Monthly Archive:: January 2018

The rating of the most profitable countries for mining

International Business Times analyzed the profitability of mining in 115 countries and made a rating, in which Venezuela ranked first – it is there, according to the research, that the earnings of a Bitcoin are cheaper. For the calculation, the average electricity costs required for the extraction of one Bitcoin were taken. The price was

The proxy service for the Tor browser stole Bitcoin users

The proxy service for Tor browser steals Bitcoin users – high-tech and advanced news on Topics Technology Tor browser proxy service users Bitcoins Security specialists from the company Proofpoint conducted an investigation, during which they found that the proxy service, through which you can access the Tor network from a regular browser,

Cosmetic company L'Oreal grows human skin specifically for China

Cosmetic company L'Oreal grows human skin specifically for China – interesting and informative facts on Topics This is interesting Cosmetic company L'Oreal cultivates human skin specifically for China The cosmetic industry has moved far ahead in recent years, and specially grown human skin is now being used to test new cosmetics. But, as

The best Russian regions for mining

Mining in Russia – the occupation is quite profitable. The price for the Bitcoin produced here is little more than 4,700 dollars for the "coin", and the climate in most of the regions contributes to this noble occupation – in the summer it is quite hot in Russia, but winter compensates for it, which lasts

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