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Amazon patented the augmented reality mirror

Amazon patented a mirror of augmented reality – high-tech and advanced news on

In recent years, virtual and augmented reality have ceased to be something unimaginable and fantastic and have become things that we can now easily imagine in our lives. But if someone still thinks that such products can be used only in the field of interactive entertainment, then Amazon hurries to dissuade you in this, because its experts have recently patented a smart AR-mirror.

The main purpose of this invention is help in choosing clothes. After a person chooses an outfit from the catalog of things, smart electronics will precisely "put it on" directly to the future owner. In this case, clothes will not look unnatural, and not only the appearance of clothes, but also its physical properties will be imitated. But that's not all: the smart mirror will be able to provide the owner with alternative background and lighting options so that the user can see how the clothes will look in different conditions.

One would think that such an invention would be of no use to anyone, but Amazon is responsible for its development, the authors of which have implemented more than one fresh idea. Moreover, recently the company specialists developed a smart camera that could pick up clothes, hair or makeup for a person, so Amazon has a necessary base. And if you take into account the fact that many clothing stores are trying to evade competitors in various aspects, one can not rule out the possibility that any large clothing retail chain will take such a technology into service.

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