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Avast has developed an AI-system to protect IoT from the programs-miners

Hidden mining of crypto-currencies starts to take on more and more threatening proportions. Hackers make money using other computers, smart phones and other smart devices for mining. At the World Mobile Congress, Avast talked about the extent of infection by the software-miners and introduced a new cloud protection system.

According to experts from Avast, now it is too early to talk about infection with miners as an epidemic, but alarming symptoms are already noticeable everywhere, including things on the Internet. For example, with a network of 15 thousand smart refrigerators connected to the Internet, in just four days you can earn about a thousand dollars. And because now not only smartphones and computers, but also refrigerators, toothbrushes and audio speakers are connected to the network, the scale, which is acquiring a potential threat, starts to frighten even security experts.

Depressing also the degree of protection of such devices, because often manufacturers of electronics connected to the Network, use for all categories of their products simple logins and passwords that are put on gadgets by default, and not too savvy in security issues, users simply forget or do not want to itit yourself from unauthorized access.

To combat the "black" miners and other intruders, Avast has created Avast Smart Home Security, a cloud-based AI service that can protect all devices connected to the Internet. The Internet market of things in the coming years will grow to 75 billion connected devices, so you need to prepare for their protection now. Avast Smart Home Security will be able to prevent attacks from the Internet of things and warn users about an attempt to gain unauthorized access through the application. Details on Avast development are going to be disclosed later.

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