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Apple patented the MacBook with a keyboard screen

As you know, in order to launch a new model in series production, you first need to patented the device, so patent agencies are often good sources of information about emerging devices in the future. And recently the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved a patent application from Apple for producing a completely new type of MacBook.

As described in the application, the hypothetical future device will have a touch panel instead of the main screen instead of a keyboard. To be precise, the statement reads as follows: "Two-screen equipment with improved visibility and suppression of reflections."

In addition to the obvious function of the keyboard and the replacement of the trackpad, the new device can also be used as a graphics tablet for drawing (something like the product known in the circles of designers of Wacom, even, perhaps, with support for Apple Pencil). In addition, it can be assumed that the "upper" screen can be disconnected, using both displays separately from each other. In this case, the role of the main or auxiliary display will be able to perform the tablet from Apple, for example iPad Pro.

It should also be noted that last spring Apple patented such a development, but then the docking station was patented, which turns the iPad into a MacBook when connected to it. Moreover, some rumors say that Apple also has a patent for the development of a device in which the iPhone is used as a touchpad.

All these flirting with uniting devices among themselves, of course, look extremely entertaining, but will not it be as necessary , like the fifth wheel of a car? In spite of all the advantages of hybrid devices, individually they always lose to full-featured devices in terms of available functions. And do you think that hybrid devices are needed on the market or for each specific task you need your highly specialized gadget? Express your opinion in the comments or in our telegram chat .

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