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Bitfury Group opens a Russian representative office

Bitfury Group is the largest mining company outside of China. It has several offices located in the US, several European countries and Georgia. Valery Vavilov, the head of the company, continues to develop his offspring, opening new branches and engaging in innovative developments. Now it became known that the representation of Bitfury Group will open in Russia. Specialists working in the Russian branch will work on the development of Exonum and Crystal software.

Exonum is an open framework for the development of block systems that will allow companies and government organizations to implement safe block-based solutions. Technology is supposed to be used to protect copyright and ensure "transparency" of elections. In addition, Exonum will help translate the state services system into a block system. The latter function is already being successfully implemented in Georgia, where registration of property rights is started on the basis of Exonum.

Crystal software, previously presented by Bitfutry developers, is designed to identify questionable and criminal transactions with Bitcoin. The full version of the application will be launched in March this year.

Russian officials and government advisers have repeatedly put forward proposals to introduce blockage into government services, so these and other developments of Bitfury Group may prove to be quite popular on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Bitfury Group was founded in 2011 by a citizen of Latvia Valery Vavilov. Recently Vavilov entered the first list of billionaire crypto-currency industry from Forbes.

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