Austrian startup made a transaction through the Lightning Network at Bitcoin-ATM

The Austrian startup made a transaction via the Lightning Network at the bitcoin-ATM – high-tech and advanced news on

Lightning Network – add-on over Bitcoin's blocking system, which allows you to quickly and practically commission millions of transactions without going through the main network. Now it is at an early stage of development, but it is already being actively tested by users. The other day, the Austrian startup Coinfinity made the world's first transaction on the Lightning Network using its own bitcoin ATM.

The company's representatives said they were able to make the first transfer out of the locker right in their office. For a more demonstrative demonstration, the guys even recorded a video demonstrating the purchase of Bitcoin.

It is believed that the Lightning Network network in the long term will be able to solve the problem of congestion of the main Bitcoin network and will function as a payment system for small transactions.

, that the Lightning Network is still at the alpha test stage, it already has about four hundred nodes and more than 1000 open channels. In addition, LN is already being actively tested by the community, developers and simple users. Recently, a subscriber with Reddit announced that it has purchased a Wi-Fi router from TorGuard using the Lightning Network. The seller confirmed that the deal was completed and stressed that he does not intend to refuse to use the Lightning Network in the future.

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