evaluation for the main function – the preparation of food for the child at the stage of complementary feeding – five (19459004).

For convenience of use we put four . Wire short, plus, in our opinion, the device would not prevent the timer with an audio signal – it would be more convenient to control the preparation for a couple. This does not apply to the grinding mode – it is impulse: you hold the regulator – it works, you release it – it turns off. And the noise was also disappointing – about 80 dB – that's a lot for a 330 W device.

We put five five for design, because there's nothing to say about it. The device is very neutral externally white, the functionality is paramount. But we do not take neutrality to cons and do not take points for it. Better than it would be something colorful and lurid, "in terrible rosettes."

The verdict of

The total score for the test is 4.7 . This is a high grade, which allows us to recommend the Philips SCF862 / 02 steamer blender for use. If you have small children, it will make it easier for them to cook. Expensively, the truth – 8500 rubles. Of course, it is possible to prepare the child with an ordinary steamer and a blender, but with a "2 in 1" device the process is faster and more convenient.

By the way, people who follow a diet or simply lead a healthy lifestyle can also use a food steamer blender for cooking , portioned – cooked and ate. That is, when the child does not need this thing anymore, it can be used.

* The cost is current on the day of publication.

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Overview of Inverter Microwave LG NeoChef

It would seem, really, something, and the microwave is familiar to all along and across. But manufacturers are not tired of improving them. One of the high-profile prime-ministers of recent times is the family of microwave ovens LG NeoChef. Koreans in the leading positions in this product segment. The more we wanted to test one of the new models – MH6595CIS: from the leader you always wait for something really interesting, and the demand from him is higher. Video test and its text version – before your eyes.

LG NeoChef inverter microwave video test

In a few minutes you will see all the stages of the test (thawed and cooked) and its result, learn the details of this microwave oven.

The main thing about the microwave oven LG MH6595CIS

This is an inverter microwave. What does this mean? Magnetron (it generates microwaves) does not work with interruptions at maximum power, as in a conventional furnace – turning on and off – but constantly. At the same time, first, to increase the cooking speed, maximum power, but gradually it decreases, so as not to spoil the food – do not overdo, cook, when you just need to unfreeze, etc.

Once we became "better dressed" and with an inverter microwave, therefore, should be "better" to cook.

Inverter microwave oven LG MH6595CIS. The cost is about 13,000 rubles *

The important thing is a wide selection of automatic programs. Clicked on the button – got the result. There are four cycles of inverter defrosting: meat, poultry, fish, bread. Another eight cycles – for the preparation of frozen foods (for example, ready-made ready-made dishes such as "heated and eaten").

There are also auto modes for roasting and baking, automenu of popular dishes (borsch, buckwheat porridge, hodgepodge and others). Plus modes for softening and melting food, and even slow cooking (yogurt) and keeping the dish warm.

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This is a microwave oven with a grill. The microwave power is up to 1000 W, the grill is 900 W. There is a combined mode of operation. The volume of the working chamber is 25 liters. The diameter of the turntable is 29.2 cm. There were no problems with the placement of the products. In the oven it will fit completely, for example, a chicken of medium size.

Note that the stand under the turntable has 6 rotating supports, and not 3, as usual – therefore the rotary table is stable and it is possible to put products weighing up to 2 kg. The cost is about 13 000 rubles.

LG MH6595CIS – increased working chamber, improved turntable support, auto programs

As we tested

Once there are automatic programs (but the oven can work in the usual mode, with manual setting of time cooking and power) – they are most interesting to check. So we did, forcing the oven to cope with various culinary tasks and analyzing (including taste) the result.

Stages of the test :

– Thawing meat (minced meat, 400 g): inverter autodrainage of meat by weight
– Frozen lasagna: program from the auto-menu "Preparation of frozen food"
– Potato baking (500 g): program "Potatoes" from the list "Roasting and baking"
– Melting chocolate (100 g): cycle for chocolate from "Softening and melting"

During the test well studied or convenience of the furnace (the so-called usability), appreciated the design. In the finals, scores were made on various parameters and the final score for the test was deduced.

Frozen stuffing, lasagna, potatoes and chocolate – participants in the culinary stage of the test

Test results

For all the steps associated with thawing and cooking, the furnace received five. This means that the general ball for "inverter cooking" is 5 .

The minced meat, lying for 12 hours in the freezer, was defrosted exactly 8 minutes in the right way – it was not cooked anywhere (even at the edges, and this happens), nowhere is there any ice left. Frozen lasagna for 15 minutes, too, was completely ready – not overexposed, everywhere propeklas. Potatoes, of course, turned out not as in coals, but completely propeksya for 20 minutes and was not overdried. With chocolate, too, no problems – in 3 minutes he melted properly.

I liked the look and feel – it does not impress the imagination, but it looks interesting and modern. Since there are no obvious design nonsense, we set 5 .

All four types of products were prepared qualitatively – no questions arose

Ease of use. Closed control panel is a controversial, in our opinion, solution. The fact is that you can quickly start the microwave mode by touching the touch button on the door, but all actions with autoprograms are performed only from the main control panel: you need to open the door, make settings, close the door and press the start. Not a global problem, but a minus 0.5 points for "usability."

And another half-point shot for noticeable fingerprints on the door – a frequent problem of different kitchen appliances, which is and this microwave. Hence, for the convenience of operation estimate 4 .

Fingerprints and stains remain on the front panel of the oven – use special cleaners

The verdict of

The total test result, the final score is 4.7 points . This is a very good indicator, especially since with the main duties – the culinary stage of the test – the microwave worked out perfectly. Inverter magnetron, a spacious working chamber, a really stable turntable – all this plays for a microwave oven. Advantages, in our opinion, outweigh the small usability-disadvantages. True, the cost of the LG MH6595CIS is about 13,000 rubles – not everyone will be pleased. recommends this oven to those who are important not only for the quality cooking and defrosting of different dishes, but also for saving time. LG NeoChef microwave oven, thanks to Smart Iverter technology and auto programs, will become a good helper in the kitchen – it will defrost quickly and qualitatively, evenly warm up, help to prepare food.

* Price valid on the date of publication.

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Top 5 humidifiers for the winter

In winter, in our homes and offices very dry air. Everyone knows that this is bad. For adults and children. And we have a long winter and to survive it without discomfort – we need a moisturizer. But which one? We collected in this collection cool – effective and modern – available in Russia models.

Those who have a moisturizer will probably find more advanced solutions in this collection. And if you are only going to buy it – we have selected for you models of different cost and with different functionality. By the way, our expert Daniil Golovin conducted a poll in his account in Facebook. It turned out that "the problem of dry winters" spoils many lives.

Brune 125: cool and simple

This is a traditional type humidifier. The bottom line is that a special moisturizing and air-purifying filter is moistened with water, through which the fan blows dry air from the room, which, when moistened and cleansed of large dust, comes back. The humidifier is very easy to use – turn it on and it works. No long study of instructions. There is an indication of the fullness of the tank with water. The only one is an evaporative filter.

Brune 125 humidifier. The cost is 12-13 000 rubles *

Someone will say that Brune 125 is not a masterpiece of design. On the other hand, this humidifier produced in Germany, in our opinion, corresponds to the classical German approach: practicality, minimalism, efficiency.

As for the latter, here are the details: high humidification capacity (up to 950 ml per hour), large water tank (11 liters), a convenient opening for topping up water during operation. The area of ​​the room for which it is designed is up to 40 m². explains:

During the heating season, the relative humidity in apartments and offices does not usually exceed 15-20% – as in the Sahara desert and even less. While a comfortable value for a person is 40-60%. From dry air, not only people, but also pets and plants suffer, it is harmful to parquet, wooden furniture, musical instruments.

Electrolux YOGAhealthline: 20 functions, control from smartphone

Electrolux YOGAhealthline immediately attracts attention by appearance – very effectively looks, especially when the special lighting Relax Therapy, designed to help relax after a day's work. Two colors are available: black (model EHU-3810D) and white (EHU-3815D). According to the type of humidification, this ultrasonic humidifier – getting on a vibrating with a very high frequency membrane, water is broken into the smallest particles and a kind of water mist (essentially an aerosol) comes out into the room.

Humidifier of the air Electrolux YOGAhealthline. Cost – 10-11 000 rubles

Among the many optimized modes of air humidification, Electrolux YOGAhealthline provides, for example, a mode for exercising, as well as for yoga or meditation. There is also for the children's room, for allergy sufferers, for the night and for automatically maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

The Smart Eye sensor makes the humidifier smart – it changes the intensity of the work, depending on whether there are people in the room or not. Plus remote control from anywhere in the world (Wi-Fi, mobile application). And it can also be an alarm clock. Productivity – up to 550 ml per hour. Water tank – 6 liters. Designed for premises of up to 50 m².

Artem Kabanov, pediatrician:

Due to low humidity, the mucous membranes of the airways dry up, which leads to their irritation. Our natural defense mechanism does not cope with its work and allows infections and viruses (including influenza) to be introduced into the body. Particularly affected are children whose immunity is weaker. The skin is peeling and cracking, dry eyes lead to itching and the children begin to rub them, which can also contribute to infection and unpleasant consequences. In general, the normal level of humidity is very important. But do not overdo it: too high humidity is also bad.

Dyson Humidifier: humidification, disinfection, ventilation

Another very cool looking humidifier is Dyson AM10. In it, ultrasonic humidification works in conjunction with the unique airless air distribution technology Air Multiplier. Air enters the humidifier through the lower perforated part of the body.

Inside there is a motor, a fan impeller and a temperature and humidity control system. Then the air passes through the accelerating circuit, and the resulting water mist is discharged through another: they are connected and moisture particles spread through the room.

The Humidifier of air Dyson AM10. The cost is about 35,000 rubles

The water in the humidifier is decontaminated twice: on the way to the ultrasonic membrane and directly in the chamber, where it turns into a water mist. The company informs that the patented technology Ultraviolet Cleanse eliminates 99.9% of the most common bacteria, including E. coli.

Dyson AM 10 can work in both humidifier and fan mode (actual in the summer). It is convenient to operate it from the remote control. Productivity – up to 300 ml per hour. Water tank – 3 liters. The area to be treated is up to 16 m². explains:

White coating, often caused by the use of ultrasonic humidifiers, is calcium salts (so-called hardness salts) that are found in tap water and bottled water. To minimize its appearance on furniture use softened water – special filters are in many moisturizers or are introduced into the water supply system of the apartment, but they must be periodically changed. Excellent results are provided by distilled water, but these are additional costs.

Panasonic F-VK655: moisturizes, cleans and knows you are near

Often, only one air humidification is not enough – to create a comfortable and safe home microclimate (especially when in family, small children) it is also necessary to clean the air. Panasonic F-VK655 is a device that combines these possibilities.

Humidification here takes place in a traditional way – water is fed to a special cartridge filter through which already purified air is flown. The maximum productivity is up to 500 ml of water per hour.

The climate complex Panasonic F-VK655. The cost is about 45,000 rubles

Air purification is a whole system of filters: preliminary for large dust, high-efficiency filter of fine dust (HEPA), as well as a filter against odors and various gaseous air pollution. In addition, the complex itself monitors air quality – the presence of suspended particles of PM 2.5 (from 2.5 μm) and strong odors, a level of humidity.

Motion and light sensors optimize the operation of the Panasonic F-VK655 in automatic mode. The Japanese patented Nanoe technology allows to minimize the number of different bacteria in the air.

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LG SIGNATURE: complete air quality control

LG LSA50A is a climate system from the family of premium LG LG SIGNATURE technology, which includes a washing machine with two reels, a smart refrigerator and OLED TVs with different diagonals . It purifies and moistens the air.

The filtration system developed by the company, consisting of a pre-filter of large dust, a plasma (electrostatic) filter of fine dust (suspended particles PM 1.0 – from 1 μm), and a filter against odors, is responsible for cleaning and decontamination.

The climate complex LG SIGNATURE. Cost – 85 000 rubles

Plus complex monitors air quality and humidity level and optimizes its work in accordance with this data. Humidification takes place in a traditional way – a special filter is wetted by means of an integrated water diffuser and purified air passes through it, is further purified, moistened and enters the room.

It is interesting that water can be poured directly into the humidifier – no need to run with the tank to the tap. And in general, it is often not necessary to approach the device – remote control from the smartphone via the LG Smart ThinQ mobile application is realized, there is a remote control.

A humidifier is an indispensable thing in the winter. But our life facilitates, makes other home appliances more convenient. We talk about a wide range of devices for the home not only on the website, but also on on a special YouTube channel . Sign up – we are interested: expert, but not boring.

* All prices in this material are current on the date of publication.

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Overview of the Polaris 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Fashion on vertical wireless vacuum cleaners makes a new round – now manufacturers fill stores with models with motor and dust collector from above, not from below. They can easily remove hard-to-reach places (even the upper corners of the premises) and still maintain the popular "2 in 1" format. This is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB got to us.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Test

Natasha Kashentseva worked on her fame – vacuuming at the office. And more than once. She likes to be clean. We, too. Now she knows Polaris PVCS 0722HB as her five fingers. And we have video evidence (by the way, subscribe to our special channel about home appliances).


For the wide distribution of vacuum cleaners in the "motor top" format, you definitely need to say thanks to Dyson. For a long time, the British remained almost the only ones who produced such vertical vacuum cleaners. Now the ripened and the rest.

Here is what Polaris PVCS 0722HB is:

– Cyclonic dust collection system
– 2 in 1 format (suction pipe disconnected from the main module)
– Dust collector volume – 0, 6 L
– HEPA H13 filter
– 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery
– Power level – one
– Operating time – up to 30 minutes
– Battery charge time – up to 3 hours
– Weight: 2 kg
– Turbocheck with illumination
– Additional attachments included
– Country of origin: China
– Cost – 6 000-8 000 ruble * th

Hoover Polaris PVCS 0722HB. Cost – 6 000-8 000 rubles

Results of the test

Natasha vacuumed as she could – different garbage from different surfaces. And what else to do with a vacuum cleaner? The main thing for any user to clean the vacuum cleaner was easy, maneuverable and not difficult to operate.

With the cleaning of the floor, it eventually turned out average: a vacuum cleaner, like, sucked garbage, but Natasha did not like that part of it (flour, buckwheat, scraps of paper) he threw a turbo brush. I had to "vacuum" it around the floor several times, collecting them scattered. explains:

With this vacuum cleaner you need to clearly understand – what garbage do you collect: when to include the turbo brush, and when – not. We recommend to collect dust, hair, and pet hair with included, and loose garbage such as flour, cereals, sugar – off.

The weight of the questions did not arise – the vacuum cleaner pulls 2 kg, which, according to Natasha Kashentseva, , even for a girl. Liked her and the fact that the main attachment is very maneuverable, which allows you to clean it as convenient and where necessary. Vacuuming can be used to arrange high angles in the room (you never know, cobwebs).

And if you remove the metal suction pipe – you have a portable wrestler for the cleanliness of any surfaces: from the kitchen table to the car seats. All these are the advantages of the "top engine" design.

I did not like just that the "engine from above" deprives the Polaris PVCS 0722HB of the convenience of vertical parking – if you interrupt cleaning, you need to put it somewhere or carry it and hang it on a special holder that is screwed to wall.

The volume of the dust bag – 0.6 l – not bad for vertical vacuum cleaners, among which there are models where it holds only 0.3 or 0.4 liters.

Polaris PVCS 0722HB is equipped with turbo-brush and can work as a portable vacuum cleaner

The verdict of

Polaris PVCS 0722HB – a good option for howl price. He has minuses, but plus enough. It is not suitable for general cleaning, but will help with cleaning fast. Especially when fit and understand – in which case it is necessary to include a turbo brush, and in which it is better to vacuum without it. Manoeuvrable, light and cute externally, it allows you to clean not only the floor, but also other surfaces – the 2 in 1 format. In addition, the design of the "motor top" is optimal for harvesting in hard-to-reach places.

* The cost is relevant for day of publication.

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