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A high-tech tablet for intestinal examination

High-tech tablet for intestinal examination – electronic and unique novelties, review of new and useful gadgets on

Intestinal examination – the procedure is far from the most pleasant, but, undoubtedly, necessary. Most patients are delayed with a survey or at all refuse it precisely because of the enormous discomfort. However, a group of scientists from Australia developed a clever tablet that would be able to replace an intestinal examination.

In their research, Australian researchers decided to create an analog of colonoscopy (a study of the intestine through the rectum), but without direct concomitant interference.

Scientists have already conducted the first tests and received very encouraging results. In a series of experiments on intestinal research volunteers took part, who observed a strict and the same for each diet, so that the final results were "clean". Subjects were divided into 2 groups: the first one consumed foods high in fiber, and the second – with low. During the experiment, each group had to not only take a smart tablet, but also undergo a colonoscopy to control the result. It turned out that in each of the groups the results obtained with the help of the tablet were practically the same as those of the colonoscopy, and the state of the intestines corresponded to the reception of coarse and soft food, which, incidentally, does not in any way affect the operation of the smart medical gadget.

principle of action, it begins when the tablet enters the gastrointestinal tract. It scans the state of the intestines, the content of chemical compounds, the medium and the condition of the wall. The information received is transmitted to the smartphone every five minutes. Thus, you can track any indicators for the time that the tablet "travels" through the body. If further research confirms the effectiveness of the device, this will be a new step in the diagnosis of bowel diseases.

A high-tech tablet for intestinal examination was created


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